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Expressing my higher self! ⚡️ Every episode is coming through as a divine spark of inspiration. My hope is to share the quantum moments of life and help you create your reality. I use my voice to bypass my mind and share the light of source. I'd love to hear about your experience and help you align with your path!

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How Peanut Butter Fine Tuned Every Fiber of My Being! 🥜🧬⚡️

November 05, 2023 20:09 - 10 minutes - 14.1 MB

I was eating oats and noticed my vibration. i was calm, i was present and i realized what i TRULY wanted in this moment. And that was deeper than the pleasure response. The beautiful part was listening to that voice was more delicious than any topping. Removing the toppings of life makes every moment more decadent. May your Actions be CONNECTED to your truest knowing. 1:1 Energy Sessions (Free Alignment) Email: [email protected]

Most Common MISTAKES Increasing Vertical Jump

September 27, 2023 21:17 - 8 minutes - 7.46 MB

Some of the biggest killers of my dunk training were inconsistency and impatience. Learn from my mistakes so you can grow effortlessly towards your HIGHEST SELF! Book: Power vs. Force - David Hawkins 0:03 New Dunk Intro 0:42 Inconsistency 1:07 Dunk Lifestyle 1:54 Anyone can dunk 2:36 Overtraining 4:08 Body Awareness 4:53 Less is more 5:32 Underlying Fears 6:35 FIRED UP! 7:08 Comfort Zone Song

Why Everyone SHOULD Dunk!💥♾

September 19, 2023 18:09 - 6 minutes - 5.6 MB

Dunking is a metaphor for what your body and mind are capable of and how you manifest energy from metaphysical to physical. Topics: 0:08 Dunk Mix + Song 0:42 Body 1:20 Mind 2:23 Energy 3:58 Believing is Seeing 4:12 What is your "Dunk"? 4:22 Your Connection to Source 4:59 Bypass Mind into Heart 5:35 Arrogant Song 1:1 Energy Sessions (Free Alignment) Email: [email protected]

THE WAVE CREATORS! 🌊 Mastering Metaphysical -> Physical

September 11, 2023 18:07 - 10 minutes - 13.9 MB

Can't see steps ahead? Maybe you're the one to CREATE IT! We are simultaneously on a wave as we courageously take steps to create it. Goals are projections of life's intentions in physical reality Your Light is Unique to you Your Joy is your highest form of service Authentic actions come as impulses 1:1 Energy Sessions (Free Alignment) Email: [email protected]

For My Dreamers... NO ONE WILL UNDERSTAND! 🤩✨

July 03, 2023 18:51 - 2 minutes - 2.38 MB

GO FOR IT! Let excitement pull you towards possibilty No one may ever understand what you feel No one may ever see your vision. This step you're on right now is the same as the FINAL STEP. Don't let fear of where you'll land stop you from taking your first steps Share your quantum moments with me! 1:1 Session: DM me at @BeTheEnergySteve Email me [email protected]

You Are Always ONE STEP Away From Peace ☮️

June 29, 2023 22:02 - 9 minutes - 12.7 MB

Peace is not something you need to achieve... it's our natural state. Actions are endlessly changing. We need to remove our attachment of peace to what we are doing. Focus on who we are being. Fully let go of having to do anything ever. I know the mind may fight this but your heart knows it's true. Allow yourself the practice of being fully here now. By being stil we can allow the waters of our mind to settle which allows our intuition to be crystal clear Share your quantum moments with me! ...

Climb YOUR Mountain for YOU! 🤩🏔 & serve the world best 😏

June 29, 2023 00:21 - 27 minutes - 37.8 MB

We get to live today!! What more needs to be said?? a lot…. Today I share lessons from Arnold Schwarzenegger , feeling my heart SCREAM YES, Removing blocks from your vibration, hunger synchronicity, dunk camp inspirations, quantum shift by shifting focus and how to use paper as MAGIC Share your quantum moments with me! DM me: @BeTheEnergySteve Email me: [email protected]

My Most Profound LUCID Dream! Insights + How to Practice

June 17, 2023 13:00 - 33 minutes - 45.8 MB

0:00 intro Rap 9:35 Most Profound Knowing of Dream 22:11 how to practice dreaming 27:26 Trying to hold onto our dream we lose it Seeing life through the lens of a dream has had profound impact on my life. What would it be like to live without limits? No concerns of safety? No judgements from others? How can we prove we can create reality? WE CANNOT Takeaways: We have a knowing beyond our sense we can not prove without waking up We limit are being by trying to "prove" how something will be...

One Step to Quantum LEAP! ⚡️💥✨

June 12, 2023 15:39 - 13 minutes - 18.6 MB

Every single action changes your vibration. Your vibration is how you experince reality. Quantum Leaping is about understanding that every facet of life is connected and by changing one thing you change EVERYTHING. Today I share some examples of how quantum leaping works and how you can start doing it today! What energy are you feeling? Where else in your life can you feel it? What small action can you take to change your vibration Share your quantum moments with me! DM me at @BeTheEnergy...

SEASON 5 BEGINS! Living Quantum

June 12, 2023 14:19 - 18 minutes - 26 MB

Maximizing the magic of this human experience! Join me in the journey of quantum living. Today I talk about Living Quantum: the infinite possiblities in every moment, the limits of living linearly & how to stay open to quantum leaps. I share a reminder of being the enegy. How life is a temporary human experience that we are fully connected to. I'm super pumped to back sharing my voice and I hope every vibration helps activate your natural gifts. Share your quantum moments with me! DM me a...

Are You Waiting or Creating? ⏳👁💫 | DMT Experience - Unconditional Safety

November 07, 2022 17:49 - 21 minutes - 19.6 MB

Waiting is a CHOICE! Today i share my recent energy experiences of finding infinite creative power if i CHOOSE to see it. Some Topics from today: 👩‍❤️‍👨Creating Relationships we want 📒From Ambition To Meaning by Wayne Dyer 🧘‍♂️DMT Breathwork Experience 💛Unconditional Safety __________________________________ ⚡️Free 90 days of Energy! ⚡️ ⚡️[email protected]

Use Your Unique Gifts To Light Up The World! 🌍⚡️

October 24, 2022 17:29 - 9 minutes - 8.88 MB

Why do we block our gifts? Why don't we follow our passion? So often we think it's pointless or we don't feel we deserve it. We also feel judgement of doing something else. Today's reminder is to follow that passion! As you radiate your brightest light, you are raising the vibration of the entire world. Trust and allow your heart to speak! ENJOY! ⚡️Free 90 days of Energy! ⚡️[email protected]

How to STRENGTHEN your Self-Worth with Kyle Cassidy 👑

September 26, 2022 21:12 - 24 minutes - 22.3 MB

Today i have my brother in enthusiasm Kyle on to share his experience of life! A first of many conversations to come as we explore and expand together. A man of faith, a man of the people, a man of ENERGY! Kyle embodies giving & receiving blessings in harmony with all of creation. A voice that touches hearts and moves bodies as he inspires others to become their TRUEST, HIGHEST version of themselves. So much love! Vibrational Tune-Up Meetup: Eve...

One Step That Change Your Entire Life! 👁🤩 | FlowMaster Michael Laing

September 12, 2022 18:44 - 19 minutes - 17.9 MB

ENERYG OTD: Expansive Experiences are EVERYWHERE! Today i have my boy Mike on to share how we can align all of life experiences to enhance our life in every way. Music festivals to yoga to health coaching, healthy habits can help us experience more fun which aligns us with a higher vibration. Plus his energy of the week of grounding. Hope this inspires you to see life in completely new expansive light! ENJOY! @LiveaHealthyMike 🎧🧘‍♂️FREE Effortless Expansion Meditation on 📲Fol...

"Full Of" Nutrients, Energy, and LOVE! 🍞🍫 | Natasha's New Experience @FulloveFoods

August 31, 2022 15:40 - 52 minutes - 48.4 MB

Natasha "Ganasha" Flores-Makon is the founder of Fullove Foods "Full Of" nutrients, energy, and LOVE . At only 20 years old Ganasha is following the flow as she surrenders to her new chapter of life. As she solo sky dives, travels the world, transitions her company, she embodies BEING THE ENERGY as she's committed to excitement and changing the world for future generations. Grateful to know her, share time and space and share her story with you all so you can also experience the inspiration a...

Stop "Wanting" ❌ Start BECOMING your Desires ⚡️

August 29, 2022 17:43 - 13 minutes - 18.1 MB

Another chance to create our experience! Energy OTD:
☯️Balance Speeds up the Flow 💪🏼Reps to Reinforce Vibration 🤩Confidence is a KNOWING of who you truly are 💫Shifting from want to EMBODIMENT 🎧🧘‍♂️FREE Effortless Expansion Meditation on 📲Follow @BeTheEnergySteve for local events! ⚡️ [email protected] Reach out to start vibrating at your highest frequency!

Becoming a Finely-Tuned Vibration! ⚡️ 🎸 | Redefining & Practicing Sensitivity

August 22, 2022 15:46 - 23 minutes - 31.8 MB

Channelled Message: You have a heart of GOLD! 💛 It is so full it wants to lead. SO LET IT! Today’s episode is about building discernment between heart and mind. We talk about current energy in the universe and practices to help us navigate. Also a story of getting to sit with a monk! 🧘‍♂️ ⚡️Energy OTD: - 👩‍🏫Teacher Vs. Student - 👁Holding the Vision! - 🌊Being Empty - 🎸Sensitivity Finely Tuned Energy 🎧🧘‍♂️FREE Effortless Expansion Meditation on 📲Follow @BeTheEnergySteve for loca...

🤩 Act Inspired NOW! The Mind's Instant Resistance...

August 15, 2022 15:55 - 22 minutes - 30.6 MB

Planning is holding you back! Notice when you’re not starting or doing your best because the ‘mind’ wants to say it’s not ready. It’s not sustainable. “What if…” etc. 🤩Crush TODAY for Today ♾Effortless Expansion 🍄Mushroom resource 🚶‍♂️Finding your path ⚡️Creating Vibrational Reminders 🎧🧘‍♂️FREE Effortless Expansion Meditation -> 📆Follow @BeTheEnergySteve for local events! ⚡️ stevencelicoach[email protected] Reach out to start vibrating at your highest fr...

Practice doing NOTHING to Expand 💫🦁 Lion's Gate Portal 8-8-22

August 08, 2022 16:14 - 21 minutes - 29.6 MB

The more we surrender, the more we are effortlessly guided to our highest expression. ⚡️Energy Of the Day: ✨We are Innately Love ✨Sensitivity is Power ✨Being Effortlessly Inspired ✨Extend love and it Comes Back Amplified ✨Surreender to Guidance [email protected] Book Free consultation here

A New Chapter: The Universe Guides Me To California 🌴

August 01, 2022 19:24 - 27 minutes - 37.1 MB

A 2-day trip and I NEVER LEFT! Today’s episode is a the story of how I left my home in Florida. Fueled by excitement and possibility, guided by the universal flow to serve others, the most exciting chapter of my life unfolding. When no expectations meets fearless actions of pure joy, the opportunities endlessly present themselves Episode Chapters: 1. My Story From quitting my 9-5 to becoming a solo entreepreeneur, this past year I’ve been calling in a TEAM OF EXPANSION 2. I Visited Cali a...

⚡️How Expression Leads to Expansion 🔎🕵️Find Clues Everywhere!

June 20, 2022 15:58 - 17 minutes - 24 MB

Today I share how to see reminders in your experience. In every single moment, there are clues to help you expand your being and vibrate on a higher frequency! ⚡️Connecting to Clues ⚡️Trust in your Practice ⚡️Expressing to Expand

Foundations of SURRENDER! 🙏🏼 What's Being Asked of You?💫

June 13, 2022 12:21 - 15 minutes - 20.7 MB

Letting go of our personal preferences allows for clarity of What's being asked of me in this moment?! The ability to answer that question allows for effortless expansion in flow with the universe 💫 🙏🏼Surrender Experiment📘 👁Perception of Good or Bad 🌚Full Moon in Sagittarius ⚡️THANK YOU FOR ENERGY EXCHANGE⚡️ [email protected]

Courageously CREATING Opportunities! ⚡️ My Dream Job/Apartment Manifestation

June 06, 2022 14:47 - 24 minutes - 34.1 MB

Today's Reminders: ⚡️Thoughts turn into things ⚡️Don't wait, Create Space for new experiences ⚡️There will always be a step of courage ⚡️Declaring & Committing Speed Up Expansion! ⚡️Following Passion Opens Doors! Today is a brand new day with infinite opportunities, possibilities and ENERGY! We are always CREATING opportunities by CREATING SPACE in our life. All the answers you need are within and your story is yours to write! PREPARE for your dreams and have the courage to ACT when the time...

Are you Creating YOUR Reality? or Someone else's...

May 30, 2022 15:37 - 20 minutes - 27.5 MB

We often know so much it paralyzes us from simply BEING! Sinking deeper into the moment is one of the simplest and hardest things to do. Our thinking mind doesn't want us to but if we're able to experience the richness of every moment, we are able to be in the vibration of BLISS! _____ 1 on 1 Energy Coaching Energy Freeqz Community Energy Masterclass now availalbe! [email protected]

5 Most Common Self-Limiting beliefs 💫 🧱Energy Blocks 🧱💫

May 23, 2022 17:14 - 18 minutes - 16.5 MB

These beliefs can block our FLOW of ENERGY! By building awareness we can INSTANTLY shift our vibration and start aligning with our higher experience! Thanks for your energy exchange 💫 🤩ENJOY!🤩 3:23 Divine Timing 5:28 Past ≠ future 8:27 Walk to Map 10:22 Resisting the flow 12:01 Self worth

Creating an AVALANCHE of MIRACLES! 💫🏔🤩

May 16, 2022 14:49 - 9 minutes - 8.74 MB

We need to CREATE SPACE for our wonderful DESIRES! Reminding you that creating space in itself feels SO GOOOOOD that the thing you're creating space FOR becomes a BONUS! 🤩 Today's Energy OTD is brought to you by THE UNIVERSE! Expressed: 1. Connecting with your DREAM 2. Starting NOW! Going the right direction 3. Creating space feels GOOOD. 4. ENJOY THE NONSTOP MIRACLES! 💫 for MORE ENERGY! Thank you for your energy exchange! ✨

How to Know if You're Afraid of SUCCESS? (Subconscious Block)

May 09, 2022 17:25 - 20 minutes - 19.1 MB

Seems like we don't want to fail, but really we are more afraid of GREATNESS! It's when we succeed we are now expected to succeed. The failure is a known option so we settle for that, avoiding the unknown, the possibility. Why do we limit ourselves? We have deep-seated beliefs that need to be exposed so we can live our HIGHEST POTENTIAL! 💥ENJOY💥

ENERGY TALK ⚡️ How To KNOW your Next Step 👞 Grow & Evolve with ease

May 02, 2022 16:25 - 14 minutes - 13 MB

Sink DEEPER to solve the PUZZLE! For me, slowing down used to feel stagnant. Now i'm noticing as i sink deeper, there are more, easier steps to take on my path. With this clarity, I am able to continue growing and evolving with ease and grace.

ENERGY TALK ⚡️ The Fine Line Between Fear | Courage

April 25, 2022 15:00 - 18 minutes - 16.7 MB

⚡️LET'S VIBRATE!! ⚡️ Today i discuss the fine line between acting in fear or acting courageously ABOVE FEAR. Our goal is to gain clarity on our feelings so we can make more of the right steps, quicker. Sometimes fear is DISGUISED as courage! Either way taking a step and failing is still step forward from not taking a step. TAKE THAT COURAGEOUS STEP! 🥳ENJOY TODAY!🥳 Mentioned: Daniela Arango Work with Me!

ENERGY TALK ⚡️ My Story & Breaking Plateaus | 4-21-22

April 21, 2022 22:35 - 15 minutes - 14.1 MB

Today i Tune in and SHARE THE ENERGY!! ⚡️My Dunk Story ⚡️Courage vs FEAR ⚡️The First Step in any journey ⚡️Breaking Plateaus ⚡️Creating YOUR art

You Can't ⚡️SLOW ME DOWN⚡️ Oh.. but there's more?🤩

April 18, 2022 13:38 - 26 minutes - 36 MB

⚡️Teacher & Student ⚡️Comfort vs. Peace ⚡️Stress/Anxiety means ENERGY ⚡️Slow is Profound ⚡️Flow for Flow's Sake ⚡️Recommendations Today was a beautiful collaboration of me and the universe and YOU! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to expand and ENJOY! Happy Monday! 🥳

The Energy Freeq Pledge of FREEDOM! 🤩 | Conscious vs. Compulsive

April 11, 2022 13:54 - 22 minutes - 31.3 MB

TAKE THE PLEDGE⚡️ Today I created the Energy Freeq Pledge so we can commit to raising our vibration and enjoying this life to the FULLEST!! This week's Insights: ⚡️ 'be positive' without meaning ⚡️Sadhguru Consciousness vs. Compulsive ⚡️Abraham Hicks - Happy in absence of manifestation ⚡️MORE! to work with me on your personal energy system!

Can We ALL Do What We LOVE?! Manifested Broken Camera

April 04, 2022 13:34 - 30 minutes - 42.2 MB

How do we know if we're living our passion or distracting ourselves? It's all about intention. Feeling good is our answer! I dropped my camera in the ocean and i believe I created that reality! So what did i learn? What if every desire is happening but the path getting there is unexpected? DON'T STOP! ENJOY!!!

MASTER Personal Vibration and Life Aligns FASTER!

March 28, 2022 13:30 - 24 minutes - 33.1 MB

Seeds only need to be planted, they grow on their own. Whatever you desire, focus on the feeling. Feel that feeling now and then step back to watch it grow! Become the farmer tending to the garden. Notice the subtle interactions & encounters and how they are all aligned with your vibration. First step is becoming present and taking responsibility for your personal vibration. Good news is the better you feel, the higher you vibrate. The higher you vibrate, the better everyone around you feels ...

ULTIMATE FREEDOM ✨ SadhGuru Insights (Joe Rogan & Inner Engineering)

March 21, 2022 14:07 - 26 minutes - 36 MB

✨All of our experiences are happening within. If we take responsibility we have the freedom to choose action. We have a desire for boundless expansion because thats what we came from! Become pleasant within and Enjoy your expansion

⚡️Energy OTD: Create & Enjoy YOUR LIFE'S MOVIE 🎥💫 Effortless Experience of Flow

March 14, 2022 14:27 - 25 minutes - 34.4 MB

We are simultaneously creating our reality and experiencing it so which one is it? 🥳ENJOY🥳 🌟Flow Framework 🌟Effortless Vibrations 🌟Accepting Duality 🌟Obvious Resistance 🌟Creating as fast as you Think! 🌟Removing Time 🌟Training Insights ⚡️THANK YOU FOR AMPLIFYING ENERGY!⚡️

⚡️Just ONE Positive Step & Align with DESTINY!

March 07, 2022 15:32 - 14 minutes - 20.3 MB

⚡️ENERGY BOOOST⚡️It's easy to take one step when you know where you're going, but sometimes we can't see it. Having faith in the unknown is one of the most difficult things to do but taking that step is FREEDOM

🌟How To Put Your Energy First & Express Yourself! (Creating Content)

February 28, 2022 15:19 - 38 minutes - 52.2 MB

✨Momentum✨Removing Resistance✨Loving Ourselves✨Finding our Calling✨ There's a lot going on at all times, in all areas and it can be overwhelming!! Now's a time too ENJOY more than ever! There's no substitute for expressing our ENERGY! By doing so, we live our purpose and now have something tangible to work with! Dive deep with yourself and understand you deserve to love yourself even more! Plus it's the best way to raise your vibration which ultimately raises the entire universe! ENJOY YOURS...

The REAL No Days Off = Fully Embraced Experience!! ✨

February 21, 2022 13:41 - 17 minutes - 24.1 MB

✨Insights of the week: Clarity, Responsibility, Accepting it's EASY ✨Energy OTD: NO DAYS OFF! Dream Life Clarity! Building your Dream life not only helps show you were you're going but illuminates where you are now! ⚡️Join the Energy Freeqz at!


February 16, 2022 20:21 - 7 minutes - 6.9 MB

🔥Absolutely on fire today!! 🎥Video version of this episode on 🤩Capturing my expression while it's flowing is one of the greatest feelings! 🌊This episode will help you build clarity on the current wave of energy you're riding and how to stay UP no matter what you're going thru. ENJOY! 🥳

How To ATTRACT LOVE Today!! 💞

February 14, 2022 15:25 - 16 minutes - 22.7 MB

Happy Love Day everyone! ❤️ Let's celebrate all the loving forces in this world. Our human bodies, nature, the universe. Find ways to love yourself and start vibrating love to everyone around you. I LOVE YOU!! ENJOY! ❤️‍🔥

Constantly Creating Whatever You Want! ✨ Align with the Vibration

February 07, 2022 15:02 - 21 minutes - 30 MB

Topics: 🌟Believe in the STREAM! - Abraham Hicks 🌟Beatles Documentary 🌟Express Yourself, Remove Limits! 🌟Power of Subconscious 🌟Physical Journey 🌟Apple New Technologies 🌟Planting Seeds of Abundance 🌟Sister Bday! Energy: Today is about believing in the stream. Trusting that you are already headed to where you want to go. Expressing yourself, your joy, to raise your vibration and simply ENJOY!! 🤩

Tips to Mastering Subconscious Mind & Manifestation

January 31, 2022 13:55 - 18 minutes - 25.7 MB

🧠Master Your Mind, Master your LIFE! 🌟Joseph Murray's "Power of the Subconscious Mind" 🌟Discipline = FREEDOM 🌟Journaling techniques to Ground yourself daily! 🌟Universe is responding!

YOU are a Multi-Talented Pro Level Artist! | The New Age of Success Paradigm

January 25, 2022 15:59 - 19 minutes - 17.5 MB

What does it mean to be successful? What is FREEDOM? The days of mastering one thing are over. We have too many resources, too much time to put all our eggs in one basket. We have access and insight from experts in all fields at any time. I couldn't be more excited for the future! I hope you take this opportunity to find your expression and raise your vibration!!

Inner Abundance Creates FREEDOM & Attracts MORE!

January 24, 2022 15:46 - 22 minutes - 20.7 MB

🌟📘'The Universe Has Your Back' By Gabrielle Bernstein 🌟Letting go does not mean no action 🌟You don't have to EARN Freedom 🌟You don't have to STRUGGLE to Succeed 🌟You have everything you need and the more you see that the more free you become.

🌊How to Release Control & Let Success FLOW! 🤩

January 17, 2022 14:40 - 27 minutes - 37.4 MB

Every single day we have waves of emotions, experiences and thoughts that can bring us down. Now is a moment to remember who you, to relax & enjoy! The more peaceful you can flow through, the more effortlessly you can harmonize with whatever experience you desire. ENJOY!

How to Connect to Higher Self INSTANTLY! 😇

January 10, 2022 15:54 - 20 minutes - 28.4 MB

✨ENERGY OTD: 🌟Finding peace in this very moment 🌟Low vs. High Self 🌟TRUE Meaning of Coincidences 🌟Energy is only how you receive it! 🥳HAPPY MONDAY🥳

✨Suicidal Thoughts | The Cost of NOT Taking a Leap of Faith

January 03, 2022 14:39 - 26 minutes - 36.5 MB

Feeling amazing today!! Feeling Fully expressed in all areas and energy is HIGH! Today I talk about many topics: 🌟Sacred Quest!! 🌟Feeling Good = Feeling God 🌟Living in the unknown means you're being guided 🌟Stop asking how fast start asking how FAR you can go 🌟The Cost of NOT following your Passion 🌟Pent Up Energy!

✨Energy OTD! 2022 MOMENTUM!! Go Unknown to GROW!!

December 27, 2021 15:21 - 16 minutes - 14.8 MB

New rap!! 🌟 How to Raise Vibration 🌟Momentum for 2022! 🌟@oculus Existential thoughts 🌟REMOVING BLOCKS!***

✨Energy OTD: Your Higher Self is CALLING! ☎️

December 23, 2021 14:27 - 17 minutes - 23.6 MB

HIGH VIBRATIONS! 🌊Shot out of a cannon today!! 💣🤯💥 🌟Creativity 🌟Beginners Mind 🌟Do I believe in God? 🌟What are you strongly CALLED to? 🌟Get out of your MIND 🌟What to do, where to go, what to say!! 🥳ENJOY! 🥳