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The Speak For Yourself podcast features the best discussions from the television show (weekdays at 3pm ET on FS1). Hosted by Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho.

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Jimmy G, Zach Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, LeBron James, Dalton vs. Fields

May 05, 2021 21:08

00:00 Should Jimmy G be worried about his job? 16:25 Worried about Zach Wilson handling the pressure of New York? 27:00 Where should Aaron Rodgers want to play next season? 39:00 Which QB gives the Bears the best chance to win: Dalton or Fields? 47:17 Has Father Time caught up with LeBron? 58:27 Is Giannis Antetokounmpo the MVP right now? 1:07:05 Will Mac Jones challenge Cam Newton’s starting job? 1:14:44 Buying Jimmy G’s comments that he’d be “more than happy to help” Trey Lance? 1:24:41 Do ...

Aaron Rodgers' future, 49ers + Trey Lance, Cowboys' offseason, Rookie QBs, Tom Brady

May 04, 2021 22:00

00:00 Who has the power in Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers or Packers? 14:24 Are you buying the 49ers were pressured to draft Trey Lance? 25:15 Has the offseason made the Cowboys legit contenders in the NFC? 35:20 Impressed with the Lakers in the win over the Nuggets? 48:50 Is Steph the best offensive player in the NBA right now? 1:04:12 Which rookie QB is the most ready to play right now? 1:17:50 Is Tom Brady still the face of the NFL? 1:21:14 Want to see Chad Johnson box on the Mayweather undercar...

NFL Draft recap, Aaron Rodgers retiring?, Cam Newton vs. Mac Jones, LeBron James, Justin Fields

May 03, 2021 21:31

00:00 Who won the NFL Draft? 14:48 Buying that Aaron Rodgers could retire? 26:51 Why would LeBron say “I don’t think I will ever get back to 100%”? 39:52 Wiley & Acho discuss the “throwback” events they wish they could cover on SFY. 45:15 Like Cam’s IG post amid the Patriots drafting Mac Jones? 56:04 Should LeBron be complaining about the play-in tournament? 1:06:42 OK with Justin Fields saying he doesn’t feel pressure? 1:15:01 Should there be a QB controversy in San Francisco? Learn more abo...

NFL Draft Round 1 recap, Trey Lance, Mac Jones vs. Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers' future

April 30, 2021 20:06

00:00 Who won Round #1 of the NFL Draft? 12:30 Will the 49ers regret drafting Trey Lance? 24:50 Think Rodgers is playing for Green Bay next season? 34:40 Will Mac Jones take Cam’s starting spot? 41:48 Which QB landed in the best spot in the NFL Draft? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

Joel Klatt joins to preview the NFL Draft, Bucky Brooks joins to talk Aaron Rodgers' future

April 29, 2021 21:27

00:00 Joel Klatt joins to discuss Mac Jones, Justin Fields, and the 2021 NFL Draft.  27:32 Should Russell Wilson trust the Seahawks right now?  43:13 Should Jimmy G still be in the 49ers plans after this weekend? 47:34 Bucky Brooks joins to discuss the report that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want to return to the Packers. 1:00:10 How good would Julio Jones make Lamar Jackson’s Ravens? 1:07:07 Wiley & Acho continue discussing the report that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t want to return to Green Bay. 1:21:30...

Justin Fields, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Bucs, Belichick

April 28, 2021 21:47

00:00 Is race a factor in how Justin Fields is being evaluated? 28:08 What does Lamar Jackson need to do to prove his doubters wrong? 34:42 What do the Browns’ comments say about their belief in Baker? 39:28 Will anybody be able to stop the Bucs from repeating? 43:17 Should Bill Belichick go all-in on Justin Fields? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

Baker's focus, Zach Wilson, Kyle Shanahan, Trevor Lawrence, Interview w/ George Kittle

April 27, 2021 23:06

00:00 Buying Baker’s focus is on wins and not contract extensions? 17:26 Should we have doubts about Zach Wilson saving the Jets? 35:32 Any problem with Dr. J snubbing LeBron? 52:31 Have the 49ers given Kyle Shanahan too much power? 58:55 How much pressure is on Trevor Lawrence?  1:04:48 How should Aaron Rodgers feel about Green Bay’s GM’s recent comments? 1:12:05 George Kittle joins the show.  1:22:47 More or less confident in the 49ers’ draft plan after Monday? 1:26:53 Do you like Baker May...

Pressure on Kyle Shanahan, Lamar Jackson, KD vs. Harden, Jeanie Buss' Top 5 Lakers, Mike Tomlin's HOF status

April 26, 2021 23:08

00:00 How much pressure is on Kyle Shanahan? 18:08 Is Lamar Jackson replaceable on the Ravens? 39:08 Who is more important to the Nets’ success: KD or Harden? 46:04 Should the Patriots draft a QB to compete with Cam Newton? 55:03 What should the 49ers do about their QB situation? 1:05:54 Problem with Jeanie Buss’ top 5 most important Lakers? 1:18:34 Is Mike Tomlin already a Hall of Famer? 1:23:03 Any issue with the Ravens trading Orlando Brown to the Chiefs? 1:26:34 Will LeBron be able to fix...

Baker's fifth-year option, Jets, Lakers, Kyle Pitts, Kliff Kingsbury vs. Sean McVay, Justin Fields

April 23, 2021 21:06

00:00 What does Cleveland exercising their fifth-year option say about the Browns’ commitment to Baker? 17:05 How big of an overreaction was Brady questioning the New Jersey number rule on IG?  28:05 Like Robert Saleh saying “there’s no pressure on me” to build around QB? 40:07 How nervous should the Lakers be about the play-in tournament? 52:00 Would TE Kyle Pitts make the Cowboys the best offense in the NFL? 1:00:46 Is there more pressure on Baker Mayfield with his fifth-year option? 1:15:4...

Mahomes vs. Brady, Baker Mayfield, Nets, Jameis' speech, Jalen Hurts, Zion Williamson

April 21, 2021 21:16

00:00 Do you like Patrick Mahomes clapping back at Tom Brady? 17:21 Does it sound like the Browns believe in Baker? 31:52 What’s your panic meter for the Nets? 48:03 Biggest takeaway from Jameis’ speech to kids at football camp? 57:56 OK with Dabo Swinney comparing Trevor Lawrence to Peyton Manning? 1:05:38 Any issue with the Eagles not naming Jalen Hurts the starter? 1:17:30 Do the Nets need James Harden to win the title? 1:22:00 Is Zion on his way to being the face of the NBA? 1:26:35 Would...

Steph Curry's value, Ravens, Dolphins, Chiefs, Mike Tomlin's extension

April 20, 2021 23:25

00:00 Is Steph Curry the most valuable player in the NBA? 19:38 Have the Ravens set up Lamar Jackson to fail? 34:53 Are the Dolphins smart building around Tua? 45:08 Can an NFL player be an “international superstar”? 56:10 Should the Chiefs be clear favorites to win the AFC? 1:03:34 How should the Ravens handle Lamar’s looming contract extension? 1:11:06 Did Mike Tomlin deserve a 3-year extension? 1:15:36 Love or hate Kuzma’s comments about AD’s return? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...

Trevor Lawrence's motivation, Tom Brady, KD's injury, Justin Fields, Jalen Hurts, NFC West, Steph Curry

April 19, 2021 21:29

00:00 Wiley & Acho discuss Trevor Lawrence clarifying his comments about his motivation and drive. 19:30 How will Father Time impact Tom Brady?  31:45 Is trouble looming for the Nets after losing KD again? 45:12 Is Justin Fields being unfairly criticized? 56:46 What’s at stake for Jalen Hurts next season? 1:06:07 Is the NFC West the best division in football? 1:14:07 Is this the best we’ve seen from Steph Curry? 1:21:01 Would Shanahan be making a mistake passing on Fields? 1:26:06 Did Kevin D...

Patriots, Mahomes, Steph's greatness, Seahawks, Rams' offense

April 16, 2021 21:11

00:00 How much pressure is on Bill Belichick to nail this draft? 15:26 Agree with Patrick Mahomes that “defeat helps you more than success”? 28:30 Wiley & Acho discuss the Steelers, Browns, Giants & Raiders opting out of in-person voluntary workouts. 40:05 Is Steph Curry’s greatness under-appreciated? 56:54 Have the Seahawks done enough to contend in the NFC? 1:05:09 Love or hate Dr. J saying the Nets are “buying a championship” like the Yankees? 1:14:52 Are you sold on the Rams offense? 1:20...

Cowboys, Trevor Lawrence, Baker's expectations, Justin Fields, Bucs' offseason

April 15, 2021 21:05

00:00 Can the Cowboys compete with anybody in the NFC? 18:46 Wiley & Acho discuss Brett Favre’s comments on sports, politics, and the fan experience.  38:46 Agree with Trevor Lawrence saying trying to prove people wrong is “unhealthy”? 49:37 Has Baker Mayfield exceeded expectations?  1:00:06 Any issue with CeeDee Lamb’s comments about Dallas’s wide receivers? 1:09:50 Any concerns Josh Allen will take a step back? 1:17:38 Are the 49ers the best fit for Justin Fields? 1:21:57 Have Brady’s Bucs ...

Russell Wilson, Kevin Durant, Jimmy G, Trevor Lawrence hype, Mark Cuban's NBA play-in criticism, Darnold vs. Wentz

April 14, 2021 21:23

00:00 What does Russell Wilson have left to prove? 17:17 Is Kevin Durant the best player in the NBA when healthy? 32:10 How should Jimmy Garoppolo feel right now? 42:58 Can Trevor Lawrence live up to the hype in Jacksonville? 54:59 Should Belichick consider moving up to draft a QB? 1:06:29 Any problem with Mark Cuban criticizing the NBA’s play-in tourney? 1:16:50 More to prove: Sam Darnold or Carson Wentz? 1:21:23 Confident the Eagles will turn things around post-Doug Pederson? 1:26:39 What p...

Minnesota, Aaron Rodgers, Julian Edelman's retirement, Kyrie's comments, AFC North

April 13, 2021 22:24

00:00 Wiley & Acho discuss Minnesota teams postponing their games in the wake of the police shooting.  22:37 Should Aaron Rodgers want out of Green Bay? 32:45 Is it crazy to say Julian Edelman is a Hall of Famer? 47:15 Should the Nets be concerned with Kyrie Irving’s commitment? 1:00:08 Do you believe in QB Zach Wilson? 1:05:12 Should the Cowboys fear Daniel Jones’ Giants in the NFC East? 1:14:04 Which team should be the favorite in the AFC North? 1:21:12 Should the 49ers consider QB Trey Lan...

Lakers/Nets, Cowboys, Baker's 5th year option, Patriots, Eagles' QB situation

April 13, 2021 01:50

00:00 Wiley & Acho discuss Kyrie Irving & Dennis Schroder’s ejections for their altercation during the Lakers’ win over the Nets. 29:00 Is the door open for the Cowboys to make a run in the NFC? 38:44 Is it something or nothing that the Nets lost to a depleted Lakers team? 49:55 Is picking up Baker’s 5th year option a no-brainer for the Browns? 59:22 Have the Patriots done enough to be taken seriously in the AFC? 1:06:55 Is it a bad look for KD to say he’s not worried about titles? 1:13:10 Sh...

Week's Best (Darnold to Carolina, Aaron Rodgers' future, 49ers' draft options)

April 10, 2021 10:00

Revisit the BEST segments from this week's slate of shows: 00:00 Wiley & Acho discuss the report that the Jets traded QB Sam Darnold to the Panthers. 13:19 Will this be Aaron Rodgers’ last year in Green Bay? 17:39 Should the 49ers draft Justin Fields over Mac Jones? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

Cam Newton, Lamar's contract, Draymond's comments, Tua's make-or-break season, Darnold in Carolina

April 09, 2021 21:03

00:00 Have the Patriots set Cam up to succeed? 16:45 Is Lamar Jackson a $40M a year QB? 32:54 Have a problem with Draymond Green saying young players in the league are “soft as hell”? 46:57 Is this a make-or-break season for Tua Tagovailoa? 57:20 More important to Lakers’ success: LeBron or AD? 1:09:15 Bad look for the Jets if Darnold balls out in Carolina? 1:15:50 Is Trey Lance worth the hype? 1:22:32 Can Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr. coexist in Cleveland? 1:27:12 Do you like Andy Rei...

Pressure on Dak, 49ers, KD's return, Josh Allen vs. Mahomes, Lakers, Packers vs. Rams

April 08, 2021 21:24

00:00 Should Dak Prescott feel pressure next season? 17:05 Would the 49ers be making a mistake drafting Jimmy G’s replacement? 30:18 What does KD’s return mean for the rest of the NBA? 44:13 Is Josh Allen the best QB in the AFC not named Mahomes? 58:56 Who’s under more pressure next season: Dak or Mike McCarthy? 1:10:14 Convinced the Lakers will roll through the West when LeBron and AD return? 1:18:23 Biggest threat to the Bucs in the NFC: Packers or Rams? 1:21:30 Does Dak Prescott have the b...

The Patriot Way without Brady, Seahawks issues, 49ers' draft, Lamar's contract extension

April 07, 2021 21:16

00:00 Can the “Patriot Way” survive without Tom Brady? 19:23 How much is Russell Wilson at fault for “issues” with Seahawks? 33:30 Is this a make-or-break NFL draft for Kyle Shanahan? 44:45 How should the Ravens approach Lamar’s contract extension? 57:04 Biggest takeaway from the NBA’s best under-25 ranking? 1:09:15 Will the Russell Wilson drama be a distraction for the Seahawks? 1:18:03 Should the 49ers draft Justin Fields over Mac Jones? 1:23:55 Does the Cowboys offense still need to run th...

Baylor/Gonzaga, Darnold trade, Lamar Jackson, Bucky Brooks on Mac Jones, Aaron Rodgers' future

April 07, 2021 00:43

00:00 Impressed by Baylor or disappointed in Gonzaga? 22:00 Did the Jets need to trade Sam Darnold? 31:00 NFLPA pushes for 36-week pay schedule in new CBA. 50:15 Are the Ravens holding Lamar Jackson back? 1:01:20 Is Zach Wilson an upgrade over Sam Darnold? 1:10:16 Agree with Bucky Brooks on Mac Jones? 1:18:17 Will this be Aaron Rodgers’ last year in Green Bay? 1:22:45 Who won the Sam Darnold trade: Jets or Panthers? 1:27:07 Love or hate Aaron Rodgers being trolled on Jeopardy? Learn more abou...

Pressure on Belichick, Cowboys' offseason, Aaron Rodgers' future, Darnold to the Panthers

April 05, 2021 21:18

00:00 Should Bill Belichick feel pressure next season? 19:26 Have the Cowboys improved this offseason? 32:02 Should Aaron Rodgers be worried about his future in Green Bay? 45:07 How concerned should the Lakers be right now? 55:00 Wiley & Acho discuss the report that the Jets traded QB Sam Darnold to the Panthers. 1:08:36 Should Russell Wilson feel appreciated in Seattle? 1:15:50 Are the Patriots set at quarterback? 1:21:47 Is Jimmy G worth a first-round pick? 1:27:02 Wiley & Acho continue dis...

Trevor Lawrence, Sam Darnold, Cam Newton, NFC East, Pressure on Belichick, Steph's legacy

April 01, 2021 21:05

00:00 Is Trevor Lawrence more likely to succeed or fail? 17:02 Why should the Jets move on from Sam Darnold? 29:14 How can Cam Newton earn his respect back? 41:30 Why should Russell Wilson believe in the Seahawks? 52:26 Which team should be the favorite in the NFC East? 1:01:55 How much pressure is Kraft putting on Belichick? 1:10:21 What’s best for Steph’s legacy: leaving or staying with the Warriors? 1:22:12 How valuable is Jimmy Garoppolo? 1:27:07 Acho talks Aaron Rodgers beginning his sti...

49ers, Aaron Rodgers, Bucs' repeat chances, Tell Me Why I'm Wrong, NBA MVP race

March 31, 2021 21:04

00:00 Kyle Shanahan on the 49ers trading for the #3 pick: “I’m sure Jimmy was a little pissed off from it.” 19:05 How bad are the Packers mishandling Aaron Rodgers? 29:44 What could derail the Bucs from repeating? 40:08 How good are the Cowboys? 51:18 Tell Me Why I’m Wrong 57:20 How much belief do you have in Carson Wentz? 1:05:48 Most qualified MVP candidate: Harden, LeBron or Giannis? 1:20:45 How much faith should the Dolphins have in Tua Tagovailoa? 1:26:01 Acho discusses Bruce Arians’ new...

Rookie QBs, Jimmy G, Mitchell Trubisky, Matthew Stafford, NFC West, Lakers vs. Nets

March 31, 2021 00:58

00:00 Are rookie QBs being set up to fail? 17:53 How should Jimmy G feel about the 49ers trading for the #3 pick? 29:39 What does passing on competing for the Broncos’ starting job say about Trubisky? 38:15 How far can the Rams go with “reenergized” Matthew Stafford? 48:51 Which team should be the favorite in the NFC West? 59:27 Bigger title contender at full strength: Lakers or Nets? 1:11:42 How much of a pass should Sam Darnold get for his struggles? 1:17:56 Lakers owner Jeanie Buss on the ...

Jimmy G's future, Jets' draft options, Nets, KD's legacy, Jalen Hurts, Egregious or Genius?

March 29, 2021 21:02

00:00 Which QB would be an upgrade over Jimmy G: Justin Fields, Mac Jones, or Trey Lance? 15:23 What should the Jets do on draft day? 28:45 How much does the Nets super team impact KD’s legacy? 41:58 How safe should Jalen Hurts feel with the Eagles? 53:10 Egregious or Genius? 57:40 When should the 49ers move on from Jimmy G? 1:10:46 Can the Ravens win the Super Bowl with Lamar Jackson? 1:22:24 How big of an impact will Andre Drummond make on the Lakers? 1:27:53 Acho discusses Kevin Durant’s l...

Aaron Rodgers, Andy Dalton, Alvin Kamara joins the show, Lakers' title chances

March 25, 2021 21:19

00:00 Will Aaron Rodgers have to leave Green Bay to win another Super Bowl? 20:02 Buying that the Bears are fully behind Andy Dalton? 28:10 Alvin Kamara joins the show.  43:44 Did the Lakers’ title chances take a hit with their lack of moves by the trade deadline? 54:20 Any issue with Baker Mayfield being called a Heisman Trophy bust? 1:07:40 Any concerns about Russell Wilson’s commitment to the Seahawks? 1:15:22 Would leaving Green Bay be good for Aaron Rodgers? 1:22:56 Confident Brady’s age...

Aaron Rodgers, Jon Gruden, Bucs, LeBron James, Dak Prescott, Joe Flacco + Jalen Hurts

March 24, 2021 21:22

00:00 Will this be Aaron Rodgers’ last season in Green Bay? 18:05 Does Jon Gruden need to make the playoffs next season? 31:37 Is there anything stopping the Bucs this season? 43:37 Has LeBron James taken too much heat in his career? 59:06 Should the Cowboys have let Dak hit the open market? 1:08:37 Will Philadelphia signing Joe Flacco be good or bad for Jalen Hurts? 1:17:57 Should the Jets view Sam Darnold as their “guy”? 1:22:45 Should there be a QB competition in New Orleans? 1:26:46 Crazy...

Wentz vs. Dak, Cam Newton, LeBron's injury, Seahawks, Baker Mayfield, Cowboys

March 23, 2021 21:41

00:00 Who’s under more pressure next season: Wentz or Dak? 17:34 Were Cam’s struggles with the Patriots a “one-year thing”? 29:42 Does LeBron’s injury end his MVP chances? 43:03 Should the Seahawks listen to Russell Wilson about AB? 1:05:58 Has Baker Mayfield removed all doubt about being a franchise QB? 1:15:12 Are the Cowboys Super Bowl contenders? 1:23:55 Agree with Frank Reich that Wentz is the long-term answer for the Colts? 1:29:00 Was Steve Kerr throwing shade at KD? Learn more about y...

Lakers without LeBron, Dak's new deal, Russell Wilson, Jalen Hurts

March 22, 2021 21:59

00:00 Biggest issue for the Lakers without LeBron? 16:18 Confident Dak lives up to the new deal in year 1? 33:17 Is Lamar Jackson unfairly criticized? 49:06 Have the Seahawks let Russell Wilson down? 58:34 Can the Lakers stay afloat without LeBron? 1:09:25 Think the pressure of contract will get to Dak this season? 1:17:35 How should Jalen Hurts feel about the Eagles amid QB rumors? 1:22:36 Should the Cowboys be worried about Elliott’s decline? 1:27:50 Is Mike Tomlin crazy for bringing back J...

Patriots' free agency, Allen vs. Jackson, LeBron James, Jalen Hurts, Bears' QB situation

March 19, 2021 21:13

Click below to vote for Shannon Sharpe's podcast Club Shay Shay in the 13th annual Shorty Awards! https://shortyawards.com/13th/club-shay-shay 00:00 Is Cam Newton actually the biggest winner in free agency? 17:50 More confident committing long-term to Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson? 31:11 Should the Chiefs fear the Browns in the AFC? 43:37 Agree w/ LeBron James saying “I should have more than four” MVPs? 57:54 Has Jalen Hurts earned the keys to the Eagles? 1:07:00 Have the Bears bungled their Q...

Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz, Cardinals, Nets, Patriots' QB situation

March 18, 2021 20:59

00:00 Can Russell Wilson and the Seahawks still co-exist in Seattle? 19:13 Should the Colts be “thrilled” to have Carson Wentz? 34:26 Are you buying stock in the new-look Cardinals? 47:15 Do the Nets need Kevin Durant to win the East? 58:47 Does Carson Wentz make the Colts legitimate contenders in the AFC? 1:08:01 Should the Patriots still be in the market for a starting QB? 1:15:32 Should Russell Wilson trust the Seahawks? 1:23:10 Are the Cowboys clearly the best team in the NFC East? 1:28:5...

Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson, Cowboys, Steph's championship window, Jimmy G, OBJ

March 17, 2021 21:14

00:00 Do you think the Texans are sending a message to Deshaun Watson with Tyrod Taylor signing? 20:30 Should Russell Wilson be happy he’s not headed to Chicago? 33:01 Have the Cowboys done enough this offseason to be taken seriously? 45:37 Has Steph’s championship window closed with the Warriors? 56:53 Should the 49ers go all-in on Deshaun Watson? 1:07:55 Agree with Sean Payton that the Saints are set at quarterback? 1:14:42 Should Odell Beckham Jr. want out of Cleveland? 1:22:35 Does Jimmy ...

NFL Free Agency signings: Patriots, Bucs & Chiefs, Clippers vs. Lakers, Russell Wilson

March 16, 2021 23:01

00:00 Has Bill Belichick fixed the Patriots with their free agency signings? 20:20 Have the Bucs’ moves made them clear favorites next season? 34:10 How should Russell Wilson feel about the Seahawks right now? 46:53 Which LA team are you more confident in: Clippers or Lakers? 56:53 Are the Bucs in the driver’s seat for another Super Bowl run? 1:07:44 Does Belichick look desperate after the Patriots’ spending spree? 1:19:15 Would the Seahawks be crazy to replace Russell Wilson with Sam Darnold...

Drew Brees retires, Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, James Harden's MVP chances

March 15, 2021 21:24

00:00 Was it time for Drew Brees to retire? 17:59 Should the Seahawks be fielding calls for Russell Wilson? 32:44 Should the Browns give Baker Mayfield a new deal? 43:23 Should James Harden be in the MVP conversation? 55:57 What will Drew Brees’s legacy be defined by? 1:10:33 Is Jameis Winston the answer for the Saints at QB? 1:17:23 Should the Browns be sold on Baker Mayfield? 1:24:55 More likely to be on a new team next season: Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson? Learn more about your ad choi...

Cam Newton's return, Brady's new deal, Dak prescott, Russell Wilson drama, Lakers

March 12, 2021 22:25

00:00 Good move by the Patriots re-signing Cam Newton? 19:36 What does Brady’s new deal mean for the rest of the league? 31:27 Is Dak Prescott worth overpaying for? 45:55 Can the Patriots get back to the playoffs with Cam Newton at starting QB? 58:12 Who’s at fault for the Russell Wilson drama in Seattle? 1:08:36 Will Deshaun Watson be a Texan next season? 1:16:41 Should LeBron be confident in the Lakers’ roster? 1:25:12 Can the Cowboys win a Super Bowl with Dak Prescott? 1:30:00 Is committin...

Dak's 4-year/$160M deal, Jalen Hurts, LeBron James' fatigue, OBJ to the Bucs?

March 09, 2021 23:40

00:00 Does Dak Prescott deserve his record-breaking contract? 22:42 Will Dak Prescott ever live up to his contract? 38:10 Is it smart for the Eagles to back Jalen Hurts? 48:12 Was it smart for the Cowboys to sign Dak to 4 years at $160M? 1:04:47 Worried that LeBron James is fatigued? 1:13:45 Biggest takeaway from Dak’s record-breaking contract? 1:18:21 Is it Super Bowl or bust now for Dak’s Cowboys? 1:23:45 Would Odell be a good fit for Brady’s Bucs? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit po...

Dak's contract negotiations, Deshaun Watson's trade demand, Blake Griffin to the Nets, Bill Belichick

March 08, 2021 21:12

00:00 Which side should cave in negotiations: Dak or Cowboys? 18:41 Are the Texans mishandling Deshaun Watson’s trade demand? 33:23 Would Cam Newton make Washington contenders in the NFC? 45:05 Good move by the Nets signing Blake Griffin? 58:53 How will Dak Prescott’s contract situation play out in Dallas? 1:07:50 Do you trust Bill Belichick to fix the Patriots? 1:14:51 Who will be able to stop the Nets? 1:21:24 Has this offseason changed the way you view Russell Wilson? 1:28:21 Would a Murra...

Dak's deal, Deshaun Watson, All-Star Game preview, Blake Griffin, OBJ, Big Ben's pay cut

March 05, 2021 23:04

00:00 Should securing Dak Prescott to a long-term deal be the top priority in Dallas? 13:50 Which team needs Deshaun Watson the most? 25:28 What was the most interesting part of the NBA All-Star Draft? 38:00 Can Blake Griffin have a major impact on a contender? 50:59 Will Odell Beckham Jr. make the Browns better this season? 1:02:32 Agree with Jason Peters that Wentz shows Philadelphia will eat you up if you don’t bring it? 1:11:30 Surprised Big Ben took a pay cut to play another season? 1:19...

Dak's contract, Russell Wilson, Big Ben, Deshaun Watson, LeBron's load management, James Harden

March 04, 2021 22:36

00:00 Does Dak have all the leverage in contract negotiations? 15:07 Should the Seahawks seriously consider trading Russell Wilson? 28:17 Are the Steelers making the right move locking in Big Ben for 2021? 38:38 Where’s the best place for Deshaun Watson to play in 2021? 48:22 Would more load management be good for LeBron & the Lakers? 59:54 Is James Harden in the MVP race? 1:10:11 Is Baker Mayfield the long-term solution for the Browns? 1:21:20 Agree with Joe Montana that the 49ers should kee...

Tom Brady, Cowboys, Cardinals, Harden's return to Houston, Baker Mayfield, Carson Wentz

March 03, 2021 22:40

00:00 Should the Bucs give Tom Brady an extension this offseason? 12:38 Are the Cowboys better off sticking with Dak Prescott than trading for Russell Wilson? 27:30 Do you believe in Kyler Murray as much as J.J. Watt does? 41:37 What do you expect for Haden’s return to Houston tonight? 54:48 Is it the right move for Zion Williamson to not participate in the dunk contest? 1:05:18 Expect Baker Mayfield to improve next season? 1:16:53 Confident Carson Wentz will be the long-term QB for the Colts...

Deshaun Watson, J.J. Watt to the Cardinals, Dak Prescott, Nets, Steph Curry, Jimmy G

March 02, 2021 22:57

00:00 Would it be a mistake for the Texans to cave and trade Watson? 17:37 Are the Cardinals the right landing spot for J.J. Watt? 31:30 Should Dak Prescott feel disrespected by the Cowboys? 40:55 Expect the Nets to make the NBA Finals? 53:48 Agree w/ Shaq that Steph Curry is the most influential basketball player of the last 30 years? 1:07:45 Has Pete Carroll’s reputation taken a big hit? 1:13:50 Smart move by Watt to put Kyler Murray as his “first criteria”? 1:21:36 Should the 49ers feel co...

Russell Wilson, J.J. Watt, Dak Prescott, Deshaun Watson, Bucks

March 01, 2021 22:23

00:00 Should Russell Wilson want out of Seattle? 18:52 Surprised J.J. Watt signed with the Cardinals? 36:22 Is “NBA-like movement” in the NFL good for Dak Prescott? 48:36 Is it time for the Texans to trade Deshaun Watson? 59:39 What did LeBron’s Lakers prove in the blowout win over the Warriors? 1:10:11 Are the Bucks a legit threat in the Eastern Conference? 1:17:47 Is a Dak for Russ swap “laughable” or doable? 1:23:00 What is Drew Brees “brewing” for 2021? 1:28:02 More likely to play for a n...

Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson, Nets, Brandon Ingram + LeBron

February 26, 2021 22:15

00:00 Is Deshaun Watson taking it too far? 16:44 Is Dak worth $40M a season for the Cowboys? 32:40 Like how Russ has handled his frustration this offseason? 43:05 Is Deshaun Watson’s trade demand a bad look? 57:05 Should the Cowboys consider trading for Russell Wilson? 1:10:40 Are the Nets the best team in the NBA right now? 1:20:21 How will the Deshaun Watson saga play out? 1:24:25 Is Brandon Ingram taking a shot at LeBron? 1:29:27 Uncle Jimmy joins.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit ...

Seahawks, Lakers, Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield, JuJu Smith-Schuster

February 25, 2021 22:03

00:00 How will the Seahawks’ power struggle end? 16:54 Does race still remain a factor in the evaluation of quarterbacks? 38:55 Can the Lakers recover from this slide? 50:51 Do you like Cam Newton’s message to his critics? 59:12 Should the Seahawks and Russell Wilson part ways? 1:10:50 Bucky Brooks joins to continue discussing whether race remains a factor in the evaluation of quarterbacks.  1:21:33 Should the Browns be leery of committing long-term to Baker? 1:25:02 Is JuJu Smith-Schuster wo...

Dak's deal, LeBron James, Baker Mayfield, Steelers

February 24, 2021 21:05

00:00 Who’s more at fault for the contract dispute: Dak or the Cowboys? 18:28 Is LeBron making a mistake chasing the MVP? 28:20 Should the Browns commit long term to Baker? 37:26 Are the Steelers making a mistake bringing back Big Ben? 45:40 Uncle Jimmy joins Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

Lakers, Deshaun Watson, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz

February 23, 2021 22:06

00:00 Panic time for LeBron’s Lakers? 17:51 Would the Texans be making a mistake keeping Deshaun Watson? 30:34 Is Cam Newton justified in saying “there aren’t 32 guys better than me”? 45:12 Would the Seahawks be crazy to consider trading Russell Wilson? 52:52 Worried about how the Lakers are managing LeBron? 1:06:17 Is Cam Newton underappreciated? 1:14:47 Do you like Houston playing hardball with Deshaun Watson? 1:23:20 Should Michael Pittman give Wentz #11? 1:28:58 Uncle Jimmy joins. Learn m...

Dak's deal, Nets/Clippers, Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson, Lakers

February 22, 2021 22:01

00:00 Who’s under more pressure to get the deal done: Dak or the Cowboys? 19:33 Sold on the Nets after the win over the Clippers? 33:47 Like how Cam Newton handled being mocked for being a free agent? 46:11 Has Lamar Jackson done enough to silence his doubters? 54:17 Would placing the franchise tag on Dak be risky for the Cowboys? 1:07:05 Any issue with how Cam Newton handled his heckler? 1:18:18 Can LeBron carry the Lakers without AD? 1:24:29 Agree Big Ben would set the Steelers franchise ba...

Carson Wentz trade, Lakers/Nets, Jalen Hurts, Deshaun Watson, NFC East

February 19, 2021 22:11

00:00 Will the Eagles regret trading Carson Wentz? 16:35 More confident in the Nets or Lakers reaching the Finals? 30:44 Expect to see 2017 Carson Wentz in Indianapolis? 44:25 Should Jalen Hurts have to compete for a starting job? 52:50 Did the Nets prove anything in the win over the Lakers? 1:02:20 Should Deshaun Watson be frustrated over the Carson Wentz trade? 1:11:16 Who’s going to take hold of the NFC East now? 1:16:07 Uncle Jimmy joins. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastcho...