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A new and different Soap added in a new second podcast has been created by SOAPDISH. Co-Host Lou Ann Perschau is joining the Soapdish family in a new  podcast!  Co-Host Mark Taylor in "Dishing" on the CBS Soap "The Young and The Restless"! They cover all the stories, make predictions and throw in other fun information. Check it out! See this Podcast agenda below:

SOAPDISH Agenda (Young and the Restless Version) September 23, 2022

1) Open and Welcome Host Lou Ann Perschau

2) There are many storylines to discuss.

    Hosts history with the Y and R.

3) My (Mark's) favorite character Victor Newman

Lou Ann's favorite character

4) Phyliss and Diane's hatred for each other. It keeps getting them both in trouble with their kids at Marcetti.

Kyle and Summer warned them if it continues, they would both be fired.
After the last confrontation between the two Diane stepped up and resigned.
Kyle and Summer said they both had to go.
Jack seems caught in the middle

6) One of the other storylines is the whole Nate as a bad guy, selling out to Victoria for a takeover power/ownership of the company.

7) Nikki goes to LA to confront Deacon Sharpe about his assisting her in her binge drinking back in the day.

Mainly Nikki went there to illicit and threaten Deacon to get his cooperation with providing dirt on Diane
Deacon helped Diane fake her death and pinning it on Nikki.

8) Another storyline is Sally Spectra and Adam. Sally appears to be done with Adam.

She ended up sleeping with Nick. Adam shows up shortly after.

9) Young and the Restless Facebook Page has many commenting on some of the bad/boring storylines and actors/actresses.

Tessa and Mariah.
Noah and Ellie
Kyle and Summer (Is Summer a good replacement?)

10) Friday Updates (TODAY)

11) Predictions

12) Closing


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