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Scott Kummer | Running Content Debates, Race Coverage Issues, Athlete Sponsorship Concerns, Ten Junk Miles


English - September 23, 2022 18:00 - 3 hours - 129 MB - ★★★★★ - 180 ratings
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In this episode I’m talking with Scott Kummer who, among a few other roles in the ultrarunning community, is the host of the popular Ten Junk Miles Podcast.

If you’re a longtime listener, you know this show is capable of going on streaks. Sometimes it focuses on the pro athletes, then it'll focus on the business side of the sport, and so on. Right now, I’m really into these conversations with fellow podcasters in the space. So if you enjoyed the episodes with Dylan Bowman, Corrine Malcolm, Jon Levitt, and Matt Chittim, I think you’ll really enjoy this one too.

Scotty and I get right into a few of the hot-button issues including the pros and cons of engaging with Running Twitter, handling praise and criticism as a public figure in the sport, issues with past and current running content, race coverage preferences, athlete sponsorship issues, UTMB, race directing preferences, and way more.

Don't be intimidated by the 3+ hour length of this episode. No time is wasted - Scott is a great conversationalist.


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(0:55) - the pros and cons of Running Twitter(5:07) - handling praise and criticism as a public figure in ultrarunning(12:05) - Scotty’s background in the sport (16:44) - issues with past, present running content (23:10) - why we started our podcasts, why people start running podcasts(30:22) - running podcast style, preferences(47:21) - podcasting as a profession, making money through the medium (62:47) - the bigger “why’s” for doing podcasts (70:49) - UTMB debates, low-key events (77:08) - getting into race directing(99:28) - race coverage debates (117:20) - athlete-sponsor relationship debates (129:06) - guests we want to have on our shows (139:25) - more debate about types of stories to cover(144:07) - corruption, paying for guests and appearances (149:40) - the why for doing this, having an impact, dealing with criticism(155:00) - the podcast preparation, publishing process (168:15) - debates about coaching in our sport 


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