A sword is a weapon, and weapons are used in armed conflicts. So we wanted to bring Sarah Schulman, author of the book CONFLICT IS NOT ABUSE: OVERSTATING HARM, COMMUNITY RESPONSIBILITY AND THE DUTY OF REPAIR, on the show to discuss the nature of conflict and what we can do to resolve it. Turns out, Sarah has been practicing tarot for decades, and rather than seeing the Suit of Swords as being about conflict, she sees it as being about truth and realization. In this episode we have a lively discussion about how the suit of swords works; how people in positions of power (like some police officers and "President" Tr**p) like to see themselves as victims even when they're being abusive and why that is; and how the Suit of Swords calls us to take an honest look at ourselves and our communities. This is one of those episodes we SO WISH we could listen to with you in person, because it's challenging and invites a rigorous dialogue. Listen to it with your quarantine buddy and discuss. We're sure it will give you a lot to talk about. Let us know what you think!

More on our guest: Sarah Schulman has written over 18 books, plays, and screenplays. She’s an lgbtqia+ activist, and AIDS historian. Has been awarded a Guggenheim, among many other awards, is the Co-Founder of MIX: NY LGBT Experimental Film and Video Festival, Co-Director of ACT UP Oral History Project, and the US Coodinator of the first LGBT Delegation to Palestine. Sarah Schulman is also on the advisory board of Jewish Voice for Peace, and is  a fellow at the NY Institute for the Humanities at NYU. 


Find out more about our special guest, Sarah Schulman: writer, activist, and historian....  

Visit her wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Schulman

Check out her book Conflict is Not Abuse

Or her latest book Let the Record Show: A Political History of Act Up New York

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*Cutting the Cord with 2020 - a Banishing and Welcoming Ritual Workshop*

In this workshop we’ll be processing through some of the teachings of 2020 so that we can use them to move forward in the new year. We’ll be releasing our sorrows and clearing our wounds. Then, we’ll welcome in the ways we’d like to grow and flourish in the coming year. 


We hope you join us for this beautiful ceremony, our magic is more powerful when we do it together! 

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