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You (Might) Only Get One Shot

February 25, 2021 10:30 - 30 minutes

Johnson & Johnson releases data showing 85% effectiveness against severe COVID symptoms. Despite widespread frustrations with the mail system, US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy says he's not worried about his job. And baseball analysts debate how to incorporate stats from the Negro Leagues.

Insurrection Protection

February 24, 2021 10:30 - 30 minutes

More than a month after a deadly attack, Congress hears from witnesses about the preparations for January 6th. Tiger Woods' legs are "crushed" in a car accident. And a majority of Israelis have received at least one vaccine shot, but it's unclear how quickly life will return to normal.

Her Mother Died. Then COVID Took Her Father.

February 23, 2021 10:30 - 31 minutes

As the American death toll rises past half a million, families describe the wide ranging impacts of death. A Capitol Police officer speaks exclusively to ABC News about what he saw on January 6th. And authorities have grounded some Boeing 777's to assess whether jet engines are at risk.

Boiling Point: The Texas Water Crisis

February 22, 2021 10:30 - 35 minutes

Four million Texans lost power, but in a crisis that could just be beginning, triple the number have lost access to clean running water in their homes. New York governor Andrew Cuomo comes under fire for his handling of nursing home patients in a pandemic. And a string of attacks against Asian Americans have raised tensions between Asians and other minority groups, leaving authorities wary on how to address it.

Don’t Mess With Texans

February 19, 2021 10:30 - 32 minutes

Most Texans are having their electricity restored, but concerns remain over water, damage, and who's to blame. Pfizer announces a clinical trial specifically researching its vaccine's effect on pregnant women. And the Biden Administration puts forward a sweeping immigration bill.

Why the Vaccine Timeline is Changing

February 18, 2021 10:30 - 31 minutes

The Biden Administration had predicted any American could get a vaccine by the spring, but that schedule might be pushed back by months. Texas residents go into a fourth straight day without power, amid dangerously cold temperatures. And Rush Limbaugh's death prompts new examinations of his legacy.

Lone Star, Extinguished

February 17, 2021 10:30 - 30 minutes

Power outages leave 3 million Texans without power, raising concerns about energy and infrastructure choices. As President Biden tries to chart his own course, congressional Democrats demand a more thorough resolution to the events of January 6th. And French authorities rebuilding the cathedral of Notre Dame find themselves relying on an obscure blueprint left behind by an American. 

Winter Goes South

February 16, 2021 10:30 - 28 minutes

A series of ice storms has resulted in closures, power failures, and scrambles to use warming vaccines. Re-openings result in confusion as COVID-19 cases decline. And the Biden White House prepares to admit thousands of asylum-seekers who have been waiting in Mexico.


February 15, 2021 10:30 - 31 minutes

In a legacy-defining moment, seven Republicans vote to convict former President Trump of inciting an insurrection. The acquittal leaves Trump free to run for office, prompting uncertainty within the GOP. And as teachers wait to get vaccinated, guidance from the CDC could mean schools remain half-full.

A Tall Hill to Climb

February 12, 2021 10:30 - 31 minutes

House impeachment managers wrapped up their opening arguments with hours to spare -- so how will the defense respond? The Justice Department accuses "Oath Keepers" of preparing to send in their own army on January 6th. And this Lunar New Year, Asian American communities are responding to a rising series of racist attacks.

The (New) Safest Way to Mask Up

February 11, 2021 10:30 - 32 minutes

In a potentially game-changing study, the CDC says that certain masking techniques could reduce your risk of COVID-19 exposure by up to 95 percent. Democratic impeachment managers reveal never-before-seen footage from January 6 to make their case. And President Biden prepares to sanction Myanmar military officers for their role in a coup.

One-Sided Argument

February 10, 2021 10:30 - 29 minutes

In an emotionally-charged presentation, Democratic impeachment managers raise the stakes for jurors, while former President Donald Trump is said to be underwhelmed by his own team. A victim has died after a mass shooting at a Minnesota medical center. And nursing homes are fielding complaints from families, as vaccinated seniors are still being denied family visits.

Double Jeopardy

February 09, 2021 10:30 - 29 minutes

The Senate is set to begin another impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, this time considering whether he incited an insurrection before leaving office. President Biden expresses hope that 300 million Americans can get vaccinated by the end of the summer. And climate scientists are worried that mountain regions are becoming more prone to avalanches.

Prevent Defense: Avoiding a COVID Comeback

February 08, 2021 10:30 - 29 minutes

As fans gathered in Tampa, scientists were encouraged about falling COVID case numbers...but are now concerned that they could quickly rise again. Congressional Democrats move forward with a relief bill without Republican support. And in the days after a coup, Myanmar citizens protest against the military.

A House Divided

February 05, 2021 10:30 - 32 minutes

After Republicans refuse to demote Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over extremist comments, House Democrats force her off her committees. President Biden issues a message to the State Department, along with the world. And the International Olympic Committee issues a "COVID playbook" in hopes that the Games can still be salvaged.

Conspiracy Fury

February 04, 2021 10:30 - 29 minutes

Behind closed doors, Republican lawmakers debate whether to demote Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Oxford researchers measure whether a new vaccine definitively cuts down on virus transmission. And President Biden's new DHS secretary prepares to overhaul immigration policies.

Personnel Foul: “Racial Norming” in the NFL

February 03, 2021 10:30 - 29 minutes

An investigation from ABC News finds disagreement between players and the NFL over whether Black players should be graded on a different scale during concussion examinations. House impeachment managers and former President Trump's legal team unveil their case strategies. And a Florida shootout results in the bloodiest day for the FBI in decades.

A Mask-to-Mask Meeting

February 02, 2021 10:30 - 32 minutes

President Biden invites GOP senators to the White House to discuss a COVID relief bill. The CDC analyzes which demographics are getting vaccinated the most quickly. And a coup in Myanmar exposes a diplomatic blind spot for the US.

Rescue Party: The GOP Search for Common Ground

February 01, 2021 10:30 - 27 minutes

Ten Republican senators approach President Biden with a COVID relief counter-offer. In the House, Republican leaders agonize over how to engage with new colleagues who have trafficked in conspiracy theories. And thousands of Hong Kong residents prepare to flee, using a new visa provision from the UK.

Should We Be Double-Masking?

January 29, 2021 10:30 - 28 minutes

A new variant has arrived in the US, and with higher risks of infection, some doctors are recommending wearing multiple masks in crowded areas. A stock trading company that eschews gatekeepers forces its customers to stop trading GameStop. And General Motors plans to stop making gas-powered cars in the next 15 years.

GameStop: Trade It for the Lulz

January 28, 2021 10:30 - 32 minutes

A renegade group of Reddit users have forced major hedge funds to take losses on companies like GameStop, and they've shaken Wall Street in the process. The Department of Homeland Security issues a terror alert for potential domestic attacks. And President Biden begins an ambitious agenda to fight climate change.

Trial Run: Why Trump Probably Won’t Be Convicted

January 27, 2021 10:30 - 28 minutes

Three weeks after Trump supporters breached the Capitol, Republicans largely say the former president's impeachment shouldn't even go to trial. President Biden announces a plan to buy enough vaccine doses for every American. And an executive order on private prisons reveals what pressures the White House will face from progressives.

Moderna Warfare

January 26, 2021 10:30 - 28 minutes

In the face of mounting concerns, Moderna says its vaccine is effective against multiple COVID-19 variants, but adds it will develop a "booster shot." Wealthy people are calling doctors' offices, offering vast sums for a shot. And a government watchdog will investigate whether a DOJ official tried to overturn election results.

A Mutating Pandemic

January 25, 2021 10:30 - 29 minutes

Doctors worry that new variants of COVID-19 are sweeping through populations even faster than the original. President Biden is set to sign new executive orders that will impact the American economy and the military. And Republicans reckon with Donald Trump, his voters, and a potential new political party.

Not Throwing Away His Shots

January 22, 2021 10:30 - 31 minutes

President Biden dedicates his first full day in office to fighting COVID-19. Senate Republicans seek to delay a trial of President Trump. And experts say believers in debunked "Q Anon" conspiracy theories could move on to even more dangerous communities.

Day One

January 21, 2021 10:30 - 36 minutes

In an unprecedented inauguration ceremony, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. becomes the 46th president of the United States. In a special edition of Start Here, ABC's team of reporters take you inside the moments that made Wednesday so important.

What America Needs to Hear

January 20, 2021 10:30 - 30 minutes

Ahead of President-Elect Joe Biden's inauguration, two voters describe what they'd like to hear as he takes office. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell escalates the battle against President Trump, but legislative battles are just getting started. And presidential historian Mark Updegrove previews Biden's speech.

Trump’s Packing List

January 19, 2021 10:30 - 31 minutes

President Trump prepares to exit the White House. Washington goes into its most severe lockdown in decades. And as American coronavirus deaths reach 400,000, scientists ponder what 2021 will look like.

Biden’s “10 Day Plan”

January 18, 2021 10:30 - 26 minutes

President Elect Joe Biden prepares to kick-start a paralyzed Washington. A new hire at the NSA ignites outrage in national security circles. And just months after being poisoned, Alexei Navalny returns to Russia. 

A One-Germ President

January 15, 2021 10:30 - 27 minutes

With death tolls soaring and layoffs accelerating, President-Elect Joe Biden outlines his plan to emerge from the pandemic. President Trump finds himself isolated in the White House, but with vociferous support from grassroots voters. And former Michigan governor Rick Snyder is booked and charged for his role in the Flint water crisis.

Impeached. Again.

January 14, 2021 10:30 - 34 minutes

In a historic vote, ten Republicans join Democrats to impeach President Trump. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he won't begin a trial until after Joe Biden takes office. And authorities paint a horrifying picture of emboldened militias preparing domestic terror attacks.

The Fastest Impeachment in History

January 13, 2021 10:30 - 26 minutes

Democrats are ready to impeach President Trump, and now it appears a host of Republicans will join them. The FBI describes its intelligence before the Capitol riot, along with its efforts since. And national security experts worry that foreign agents are trying to kick the US while it's down.

Convince and Repeat

January 12, 2021 10:30 - 32 minutes

Democrats draw a line in the sand for congressional Republicans. Federal authorities issue warnings to state capitols. And President-Elect Biden ponders how to roll out vaccines more quickly.

Nine Days Left. What Could Go Wrong?

January 11, 2021 10:30 - 35 minutes

House Democrats declare that they will try to remove President Trump from office -- unless Vice President Mike Pence beats them to it. After years of refusing to silence President Trump, social media companies suddenly ban him from their platforms. And people spotted inside the Capitol are being arrested across the country.

Capitol Cost: Soul Searching in DC

January 08, 2021 10:30 - 32 minutes

A shaken GOP moves against President Trump. Lawmakers demand the resignation of the Capitol Police chief. And social media platforms cancel the sitting US president.


January 07, 2021 10:30 - 36 minutes

In an unprecedented siege, a group supporting President Trump temporarily takes control of the US Capitol. In a special edition of "Start Here," ABC reporters describe how it happened, what it means...and who's responsible.

Georgia Runoffs: One Seat to Control the Senate

January 06, 2021 10:30 - 34 minutes

With a win for Raphael Warnock, Democrats find themselves one seat away from taking back the Senate. President Trump expects Vice President Mike Pence to subvert the presidential election results today in Washington. And Wisconsin prosecutors announce they will not press charges against the police officer who shot Jacob Blake.

2020’s Final Elections

January 05, 2021 10:30 - 31 minutes

Georgia voters decide the final two seats in the United States Senate. The UK locks down again as coronavirus cases rise. And Google employees declare the formation of a tech workers' union.

“I just want to find 11,780 votes.”

January 04, 2021 10:30 - 32 minutes

In a recorded phone call, President Trump pressures Georgia's top election official to "find" more votes. Health officials struggle to explain why so few Americans have been vaccinated. And Nashville investigators search for a clear motive in a massive bombing.

The Good News You Missed in 2020

December 31, 2020 10:30 - 21 minutes

With the saddest year in decades in the rearview mirror, we remember the moments in 2020 that weren't awful. 

The New Normal, Without the Norms

December 30, 2020 10:30 - 24 minutes

As President Trump's historic term comes to a close, Brad is joined by ABC's MaryAlice Parks to ask White House correspondents what norms were broken...and which will never be restored.

Her First Christmas Without Breonna

December 29, 2020 10:30 - 29 minutes

At the end of a year marked by killings and protests, Breonna Taylor's mother describes how her life changed -- and where the movement is headed.

After the Surge

December 28, 2020 10:30 - 22 minutes

We check in with two "Start Here" guests, to ask a simple question: what happened next?

The Fight Before Christmas

December 24, 2020 10:30 - 28 minutes

After dropping a bomb on a congressional relief bill, President Trump leaves Washington for the holidays. New presidential pardons spark outrage. And Pfizer announces a new deal with the US for 100 million more vaccine doses.

Deal Breaker

December 23, 2020 10:30 - 25 minutes

In a stunning turnaround, President Trump signals he won't sign a bipartisan relief bill. Congress, economists, and out-of-work families scramble to avert a calamity. And the Department of Justice accuses Walmart of disregarding health as they raced to sell prescription opioids.

“A Slap in the Face”: Evaluating the Relief Bill

December 22, 2020 10:30 - 28 minutes

Unemployed Americans weigh in on a congressional compromise. The World Health Organization describes a more contagious variant of COVID-19, as airlines begin screening passengers from London. And a Russian opposition figure calls up a man that tried to poison him...and chats for nearly an hour. 

“Christmas is Cancelled”

December 21, 2020 10:30 - 29 minutes

As British leaders warn of a new, more contagious COVID-19 strain, other countries are banning travel in and out of the UK. Congressional leaders strike a deal on economic relief. And as his current staff admits defeat, President Trump meets with former members of his team who are still urging him to ignore election results.

Booster Shot: Scientists Like Moderna, Too

December 18, 2020 10:30 - 28 minutes

In a 20-0 vote, a panel of independent scientists says Moderna's vaccine should be used on Americans. The Department of Energy is the latest government agency to say an apparent Russian hack has compromised its systems for months. And the SEC accuses one of America's fastest-growing stock apps of misleading its customers.

“We Want Them Infected”

December 17, 2020 10:30 - 29 minutes

With another vaccine on the cusp of approval, newly-revealed emails show Trump administration officials pressing for more Americans to get infected. Joe Biden's inaugural team announces new details about a scaled-down ceremony. And historic Negro League stats will now be counted as Major League records.

No Room at the Intensive Care Unit

December 16, 2020 10:30 - 27 minutes

America's most populous county is down to 100 available intensive care beds. Businesses began to plan for life after vaccines. And top Republicans start calling Joe Biden "president elect."


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