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Today's show: soaring food costs, Canada's inflation relief plan and violence in Iran escalating

September 23, 2022 18:51 - 29 minutes

On today's show, University of Guelph professor Mike von Massow joins us to break down the rise in food costs. Plus, Franco Terrazaano, Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, chats about Canada's inflation relief measures compared to other nations'. And, lawyer and MacDonald-Laurier senior fellow, Kaveh Shahrooz, gives us an update on the violent protests in Iran.

Truth and Reconciliation roundtable

September 23, 2022 18:42 - 35 minutes

Chief Greg Desjarlais, Dr. Crystal Fraser and Paul Kuster

Violent unrest continues in Iran

September 23, 2022 18:25 - 12 minutes

Kaveh Shahrooz is a lawyer and a senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s Centre for Advancing Canada’s Interests Abroad

World Cancer Research Day

September 23, 2022 18:18 - 8 minutes

Kimberly Carson, CEO of Breast Cancer Canada

Canada not following suit with other nations' inflation-busting relief measures

September 23, 2022 18:15 - 14 minutes

Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation 

Inflation and food cost

September 23, 2022 18:12 - 3 minutes

Dr. Michael von Massow, associate professor, the Department of Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Guelph 

Today's show: UCP candidate Rebecca Schulz, Donald Trump's New York lawsuit and overcrowding in homes

September 23, 2022 16:45 - 33 minutes

On today's show, UCP candidate, Rebecca Schulz, joins us to discuss her bid for leadership. Plus, political science professor, Matt Lebo, explains Donald Trump's New York fraud lawsuit. And, Murtaza Haider, Toronto Metropolitan University data science and real estate management professor, discusses overcrowding in home. What is it and why is it happening?

Cannabis review

September 23, 2022 15:55 - 6 minutes

George Smitherman, president and CEO of the producer advocacy group the Cannabis Council of Canada

Today's show: the UN General Assembly, an update on Russia/ Ukraine and airline restrictions may be removed soon

September 21, 2022 18:42 - 27 minutes

On today's show, Reza Hasmath, professor in political science at the University of Alberta, provides an update on what has happened so far at the United Nations General Assembly. And, Putin ordered a partial mobilization of Russian troops. Senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Marcus Kolga, gives us details. Plus, the federal government may end COVID-19 travel restrictions soon. John Gradek, professor with McGill University's aviation management program, joins us to explain,

Canada to make ArriveCan optional

September 21, 2022 18:25 - 6 minutes

John Gradek, professor with McGill University’s aviation management program

Producers seek details from railways for shipping harvest

September 21, 2022 18:09 - 10 minutes

Tom Steve, general manager for the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions

Putin orders partial mobilization of Russian troops

September 21, 2022 18:00 - 13 minutes

Marcus Kolga, the founder of and a Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s Centre for Advancing Canada’s Interests Abroad

United Nations General Assembly

September 21, 2022 17:34 - 7 minutes

Reza Hasmath, Full Professor in Political Science at the University of Alberta 

Today's show: federal government's emissions goals for buildings, what "woke" means in politics and August's inflation numbers

September 20, 2022 18:37 - 28 minutes

On today's show, Charles DeLand, associate director of research at the CD Howe Institute, breaks down the government's emissions goals for buildings and how to maximize efficiency. Plus, political science professor, Terri Givens, joins us to explain the history of the term "woke" and how it is weaponized today. And, economist Steve Ambler goes over the latest inflation data.

So who's 'woke,' what does it mean and how is it being used in Canadian politics?

September 20, 2022 18:12 - 8 minutes

Terri Givens, professor, political science, McGill University


September 20, 2022 17:36 - 8 minutes

Steve Ambler, a professor of economics at the Université du Québec à Montréal, is the David Dodge Chair in Monetary Policy at the C.D. Howe Institute

It really is harder to make friends these days

September 20, 2022 17:31 - 7 minutes

Marisa G. Franco is a psychologist and author of the book Platonic: How the Science of Attachment Can Help You Make – And Keep – Friends

Mike in Edmonton

September 20, 2022 17:28 - 6 minutes

Mike in Edmonton

UCP leadership race: Rajan Sawhney

September 20, 2022 17:22 - 13 minutes

Rajan Sawhney, UCP leadership candidate, MLA for Calgary—North East 

Ottawa’s plan to bring down 2030 building emissions

September 20, 2022 17:11 - 7 minutes

Charles DeLand, Associate Director, Research, CD Howe Institute

Today's show: A Canadian in London watching the Royal Funeral, gas price wars in Alberta and food banks feeling the rise in food costs

September 20, 2022 15:31 - 25 minutes

On today's show, we chat about the Royal Funeral with Ireland Murray, an Edmontonian in London. Plus, Dan McTeague, President, Canadians for Affordable Energy breaks down the cost of gas and explains why the price varies across Alberta. And, Shawna Ogston from the Calgary Food Bank discusses how the cost of food has impacted the food bank.

Royal funeral comment

September 20, 2022 14:49 - 5 minutes

David Johnson, a political science professor at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, author of Battle Royal: Monarchists vs. Republicans and the Crown of Canada

Food banks see spikes in demand as Albertans struggle with rising costs

September 20, 2022 14:46 - 6 minutes

Shawna Ogston, communications, Calgary Food Bank

'Ridiculous': Red Deer gas war leaves Calgary drivers fuming

September 20, 2022 14:44 - 13 minutes

Dan McTeague, President, Canadians for Affordable Energy

Edmontonian in London for the Royal Funeral

September 20, 2022 14:19 - 4 minutes

Ireland Murray

Today's show: Security protocol for the Royal Funeral, World Health Organization announces COVID-19 may soon be over and Canada's long-overdue review into legalized cannabis is coming up

September 16, 2022 18:21 - 33 minutes

On today's show, security expert Christian Leuprecht breaks down the security protocol for royals attending Queen Elizabeth II's funeral. Plus, Dr. Timothy Evans, executive director of the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force discusses the World Health Organization's announcement about COVID-19 reaching a turning point. And, Canada has set a date for a long overdue review on the legalization of cannabis. George Smitherman, President and CEO of the Cannabis Council of Canada joins us to chat about the...

Security for the royal funeral

September 16, 2022 17:56 - 13 minutes

Christian Leuprecht, Professor at the Royal Military College and Queen’s University, Editor of the Canadian Military Journal and, author of: Intelligence as Democratic Statecraft, published by Oxford University Press

Canada's nearly year-late cannabis legalization review may, or may not, begin this week

September 16, 2022 17:48 - 13 minutes

George Smitherman, president and CEO of the producer advocacy group the Cannabis Council of Canada

Majority of Canadians have now caught COVID — so what does that mean for the future?

September 16, 2022 17:08 - 6 minutes

Dr. Timothy Evans, executive director of the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force

Back to Work: Employers can use ‘quiet quitting’ to reshape the workplace

September 16, 2022 17:02 - 9 minutes

Melissa Nightingale, co-founder of management training firm Raw Signal Group

Today's show: Alberta airports not being reopened to international travelers, UCP candidate Todd Loewen and The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno

September 15, 2022 18:34 - 30 minutes

On today's show, we are joined by director from Cooking Lake Airport, Jim Johannsson, to discuss the denial of his request for additional Alberta airports to be reopened to international arrivals. Plus, UCP leadership candidate, Todd Loewen, provides an update on his bid for leadership. And, The Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, joins to discuss his career outside of acting.

The original Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno

September 15, 2022 18:01 - 8 minutes

Lou Ferrigno, actor, retired professional bodybuilder

Mass Saskatchewan stabbing shows gap in how suspect with arrest warrant was at large

September 15, 2022 17:37 - 15 minutes

Lisa Kerr, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Queen's University, Ontario

Back to work: Some small businesses offer benefits to retain staff in tight labour market

September 15, 2022 17:22 - 7 minutes

Joan Weir, our Vice President of Group Benefits, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

UCP leadership race: Todd Loewen

September 15, 2022 17:20 - 9 minutes

Todd Loewen, UCP leadership candidate, MLA for Central Peace-Notley

Reopening Alberta airports

September 15, 2022 16:48 - 8 minutes

Jim Johannsson, Board of Directors, Cooking Lake Airport

Today's show: Brian Jean's UCP leadership bid, the cost of a national holiday and UCP candidates avoiding discussing healthcare in Alberta

September 14, 2022 18:22 - 30 minutes

On today's show, we begin the second round of our UCP leadership candidate interviews with Brian Jean. Plus, economist Moshe Lander breaks down how much it would cost for Canada to recognize September 19th, a day of mourning, as a statutory holiday. And, health policy consultant Steven Lewis looks into the UCP candidates party platforms on health care in Alberta.

Health care a top issue for Albertans but not for United Conservative Party leadership candidates

September 14, 2022 17:46 - 9 minutes

Steven Lewis, a health policy consultant and adjunct professor of health policy at Simon Fraser University

The cost of the Day of Mourning

September 14, 2022 17:38 - 5 minutes

Moshe Lander, Senior Lecturer in Economics at Concordia University in Montreal, Alberta resident and host of The Moshe Lander Show (beginning on October 13).

Back to Work: In a tight labour market, this is where Canadian workers are going

September 14, 2022 17:12 - 8 minutes

Brittany Feor, an economist with the Labour Market Information Council

UCP leadership race: Brian Jean

September 14, 2022 16:28 - 14 minutes

Brian Jean, UCP leadership candidate, MLA for Fort McMurray - Lac La Biche

Joe Biden on ‘ending cancer as we know it’

September 14, 2022 15:45 - 9 minutes

Jackie Manthorne, president and CEO of Canadian Cancer Survivor Network

Today's show: Canada's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom on the Royal funeral, Pierre Poilievre's historic win and the history of oil and gas in Canada

September 13, 2022 18:39 - 37 minutes

On today's show, we are joined by Canada's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom to discuss plans for Queen Elizabeth II's funeral and day of mourning. Plus, political commentator, Janet Brown, breaks down Pierre Poilievre's Conservative Party of Canada win and his Alberta roots. And, we go over the history of oil and gas in Canada with CEO and President of the Canadian Gas Association, Timothy Egan.

Canada's High Commissioner meets with King Charles III

September 13, 2022 17:24 - 9 minutes

Ralph Goodale, Canada's High Commissioner to the UK

Pierre Poilievre needs to move beyond Alberta roots to offer broad vision

September 13, 2022 17:22 - 12 minutes

Janet Brown, pollster and political commentator

No longer freezing: Working from home can make workplaces more comfortable

September 13, 2022 17:00 - 7 minutes

Liam O'Brien, Professor in Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering, Carleton University

Gas and oil pipeline development in Canada

September 13, 2022 16:58 - 15 minutes

Timothy Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association

Today's show: Pierre Poilievre wins CPC leadership, quiet quitting gains popularity, breakdown of the manhunt following the Saskatchewan stabbings and Ukraine counterattacks Russia, regaining some control

September 12, 2022 18:56 - 44 minutes

On today's show, public policy professional, Melissa Caouette, breaks down the Canadian Conservative Party leadership race and discusses Pierre Poilievre's win. Plus, what is quiet quitting? Dr. Maria Kordowicz, associate professor in organizational behaviour, explains. And, we chat with Kevin Bryan, a professor at the School of Public Safety at Seneca College, about the manhunt in Saskatchewan over the weekend that ended with the death of suspect Myles Sanderson. Finally, Dr. Stephanie Carvi...

Ukraine claims reaching Russian border as it wages counteroffensive

September 12, 2022 17:55 - 9 minutes

Stephanie Carvin, associate professor at Carleton University, a former national security analyst, and a contributing author to the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

Why Ottawa's efforts to get Google and Facebook to pay for news content misses the mark

September 12, 2022 17:53 - 10 minutes

Ricard Gil, Associate Professor, Smith School of Business, Queen's University, Ontario