Bryan & Brett are back with Drew Toothpaste and nobody is telling them how to live.

// Brett invites Bryan to a big party. // Bretts plan to go sell drugs // The party guarantees washboards and planned long winded rants // Pay To Play Open Mic Rant Night // Ranting has it place but it shouldn’t be advertised in an event // Ranting is stand up comedy that's not funny // Go 9 over the speed limit but never 10 // Pressured to speed when everyone else is //

"Gen Z makes up 25% of the workplace—but do most of the complaining"

// Complaining about employees complaining to HR // Bryan would have her friends dad call in sick for him because he was nervous // They used to send us home with a holiday ham, now they give us 25% discount coupon for holiday ham // Your boss should buy you christmas presents // “Motivated by work that does societal good” // Flexibility in job hours means you work whenever they tell you // “People just don’t want to work anymore” // Your boss monitors you for anti-boss activity // Employees go to HR to air grievances because they are told to do so // Come back when you been sexually assaulted // Everyone is trying to get out of there work including HR //

"my employee refuses to lie to customers — but that’s our policy"

// Company does not offer refunds or cancellations but this is not stated on the website // They want employees to lie // Employee refuses lie under religious beliefs // Boss creates a lie they can just copy & paste // Boss having to speak to God on employees behalf after their lie // God showed the employee the way of making her boss' life miserable // Employee offers to be honest in reply to customers // The optics are terrible // Stuck with a decent person as an employee // 30 minutes of extra lying at the lying factory // Tell a kid their parents are poor // Best way to make sales is to lie // Give me the most expensive phone you have // Columbia House call center experience // Getting an angry caller at a call center is the worst experience ever // Your job is to not give them what they want //

Kid Rock - Don't Tell Me How To Live - ft. Monster Truck

// Sounds like a skit for Ford F150 commercial // Old guy shit // For the millenials who didn't get the newsflash // We can be like monster truck // We all thought it was a joke see // What are we mad about again? // Sauced It Up // The song is Kid Rock telling everybody how to live // We love the song freebird // Dude Wipe commercial // Milli Vanilli references in 2021 // The song sounds like a SNL skit //

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