The podcast discusses the betting lines for the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers this game plus covers all the other Wisconsin sports headlines.

TOPIC 1: Charlie talks about the Green Bay Packers against the New Orleans Saints and why he has a lot of confidence in this Packers' team against the Saints. He also explains why the over/under is a stayaway (0-15 minutes)

TOPIC 2: Charlie discusses the Wisconsin Badgers' first Big 10 matchup against Purdue and explains why he likes the Badgers a great deal in this one unlike the games prior (15-25 minutes)

TOPIC 3: Charlie goes over the rest of the board for a loaded day of college football and NFL (25-30 minutes)

TOPIC 4: Charlie does his best to cover all of the big Wisconsin sports stories that went on in Wisconsin yesterday. Brewers beat up the Cardinals then a preview of the Miami series (31-39 minutes). Kon Knueppel to Duke, not Marquette or Wisconsin (39-44 minutes). More Giannis rumors (44-47 minutes)