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Join Thomas for some critical thinking on questions of science, philosophy, skepticism and politics. These serious topics are discussed with some serious guests, but in an entertaining and engaging way! This is not your typical interview podcast; it’s a friendly dialogue, conducted thoughtfully and with plenty of humor. It's Serious Inquiries Only; but like, not boring or anything.

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SIO330: Does Meditation Reduce Prosocial Behavior?

May 19, 2022 04:42 - 54 minutes - 67.8 MB

By popular request, Lindsey will be taking us through this fascinating science-thingy! Certain kinds of meditation can reduce feelings like guilt, sadness, etc. But is that good? Does it make people less likely to help others in different ways? Find out! Links: Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Guilt and Prosocial Reparation, popular coverage

SIO329: Lindsey Shares Her Abortion Story

May 05, 2022 04:23 - 49 minutes - 62.7 MB

Our own Dr. Lindsey Osterman has had an abortion, does not regret it, and wants to tell us why this basic healthcare right matters not just for those in extreme circumstances. Then, we discuss the political situation and what can actually be done about it. Yelling may be involved.

SIO328: Making Sense of Sensemaking with Aaron Rabinowitz

April 30, 2022 20:19 - 1 hour - 79.1 MB

There's possibly a new brand of centrist-IDW-know-it-all online, and it's called a "sensemaker." Or, is it a totally normal good thing? I don't know. So I brought in way-too-online-person Aaron Rabinowitz to explain just wtf is going on here. We ended up having a wide ranging discussion on the centristy-IDW manosphere and what makes it tick. And why Elon Musk blows.

SIO327: Does Paying Fox News Viewers to Watch CNN Pull Them Back Into Reality?

April 14, 2022 19:58 - 1 hour - 78.6 MB

You've likely seen this study covered across the interwebs. Well, does it hold up to the SIO-Osterman treatment? Find out!

SIO325: How to Be Persuasive, According to Science - Part 2

March 13, 2022 23:08 - 50 minutes - 63.2 MB

Dr. Lindsey Osterman explains the rest of the persuasion review paper. This episode has a lot of good, practical info if you're wanting to try to change minds, for real! Links: Hussein & Tormala (2021) Undermining Your Case to Enhance Your Impact, Jost et al (2003) Political Conservatism as Motivated Social Cognition, Jost et al (2007) Are Needs to Manage Uncertainty and Threat Associated With Political Conservatism or Ideological Extremity?

SIO324: How To Be Persuasive, According to Science

March 09, 2022 08:09 - 45 minutes - 57.4 MB

With so many people in our country seemingly living in an alternate universe of facts, persuading people to change their mind has never been more important. But... how can we actually do that? What actually works? Dr. Lindsey Osterman is here to science us about it! Hussein & Tormala (2021) Undermining Your Case to Enhance Your Impact

SIO323: Did COVID Precautions Increase Adolescent Suicide Risk?

February 19, 2022 03:45 - 56 minutes - 71.1 MB

That's the claim made by many right wing anti COVID restriction people. What's more, it seems to be based on a CDC report. So is there anything to it? Find out! Links: Yard et al (2021) CDC report, Popular press coverage of report 1, 2, 2020 CDC report (claiming that adolescent ED visits for mental health increased by 31% in 2020 compared to 2019), CDC Reports on decline in total ED visits for March/April 2020, Through March 2021, Timing of State and Territorial COVID-19 Response, CDC...

SIO322: Again with the Garbage Free Speech Arguments

February 10, 2022 08:40 - 46 minutes - 59.9 MB

Yeah it's some commentary about the Joe Rogan controversy. I couldn't help it. People are being too wrong on the internet.

SIO321: Does Giving Money to Mothers Boost Baby Brain Activity?

February 05, 2022 07:55 - 49 minutes - 62.5 MB

You might have seen the coverage recently of a study that claims to show that giving poor mothers cash payments changed their babies’ brain activity in ways associated with stronger cognitive development. So what is the study, and does it hold up to SIO science thingy scrutiny courtesy of Dr. Lindsey Osterman? Find out! Links: NYT write-up, Troller-Renfree and colleagues (2022) The Impact of a Poverty Reduction Intervention on Infant Brain Activity, Other publications from Baby’s First Ye...

SIO320: Patreon QnA 8!

February 03, 2022 07:29 - 50 minutes - 63.5 MB

We had a number of questions from the November QnA that never happened to get to, as well as some new ones for January. Here's to getting back to regular on these!

SIO319: The Rise (and Fall?) of r/antiwork

January 27, 2022 06:57 - 1 hour - 78 MB

What the saga around the subreddit r/antiwork says about our society and capitalism's death grip on us.

SIO318: Study Says the People Have 'Near-Zero' Influence on Policy. Does it Hold Up?

January 21, 2022 00:08 - 59 minutes - 73.4 MB

It's time to give another viral thingy the Dr. Lindsey Osterman treatment! A viral tweet summarizing the findings of a political science study alleges that the people have "near-zero" impact on public policy. What is this study, what did it find, and was it good science? Find out! Links: Gilens & Page (2014) - Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens, Vox article on Gilens and Page and rebuttals, Bashir (2015) – Response to Gilens and Page, En...

SIO317: Is Instagram Bad for Mental Health? What the Science Says Might Surprise You

November 11, 2021 08:42 - 1 hour - 65.6 MB

The Facebook Whistleblower's testimony and interviews have made some alarming claims about social media and the harms it may cause. But do all of those claims hold up to scrutiny? Maybe not! Let's see what psychologist Dr. Lindsey Osterman has to say! Lindsay's billion links: Internal Report 1, Teen Mental Health Deep Dive, Internal Report 2, Hard Life Moments: Mental Health Deep Dive, Whistleblower Full Senate Hearing Transcript, Body image dissatisfaction in preadolescent children, D...

SIO316: Spooktacular October Patreon QnA!

October 31, 2021 21:35 - 54 minutes - 56 MB

Is it ghosts? Dave Chappelle's boring unoriginal transphobia, rat jacket fetishes, Democratic party bashing, and more! Here's that Grandpa Joe blackface post.

SIO315: Lisa Littman's Latest Trans Study is Garbage

October 29, 2021 06:54 - 1 hour - 71.4 MB

It's part 2 of our Littman breakdown, find out what her latest junk study says. This time it's about detransitioning and it suffers from many of the same problems as her first study we covered in part 1. Also, friend of the show Aaron Rabinowitz, host of Embrace the Void, dug up some of the questions Littman asked. Which ones were and were not included says a ton about what the answers must have been. Links: MacKinnon (2021), Littman (2021), Turban (2021)

SIO314: Lisa Littman's Bogus Trans Studies, Part 1

October 26, 2021 20:29 - 55 minutes - 56.9 MB

Recently, a study by Lisa Littman has been making the rounds among the anti-woke. You may remember Littman mentioned in the amazing 2 part series debunking The End of Gender. She is the inventor of the transphobic bull shit concept "rapid onset gender dysphoria" which is science words for "kids these days." In this two part series, Dr. Lindsey Osterman breaks down both of her bogus studies and why they are terrible science thingies.

SIO313: US Police Killings Undercounted by More than Half, According to New Study

October 07, 2021 08:14 - 43 minutes - 45.5 MB

In a vital follow up to our police bias episodes, today we break down a new study that shows police killings were undercounted by MORE THAN HALF. This confirms what many of us have suspected about the "official data" on police violence, and it's only the tip of the iceberg. Links: Lancet article, Fatal Encounters, Mapping Police Violence, The Counted 

SIO312: September Patreon QnA!

September 30, 2021 08:05 - 48 minutes - 50.5 MB

We've got some great questions as always! This time we start with some personal slash whimsical stuff including what song lyrics we have been wrong about. Other great segments include sex stuff and why Jordan Peterson is wrong about evo-psych. Or just... everything. Links: Dwulit & Rzymski (2019) - Associations of Porn Use with Sexual Dysfunctions 

SIO311: What the Science Actually Says on Porn Consumption

September 26, 2021 02:27 - 56 minutes - 57.3 MB

It's part 2 of our sex stuff series. Dr. Lindsey Osterman did a deep dive into porn related research. Either that or I caught her looking at porn and she proposed this series as an elaborate cover. But either way you're getting some great stuff! Does the anti-porn side of the argument have the weight of evidence on their side? Is porn actually totally fine? Find out! Links: Michael Hobbes, Human Trafficking, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, Revenge porn laws by state, Fisher & Kohut (2017) P...

SIO310: Banning Sex Work and Sex Work Websites Is Bad and We Should Stop Doing It

September 16, 2021 06:10 - 52 minutes - 54.4 MB

But don't take my word for it, Dr. Lindsey Osterman is here to break down the social science for us! And guess what, SURPRISE SURPRISE, it doesn't support the conservative war on porn and sex work. And it's not just conservatives, it's NYT's Nicholas D. Kristof, and prominent anti-porn feminists like Catharine MacKinnon. Listen as Lindsey explains why the war against sex work is bad for everyone. You're Wrong About: Sex Trafficking, The Butterfly Effect, Perry (2021) "Scientific authorit...

SIO309: A Veterinarian Answers our Ivermectin Questions

September 09, 2021 07:16 - 46 minutes - 48.6 MB

Therese Chan, an actual vet (though not a horse doctor) is here to talk about Ivermectin. What is it, what does it do, what does it not do, why are so many people taking it, will it turn you into a horse, will it turn you back from a horse to a human, is this a simulation, no really is it, how is any of this real, and more!

SIO308: August Patreon QnA!

September 01, 2021 05:41 - 1 hour - 63.1 MB

It's that time again! Patrons asked some fantastic questions. Like, what's our favorite piece of visual art? Is Bari Weiss right about Amy Cooper? What are Lindsey's thoughts on tenure? Are morals taught or learned? When should people resign in protest vs. staying and fighting? And more!

SIO307: Newly Published Study Shows Atheists are Prejudiced...

August 26, 2021 08:03 - 1 hour - 65.8 MB

... AGAINST ANTI GAY ACTIVISTS. Yeah. It's a bad science thingy. But bad science thingies are a bat signal for Dr. Lindsey Osterman, who is here to break down this study for us! What does the study prove? What does it definitely not prove? Find out! Uzarevic et al. (2021) "Are Atheists Unprejudiced?", Uzarevic et al. (2017) "Are Atheists Undogmatic?", Speed & Brewster (2021) "Christians, but not Atheists, Show High In-Group Favoritism"

SIO306: What Does the Massachusetts Outbreak Say About Vaccine Effectiveness?

August 12, 2021 05:22 - 47 minutes - 49.8 MB

You might have seen the very scary headlines about a Massachusetts outbreak in which 74% of those infected were vaccinated. That sounds terrifying! But is it? What does actual science person Dr. Lindsey Osterman make of these numbers? The news is actually far better than you might think! Find out why! In a quick first segment, Lindsey gives us a hilarious recap of how thoroughly Sam Harris accidentally parodied the hell out of himself! Links: WaPo article on Provincetown Outbreak, Origi...

SIO305: July Patreon QnA!

August 05, 2021 04:00 - 59 minutes - 60.7 MB

After some thrilling haircut talk, we get to this month's questions! Topics this time include: choosing government by sortition, Manchin and Sinema ruining the country, who was the best movie president, vaccinating yourself vs. your children, a general strike, and neoliberalism!

SIO304: Are the Woke Left and Alt-Right Alike? Part 2: The Study So Bad It Made Quillette Look Good

July 30, 2021 04:00 - 1 hour - 64.7 MB

Continuing from the last episode, Lindsey backs up her claim that the bulk of the terrible science was yet to come. WOW. This study was complete garbage. You really ought to hear how terrible it is. Lindsey, as usual, did other people's homework for them. She got a hold of some of the data and did her own work with it, which revealed some interesting stuff. Here is the doc. Links: the study, the article, Moss & O’Connor (2020b; origin of White Identitarianism Scale), Pew Poll, Politic...

SIO303: Are the Woke Left and Alt-Right Alike? AKA Debunking a Garbage Quillette Article About a Garbage Study

July 22, 2021 06:06 - 51 minutes - 53.3 MB

Holy both sides, Batman! Yeah no suspense on this one, Quillette is garbage and the study this article references is garbage. But how garbage and why exactly? Is there any truth to it? As usual, Lindsey is here to give us the breakdown! This is a part 1. In order to grab part 2 early, make sure to pledge on patreon! Links: Moss & O’Connor (2020b; origin of White Identitarianism Scale), Pew Poll, Political Polarization in the American Public, Master’s thesis (origin of the PC scales)

SIO302: Are Boomers Narcissistic? Are Millennials Entitled? What a Large Narcissism Study Does and Doesn't Tell Us

July 15, 2021 04:58 - 54 minutes - 55.7 MB

This episode was inspired by this Insider article, Baby Boomers Are More Sensitive Than Millennials. Science is often butchered by the media, so I sent it along to our own Dr. Lindsey Osterman to see if the study backs up the article. As it turns out... not really. But it does say some interesting things. Listen in and find out! Wetzel and colleagues (2017), The Narcissism Epidemic is Dead; Long Live the Narcissism Epidemic

SIO301: Evidence Based Mental Healthcare, with Dr. Caleb Lack

July 08, 2021 17:06 - 59 minutes - 60.1 MB

Today Lindsey and I are joined by Dr. Caleb Lack. Caleb is a full professor of psychology at the University of Central Oklahoma, and he's here to talk about evidence based mental healthcare. When it comes to treatment, what is actually evidence based and what is unsupported at best and pseudoscience at worst? Also, find out how Caleb trolled a predatory academic journal! Check out Caleb's book, Critical Thinking, Science, and Pseudoscience. Leave Thomas a voicemail! (916) 750-4746, short...

SIO300: June Patreon QnA!

July 01, 2021 05:57 - 1 hour - 60.8 MB

It's episode 300! And also the June patreon QnA! Topics covered include: moral panics – does the left engage in them too? Syria and an old SIO guest. Are we close to full institutional breakdown? How f*cked are we in 2022 and 2024? Who would we root for in a war against America? Christian socialists, critical race theory, people on the left wanting to lift mask mandates. And, what episodes are good for reachable right wing people?

SIO299: Debunking CRT Attacks with Dr. Ery Shin

June 27, 2021 06:48 - 52 minutes - 53.8 MB

You've seen Critical Race Theory discussed everywhere thanks to an entirely ginned up moral panic by Christopher Rufo, but have you gotten to hear someone who actually teaches it talk about what it's really about? If not, I hope you'll listen as Dr. Ery Shin takes us through some basics, and also answers a few anti-CRT talking points from James Lindsay's Christian Nationalist funded New Discourses.

SIO298: Is Life Pointless? More from the Journal of Controversial Ideas

June 15, 2021 19:51 - 56 minutes - 57.5 MB

with special guest Aaron Rabinowitz! You know him from Embrace the Void and Philosophers in Space, but today he's here to philosophize at us. A paper on pointlessness was published in the first issue of the Journal of Controversial ideas. How good is it? How controversial? Find out!

SIO297: New Atheists Didn't "Merge with the Far Right"

June 10, 2021 03:43 - 52 minutes - 54.1 MB

Perhaps some number of them did, but neither these atheist leaders, nor the movement as a whole "merged with the far right," as this Salon article says. I suppose it may seem like a minor point to some, but I think it's pretty significantly journalistically irresponsible to have a headline as explosive as that, with the picture like that, and not have it be supported by the article.

SIO296: The Journal of Controversial Ideas

June 03, 2021 06:31 - 53 minutes - 54.6 MB

Recently, Jeff McMahan, Francesca Minerva and Peter Singer started a journal called The Journal of Controversial Ideas. In it, people can post racist transphobic stuff that is TOO controversial for other journals! (except that it totally isn't.) Lindsey and I give some background, and do a fair bit of yelling about the race science paper published in the first issue of the journal. Links: "Who Is The Victim In The Anna Stubblefield Case?", "Gender Muddle: Reply to Dembroff", "Cognitive Cr...

SIO295: Patreon QnA 2!

June 01, 2021 03:01 - 57 minutes - 58.6 MB

Lots of great questions from our patrons! Lindsey gives us a taser research update; why are puppies cuter than humans? Is PZ Myers wrong about EvoPsych? Spike proteins, anti-vax stuff, and more! Links: TASER study, Kurzban's response to PZ, Russian fox domestication experiment, Contrapoints on AGP, Blogpost on spike proteins, Aaaaaand one bonus link for you

SIO294: The Hannah-Jones Tenure Denial is Worse Than You Think

May 27, 2021 05:01 - 55 minutes - 57.1 MB

Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer-winning journalist and developer of the 1619 Project, was appointed to a tenured professorship at UNC Chapel Hill. This is a position that is funded by the Knight foundation. However, a board of old white lawyers who happen to be the Trustees of the University, denied Hannah-Jones tenure, against the recommendations of, well... everyone who should matter in the decision making process. Many people have made bad faith arguments and whataboutisms, but Dr. Lindsey...

SIO293: Did The CDC Screw Up?

May 20, 2021 04:53 - 51 minutes - 52.7 MB

The CDC recently made a surprise announcement that vaccinated people don't need to wear masks, with only a few exceptions. This was greeted with some excitement, but also with vigorous pushback by people on the left. So what's the science behind this decision, and what are the practical concerns? We break it down! Then, we talk about a very premature victory lap taken by Bret Weinstein over the lab-leak hypothesis being confir... I mean not quite technically disproven. ***FACTUAL CORRECTI...

SIO292: More Weinstein and Heying Anti-vax Nonsense

May 13, 2021 02:02 - 50 minutes - 52.5 MB

It's part 2 of our debunk of the disgraceful anti-vaccine garbage being spewed from the Dark Horse Podcast. It's a YouTube show featuring two biologists who ABSOLUTELY should know better, but don't. Since I forgot links on part 1, here are ALL the links: Two articles who interview experts about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines: 1, 2; Edited Fauci clip; Longer Fauci clip; Summary of WHO report on origins of COVID-19 pandemic; WaPo article about Joe Rogan; The Atlantic, ...

SIO291: Bret Weinstein Spreads Dangerous Anti-vax Nonsense

May 06, 2021 07:39 - 51 minutes - 52.6 MB

Joe Rogan said healthy, young people shouldn't get the COVID vaccine. This is dangerous and anti-science and incorrect. Though Rogan apologized, Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein took to their YouTube channel to double down on Rogan's claims and do further damage to the cause of science and the effort to vaccinate and protect the public against this deadly disease. It's shameful, and Lindsey is here to explain why they are wrong.

SIO290: Patreon QnA 1!

May 04, 2021 19:29 - 1 hour - 66.3 MB

We got some great questions from patrons, and we ended up answering almost all of them! They include: How did Sam Harris end up being so wrong? Should we ignore the Supreme Court? Evopsych, non-lethal weapons, parasocial relationships, and more!

SIO289: Our Disgustingly Racist Death Penalty

April 29, 2021 04:56 - 50 minutes - 52.5 MB

This is the second part of our racial bias in criminal justice episodes. This one focuses on sentencing, and explores studies showing just how desperate the death penalty is, and how racial bias drives that. Baldus et al (1998) -Racial Discrimination and the Death Penalty in the Post-Furman Era Eberhardt et al (2006) – Looking deathworthy: Perceived Stereotypicality of Black defendants predicts capital-sentencing outcomes Eberhardt et al (2004) – Seeing Black: Race, crime, and visual proc...

SIO288: The AHA Dawkins Debacle, Part 2

April 28, 2021 04:37 - 55 minutes - 56.6 MB

This episode is the sequel to the last one, so make sure to check that out. I go into the "whataboutism" around the AHA Dawkins award thing, and talk about a really terrible thing another atheist said that I think people should know about.

SIO287: AHA Revokes Dawkins Award, Atheists Lose Minds

April 27, 2021 07:07 - 53 minutes - 55 MB

Sorry, we interrupt the scheduled programming to bring you a yelly rant episode about how terrible all the arguments around the Richard Dawkins humanist award revocation are. It's a bunch of the "smartest people on the internet" saying really stupid things and I've had enough. 

SIO286: Studies of Racial Bias in Criminal Justice

April 22, 2021 05:49 - 54 minutes - 55.6 MB

Official co-host Dr. Lindsey Osterman is here to give us a breakdown of some studies measuring racial bias in Criminal Justice. Part 1 talks about split decision shooting studies, part 2 will focus on sentencing discrepancies. Links: Meta-analysis on racial bias in first-person shooter tasks,  Across the Thin Blue Line: Police Officers and Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot, When Fatigue Turns Deadly: The Effects of Cognitive Depletion and Sleep Deprivation on the Decision To Shoot, When...

SIO285: Debunking "The End of Gender" Part 2

April 01, 2021 03:19 - 57 minutes - 58.9 MB

Here is Part 2 of our debunking of a book by Dr. Debra Soh called "The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society." Soh is someone with a relevant credential, which perhaps makes her anti-trans schtick even more dangerous. Within the text are kernels of truth about the science of sex and gender, but she abuses that science beyond recognition to defend cultural conservative norms. Lindsey has the breakdown for us! Links: (for both parts) Proposal about the de...

SIO284: Debunking "The End of Gender" Part 1

March 31, 2021 04:19 - 45 minutes - 47.6 MB

Somehow, esteemed co-host Dr. Lindsey Osterman got through all of the terribly transphobic book by Dr. Debra Soh called "The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society." Soh is someone with a relevant credential, which perhaps makes her anti-trans schtick even more dangerous. Within the text are kernels of truth about the science of sex and gender, but she abuses that science beyond recognition to defend cultural conservative norms. Lindsey has the breakdown fo...

SIO283: Quantum Physics 101, with the What the FUP Podcast!

March 18, 2021 05:01 - 1 hour - 63.6 MB

What is the "What the FUP?" Podcast, you ask? It's none other than Dr. Lindsey Osterman's new show with physicist Dr. Brian Gentry! We all watched "What the BLEEP Do We Know?" with a mind to critique it, but the episode turned into a fascinating Quantum Physics 101 lecture because there was so much to go over before we could even dive into how wrong the documentary is on every level!

SIO282: Debunking the Latest 'Campus Craziness' Stories

March 11, 2021 05:26 - 55 minutes - 56.9 MB

If you're thinking "are they still doing this whole thing?" about 'campus craziness' then you're not alone. But fortunately Dr. Lindsey Osterman is here to do some debunking for us! Did a professor get fired for racist tweets? Did a research paper get retracted due to progressive outrage? Find out! Links: Jussim's blogpost, Articles on the Negy firing: Orlando Sentinel, NYT, pro-Negy article about it:   Inside Sources Sources for the AlShebli retraction: Original article,  Retraction no...

SIO281: Frank and Dan Want You To Run for Something!

March 01, 2021 07:36 - 41 minutes - 43.7 MB

Somehow we've all been podcasting for 10 years in atheism and never done anything together (except a midnight tryst back on NYE) but Frank and Dan of Thank God I'm Atheist are finally on the show! We talk about their background and also their drive to get more atheists into office! That could mean you! Click on the link and check it out, but also listen to this really fun interview!

SIO280: A Scientific Case for Repressed Memory?

February 25, 2021 07:00 - 37 minutes - 40.1 MB

After last week's episode with Carrie Poppy, I got a number of responses saying we might have been a little too dismissive of the evolutionary case for repressed memory. As it turns out, Dr. Jennifer Freyd, has developed a theory that could account for something like it. Yes, that Jennifer Freyd, the accuser whose story was told in The Cut's article that started this whole thing! The entire situation is as fascinating as it is tragic for virtually everyone involved, but Dr. Lindsey Osterm...


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