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Two friends talk about life, food, culture, habits, art, embarrassing moments and anything else under the sun.

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Episode 111 - “Japanese Million Dollar Baby”

March 29, 2023 17:25 - 56 minutes - 51.3 MB

Here’s highlights from this week: Trumpets, Bugles, and Cornets: AKA mouth instruments People on dating sites that like hiking Calf implants and Buckle fat Top 10 fake TV shows Erik’s experience an extra for a Japanese TV show (filmed in Seattle) Film auditions The magic of B&W films A Streetcar named Desire Cocaine Bear The classic film Ben Hur Missing the Titanic Lindsey Lohan’s twin sister And much more…

Episode 110 - “The Bible Bums Me Out”

March 22, 2023 15:30 - 1 hour - 71.1 MB

Here’s some highlights: Pooping in a cave Stories and metaphors Grey Gardens: the documentary The Night Stalker JFK and the other Kennedys America’s rich families What would you do if you won a million dollars? Creating our own countries Mirror city Horses Girls And much more…

Episode 109 - “Merry Pason and the Fire Distinquisher”

March 15, 2023 16:30 - 1 hour - 55.6 MB

Here’s the highlights: Erik returns from Australia The worlds most deadly Snake Why we love award shows The art of acting Blooper reels Ripping DVD’s in the 90’s The Oscars 2023 recap Phone addiction Perry Mason vs Matlock And much more…

Episode 108 - “Over the river and into the woods…”

March 08, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 68.7 MB

Here’s some highlights from this week’s episode: Throat tickles Mouth Breathers Erik tries to get a passport Unforgivable sins Thoughts on soul mates Dicks Burgers Into The Woods: musical vs movie Les Miserables France and Franch Dolly’s “Into the Woods” theater neighbor Other classics by David Sondheim And much more…

Episode 107 -“The Girls Get It”

March 01, 2023 15:00 - 1 hour - 65.2 MB

Returning special guest Nicki Navarro joins us!!! Here’s some highlights: Getting a tattoo of your dog Good looking teeth that hurt all the time Orthodontists vs Dentists Dolly’s pet goat Making your therapist laugh How to get rid of a cold using socks Funny memes Actors: The ones we dislike and the ones we like The songs we have stuck in our heads And much more…

Episode 106 - "Time Capsule"

February 22, 2023 19:20 - 1 hour - 61.3 MB

Nicki hosts the podcast!!! Here’s some highlights: Our breakfasts Sandwiches and Tortillas: The good, the bad, the ugly Spam calls and pranks Birthday plans What would your past self be proud of today? Having good eyebrows Future goals Rugs made out of real animal fur Nicki’s (rapid fire) breakfast bracket And much more…

Episode 105 - "Did you see that pack of Werewuffs?!"

February 15, 2023 18:10 - 1 hour - 59.3 MB

We’re joined by returning special guest Nicki Navarro!!! Here’s some highlights: Tonsils…Who needs them? Celebrity Holograms The proper way to say Werewolf Our irrational fears Self Defense…again Dolly’s not a fan of a sandwich “Carbs are the enemy” Nicki watches a movie Our recent dreams Sleep talking Fight or flight? The “Take Three Things” challenge And much more…

Episode 104 - “Sugar Lenders”

February 08, 2023 17:02 - 52 minutes - 47.9 MB

Cryptic song lyrics Screen printing: DTF transfers Erik’s art idea for Dolly’s house The BeReal. App Crocodiles vs Alligators Swampy Florida Old and new country music The legacy of Clive Davis Crazy TV show Dolly watched in Mexico Intermittent fasting vs calorie counting And much more…

Episode 103 - "Compact Interest"

February 01, 2023 18:45 - 51 minutes - 47 MB

Here’s some highlights from this week: Erik buys an expensive deck of cards Photographer basics Seattle area freeways are sooooo nice! People’s obsession with Starbucks Going on a date/potentially getting murdered The return of Tam Honks Old School Hollywood Paul Newman movies Hustlers And much more…

Episode 102

January 25, 2023 17:48 - 49 minutes - 45.4 MB

Here’s some highlights: Dolly went to Mexico Constant dehydration Finding things on the street Book report life hacks Our favorite Hollywood Celebrity: Tam Honks Erik goes to Pittsburgh Andy Warhol What is art? You’ll never be as young as you are now The possible end of the world Erik’s dad turns 77 today Dolly’s Grandma’s 93rd birthday party And much more…

Episode 101 - Dr. Johnson’s Poems from the Jungle

January 18, 2023 14:00 - 31 minutes - 29.1 MB

This week we bring you a special collection of poems, stories and thoughts on life.

Episode 100

January 11, 2023 16:10 - 51 minutes - 47.5 MB

Here’s some highlights from this milestone episode: A brief history of portable music players Flip phones What’s gonna happen in the future? Seafood in Mexico The Seattle (winter) freeze Scuba diving in the Puget Sound Adventures with pets Burning Candles Historical events from 100 years ago And much more…

Episode 99

January 04, 2023 17:00 - 58 minutes - 53.1 MB

Here’s the highlights: Podcast merch ideas The Goose Down conspiracy Our New Years Resolutions Principles for Conversations Online dating trickery Cheap travel hacks Adults are just large children Doing things for the right reasons Chosen family Marriage tips And much more…

Episode 98

December 28, 2022 15:30 - 53 minutes - 48.8 MB

Here’s some highlights: The Chicago Bulls golden era Erik’s first limo ride with The Foo Fighters “Colour and the Shape” tape Famous Seattle musicians that still live in Seattle Eating alone at restaurants Pizza + driving Our favorite restaurants and theaters Forgetting people’s names The wide world of dating Weird food habits Blood pressure readings And much more…

Episode 97

December 21, 2022 17:21 - 51 minutes - 47.1 MB

It’s our Christmas special!!! Here’s some highlights: Erik’s worst Christmas Eve ever Dolly’s favorite Christmas Eve Violent Night Slap stick 90’s comedy films Yellowstone and prequel shows Farting in public Honky Tonk Be-donka donk Mitch Hedberg (comedian) Our phones are watching and listening And much more…

Episode 96

December 14, 2022 18:39 - 1 hour - 78.5 MB

We joined again by very special guest Nicki Navarro!!! Here’s some highlights: Dolly’s “radio announcer voice” intro Getting into Canada and being a nervous American Erik compresses his back while trying to exercise Leftover food rules Sammy joins us with her new gold chain Nicki goes to outer space Flight etiquette Drugs that your body produces Intrusive thoughts School lunches and growing up poor How to make sourdough Our Christmas plans for 2022 And much more…

Episode 95

December 07, 2022 17:38 - 54 minutes - 50.3 MB

We’re joined by very special guest Nicki Navarro!!! And here's some highlights: Puffer and Peacoats Board Parties Double dipping Minnesota Nice vs Seattle Freeze Ryan’s going to school for “Architecture” Dog and Cat Years The reality about Ghosts Nicki’s game And more…

Episode 94

November 30, 2022 17:10 - 55 minutes - 50.6 MB

Here’s some highlights: Children of the sun (Laguna Beach the show) Erik barely wore sunscreen in Hawaii Can you burn once you’ve tanned? Things that crawl in your mouth while you sleep La Cucarachas Tips for longevity Our favorite memes Dolly wrote a song Life check ins Music Preferences and Astrology And much more…

Episode 93

November 23, 2022 17:00 - 56 minutes - 51.8 MB

Here’s some highlights from this week: Gossipers The social media algorithms Erik’s Dog poop story Nude pets and beaches Lake/Beach property Rewatching old TV shows Paris Hilton's Simple Life Our thanksgiving traditions And much more…

Episode 92

November 16, 2022 16:00 - 1 hour - 58.3 MB

Here’s some highlights from this week: Breakfasts of champions Air fryers are magical Double checking takeout orders Mythical creatures Gruesome TV shows NCIS vs CSI vs SVU Comparison and life goals Putting yourself last Dieting before Thanksgiving Detoxing And much more…

Episode 91

November 09, 2022 16:30 - 1 hour - 70.8 MB

Here’s some highlights: Losing a parent Dealing with loss and grief Appreciation despite trauma Our stories and experiences Family members critiquing our music Writing music as therapy Figuring out day to day life Being healthy and doing self care Inheriting our Dad’s character traits Helping our parents with their dreams Family legacies And much more…

Episode 90

November 02, 2022 16:30 - 1 hour - 57.3 MB

Dolly’s back!!! Here’s some highlights from this week’s episode: Exotic reptiles and snakes that swallow people Pics of exotic animals on dating apps Large rodents as indoor pets The Mars Volta at The Moore Theatre Our favorite record stores Alligators on golf courses Celsius vs Fahrenheit People that Hike Our insecurities And much more…

Episode 89

October 26, 2022 16:00 - 1 hour - 85.4 MB

This week we welcome back returning special guest David Salonen!!! Here’s some highlights: The unfriendly skies filled with Stink bugs and Wasps The Sewage Lagoon Seattle’s best fried chicken Complaining at restaurants Erik’s weird diet Food eating challenges Modern Philosophy via Social Media Self Therapy through music Dealing with loss Philosophies to live by And much more…

Episode 88

October 19, 2022 16:00 - 1 hour - 142 MB

This week's podcast is part 2 of our look at the past, with Jake, Gabe, Dolly, Erik and a special guest.

Episode 87

October 12, 2022 15:54 - 52 minutes - 120 MB

This week we take a look at the past with our friends Gabe and Jake.! This is part 1 of a two week series, thanks for listening!

Episode 86

October 05, 2022 20:16 - 1 hour - 74.2 MB

Here’s some highlights: We kick this episode off with compliments Cost Plus World Market’s pricey products Morning Routines Nicki Navarro doesn’t like milk (Melk) Peeing outside vs peeing your pants Princess Diana’s fashion and classy style Weathered by religion, but still trying to live our best lives What animal would you come back as? The making of Company (the musical) on HBO First weddings, second and third weddings Living a modest lifestyle And much more!

Episode 85

September 28, 2022 19:20 - 1 hour - 63.1 MB

Here’s some highlights from this week: Indian summers Our stories about being naked in public Coming of age movies The best fail videos To shave or not to shave your head…that is the question House music and DJ aspirations Erik’s favorite Fergie song Parental warnings to their kids about music Our undiagnosed ADHD And much more…

Episode 84

September 21, 2022 16:51 - 1 hour - 55.7 MB

We’re joined once again by special guest McCayla Butler!!! This week we dive into some deep topics, here’s the highlights: Intermittent fasting a.k.a “Starving” Lucid Dreaming Real life ghost stories and phenomenons McCayla’s might be starting a podcast Extroverts vs Introverts Imposter Syndrome Anxiety and the human psyche Getting older and the ever changing world And much more…

Episode 83

September 14, 2022 15:00 - 1 hour - 58.7 MB

We’re joined by special guest McCayla Butler!!! And here’s some highlights: Identity Crisis hair styles McCayla’s family is getting a puppy Slavery in the United States (in 2022) Erik dislikes radio signals, wifi, bluetooth…etc The new Elvis movie If you could go back in time, what musician would you want to see live? Traveling and FOMO (fear of missing out) McCayla’s son almost gets lost in New York Erik has a scary dream And much more…

Episode 82

September 07, 2022 16:00 - 1 hour - 55 MB

It’s Erik’s Birthday episode!!! And here’s some highlights: What’s worse, getting punched in the mouth or the eye? The best age to have braces Higher education Dolly’s theory on Star Wars Rick Moranis: 1980’s superstar Erik’s thoughts on the movie “Turbo” Playing sports when we were in High School Desserts we’re craving right now Erik’s goals for his 41st year And much more…

Episode 81

August 31, 2022 15:00 - 1 hour - 56.4 MB

Here’s some highlights from this week's episode: Dolly’s home remedy for getting rid of a puffy face The pursuit of music as a career Being in a band and going to shows Dumping your wardrobe Sometimes your sweat doesn’t stink Erik puts a miniature fan in his mouth Metal Core Angry Instagram videos Dolly attacks Figs Kids say the craziest things And much more…

Episode 80

August 24, 2022 07:07 - 1 hour - 66.9 MB

We're joined once again by special guest David Salonen!!! Here’s some highlights from this week’s episode: Eating plastic on a weekly basis Dutch Ovens and those other things you use for cooking Band Dogs: RIP Bruno If you got a tattoo, what would you get? Bad touch-up jobs on famous paintings The hidden (or not so hidden) costs of college The DMV’s written test is full of trick questions Texting back in the dark ages Golf and other low impact sports And much more…

Episode 79

August 17, 2022 17:17 - 1 hour - 68.8 MB

We’re joined again by special guest David Salonen!!! Making a bone broth and preparing a chicken Best practices for saving the planet David’s experience visiting Africa The Pacific Trash Patch The definition of someone being “trash” Social circles in the church Stereotypes and stigmas of divorced people Dealing with your emotional issues or letting them ride Erik’s survival prepping City life vs Country life Tik Toking & Dolly’s instant fame Upcoming concerts that David and Erik ...

Episode 78

August 10, 2022 18:34 - 1 hour - 86.4 MB

Here’s some highlights: Harmonizing with your own voice Singing is strange Dolly attempts going to go to Port Townsend Our talkative parents and times our families overstayed their welcome Growing up in a household with cancer Frozen Pizzas: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Drinking raw milk Montezuma’s Revenge A brief history of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas Flirting with Dementia We play “Guess that Mashup” Celebrities having a liquor/drink brand Jessica Alba owns Honest Company not...

Episode 77

August 03, 2022 21:57 - 1 hour - 62.7 MB

Here’s some highlights from this week’s episode: An update on the Sprite Bottle story Insect invasions Duck Dynasty and the world of reality TV Being a Sad Girl The Puppy store Erik’s Mission Impossible moments in Hawaii Motorcyclists vs cyclists Classic cars and trucks we’ve owned Old sports cars and their bravado And much more…

Episode 76

July 27, 2022 16:00 - 1 hour - 74.3 MB

It’s our 76th episode, and Erik's first car was a '76 Mustang (fun fact) Now on to the highlights: Alice In Chains and Alice in Wonderland Overrated film directors according to Dolly We forget actors names again If you could be the heir of anything what would you choose? The wide world of canned meats Stories from Erik’s college days Giant bats and poisonous snakes Different types of influencers Miss vs Ms vs Mrs Leadership roles in relationships Alpha and Beta males And much mo...

Episode 75

July 20, 2022 18:29 - 1 hour - 60.5 MB

Here’s some highlights: Our favorite Beatles Musicians who were killed by fans American Beauty Pageants Having pets and the overwhelming reality of mortality The mysterious deaths of Erik’s dogs Getting attacked by birds Dolly hates birds Hip hop song lyrics that Erik got wrong Circus culture and Carnies Murder podcasts Actors/Actresses and their famous siblings And much more…

Episode 74

July 13, 2022 19:48 - 1 hour - 68.5 MB

Here’s some highlights: Live Action Roll Playing (LARPing) Erik leaves food out for hours and still eats it Low budget production studios from the 1970’s Dolly gives herself a chemical burn Renting goats Ordering machetes from Mexico We call Dolly’s mom and get a positive life message Local road trips and the beauty of the PNW Erik gets pulled over by a cop for the first time in years Our 4th of July traditions Dinosaur Park And much more…

Episode 73

July 06, 2022 17:28 - 56 minutes - 51.5 MB

Here’s some highlights: Erik could eat all day long Our phones are spying on us Eating only Soup and Salad is not a sustainable diet Our favorite venues in Seattle UFO sighting in Marysville Humanity, religion and existentialism Motivational social media peeps Royalty free music on YouTube videos Dolly still hates Ukulele music Seattle musicians And much more…

Episode 72

June 29, 2022 18:08 - 58 minutes - 53.1 MB

Here’s some highlights from this week’s episode: We reminisce on that one time Dolly wasn’t allowed to join the Chess club Buying nice things We geek out on Super 8mm and 16mm cameras Tattoos: To get or not to get Dying your hair vs going grey Erik’s dad took him to Prophecy Club meetings as a kid Near death experiences Erik’s childhood bully And much more…

Episode 71

June 22, 2022 16:08 - 1 hour - 65.5 MB

This is our father’s day episode!!! Here’s some highlights: The wide world of pillows Dog park etiquette for dogs and humans Concerts we used to go to that we don’t go to anymore Belief systems and dogma from our childhoods Erik brings beef chili to a vegetarian chili cook off Hotdogs Embarrassing things our dads used to do That one time Dolly missed the bus and was abandoned at school Personal organization styles Fingernail/toenail clipping: The do’s and don’ts And much more…

Episode 70

June 15, 2022 19:06 - 1 hour - 57.8 MB

Here’s some highlights from this week’s episode: 80’s blockbusters and their theme songs Megastars from the 80’s Rich people look better than the rest of us Dolly hates spy films but loves a good kill Our favorite shows of all time Rejecting our parents as teenagers Erik goes on a cliff hike Breakfast burritos: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly And much more…

Episode 69

June 08, 2022 17:36 - 57 minutes - 52.7 MB

Ryan and Nicki return as our special guests!!! Here’s some highlights: Things that influencers say Skateboarding in a video game vs real life Our favorite cover bands Weird fried foods Marsupials Singing toilets Bedroom evolutions Haircuts that didn’t age well And much more…

Episode 68

June 01, 2022 17:18 - 1 hour - 56.5 MB

We’re joined by special guests Nicki Navarro & Ryan Loudenback!!! And here’s a few highlights: Dog years vs human years Science superstars Live comedy shows Erik’s trip to Southern California The solar eclipse of 2017 “Coastal Grandmother” fashion trend Ryan and Nicki’s East coast trip Ice Cream: Cones vs bowls Our ideal evenings Charcuterie boards Gaslighting How to end a fight instantly Ryan passes out on an airplane And much more…

Episode 67

May 25, 2022 07:55 - 1 hour - 66.3 MB

In this week’s episode we talk about a wide variety of things! Here’s a few highlights: Breaking things we own Dolly’s day on Capitol Hill The human brain and music The amazing world of Milk Tea Eating fish and their eggs Our food poisoning stories Erik wants to own a Sea Horse Shoes vs sandals in warm weather The California Coast Things we love about the PNW Dolly’s haircare secrets Sucking on roots in the woods And much more…

Episode 66

May 18, 2022 21:45 - 46 minutes - 42.5 MB

We’re joined again by special guest McCayla Butler!!! And we talk about: Crab Cakes: What are they made of? Wishing someone “a Happy Mother’s Day” etiquette McCayla keeps roasting Dolly Dolly starts laughing uncontrollably Blogging We explain what a Blog is Elder Millennials Social media and it’s addicting elements The varying degrees of being an addict Erik’s instagram gets hacked and he has to delete it, losing all his “friends” Our Podcast Instagram account is still hacked Th...

Episode 65

May 11, 2022 17:30 - 45 minutes - 41.7 MB

We’re joined by returning special guest McCayla Butler!!! It’s Dolly’s Birthday, and we talk about: Joan of Arc and the origins of McCayla’s middle name Dolly’s Croquet story How to play croquet Is Lavender a flower? British vs American ways of saying things McCayla roasts Dolly for a few minutes The podcast jacket for the 5 timers Dolly didn’t grow up in Wenatchee McCayla questions if Erik actually went to college Colleges in Walla Walla, WA The Whitman missionaries story Walla...

Episode 64

May 04, 2022 16:00 - 1 hour - 67.5 MB

Jake joins us this week!!! And we talk about: Drunk personas Erik’s favorite happy hour drinks People that used to drive drunk/buzzed The OG podcast episodes Jake and Michelle’s house plants Plants create oxygen The death of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles America’s painted rats in a bad light The real lifespan of a turtle Dolly’s beliefs on the Yakuza The 90’s live action Ninja Turtles movies The Coreys: Corey Haim and Corey Feldman Corey Feldman’s live show @ Studio Seven T...

Episode 63

April 27, 2022 16:07 - 1 hour - 90.8 MB

In this week’s episode we talk about: Doom Scrolling Disassociation Being the first person to like someone’s social media post Neil Armstrong was the first person on the moon The moon landing “studio” footage Living an honest life or living a lie Postal workers and the term “Going Postal” Sammy goes to the groomers The proper term for someone who grooms animals Peeing from excitement Selling your pet at the groomer Puking in a car Easiest ways to detail your own vehicle Best ca...

Episode 62

April 20, 2022 16:00 - 1 hour - 64.8 MB

Becky Glaser returns as our special guest!!! It’s the 50th Anniversary of “The Godfather” and we review it! In this episode we talk about: Becky’s alternative middle name Godfather’s Pizza and other pizza chains Trying to go to Italy next month, but neglecting to order a new passport Sammy’s water drinking habits Milkshakes and other dairy products that mess with us Erik’s thoughts on The Godfather before reading about it or watching it Our parents guide our paths and thoughts when ...