On today's episode of the pod presented by RIKI Seltzers, the gang recaps the ridiculous weekend. Both Kip & CB are licking their wounds because...football.

After the weekend recap, Kip sits down with Arend Richard, Founder of The Cirrus Social Club. Cirrus is a new cannabis consumption lounge coming to Denver, tailored for a different experience than any other concept we've heard of from the industry.

We talk with Arend about how he got into the cannabis industry, how he made his bones in the content creation game & a whole lot more. Sprinkle in some SESHWARE plugs and you have a kickass episode. Arend is conducting his Series A Funding, raising money to get the doors open to his legitimate cannabis lounge, so if you listen to this episode & want to get in the action, email him [email protected] or reach out to him through his social media. He's active across the board!

Great episode with a hilarious guest. Look forward to seshing in the new space with Arend in the coming months!