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In the second sermon in the Family Matter sermon series this past Sunday, we looked at how God created the heart of the woman to be a detail-oriented nurturer.  It’s the woman who pays attention to the details of life, keeping her husband’s feet anchored to the ground and nurturing spiritual growth in her children.  We also looked at how the fall has distorted the beautiful heart of the woman, causing her to be anxious and troubled about things that are less important, things that can’t be changed or sometimes aren’t even a reality.  In the story of Mary and Martha from Luke 10, Jesus rebuked Martha for channeling her concerned heart towards the mundane duties of life at the expense of neglecting the spiritual priorities of the moment.  Rather than putting off spiritual nurturing for a more convenient time, Jesus encourages women put off the to-do list of the day in order to make sure that pursuing Jesus is the main priority of the family. 


In what ways do you find yourself neglecting spiritual priorities for the sake of life’s mundane tasks?  How are you challenged to take advantage of the spiritual moments in your family rather than putting them off until all of the chores are done? 

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