Todays episode is actually the audio from the very first guest interview we ever did, back before Spirit of Design podcast existed when we were doing our weekly Instagram live chats. 

This conversation still stands as one of the most potent and powerful we’ve had so far. 

Todays episode is with our beautiful friend Makenzie Marzluff. 

Makenzie is a social entrepreneur who believes in the powerful impact that products, brands and conscious business practices have on both humanity and the planet.

Makenzie has had 4 startups, graduated from the highly acclaimed incubator SEEDSPOT, has featured on Shark Tank and has a genuine passion and expertise for food concepts. Has grown a multi-million dollar a year Dessert Hummus company which began out the back of her van. She is also the founder of Kakao Drinking Chocolate and was hugely instrumental in bringing ceremonial kakao to the modern world.

Makenzie is one of the most courageous women we know, she leads from a heart centered paradigm that is profoundly different from the traditional way of doing business and in doing so has experienced miracle after miracle. Makenzie is a wise woman when it comes to heart centered business and we don’t use the word wise lightly.

This episode is super expansive and explores the possibilities for business when we look beyond the current accepted paradigm.

We hope that this episode really challenges you and invites you to look at business differently than what is considered normal.

Resources + links:

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KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate