Welcome back everybody to the Self Storage Income Podcast, I’m your host AJ Osborne.

If you’ve talk to others about investing in self storage, it’s likely you immediately received the “storage is a cash cow!”, or “storage is recession proof!” comments. While we’re just as about excitable as you can get about self storage and the massive opportunities there are in this industry, we’re not about to forget that things can and do go wrong.

Is storage more secure than other asset classes?

Well, today I wanted to talk about the pros and cons of the self storage investment vehicle. There are some who say that storage is the be all end all investment and you don’t need to invest in anything else - that storage could never fail. This is extremely dangerous thinking.

As you and I know, there truly is and can be an unbelievable amount of upside investing in self storage. Storage in general has performed incredibly well through down turns and recessions - but not all storage facilities and storage owners and operators are created equal. Storage can absolutely fail - this is literally our investment strategy: buy under performing (failing) facilities and turn them around.

To give you a more in depth view of storage, its performance, and both the pros and cons of the asset class, we take a look today at the performance of storage over the past decades and also compare this performance to other asset classes.

Recognizing where storage can fail and planning accordingly to mitigate that risk is a critical aspect to our success as storage investors. They might not be the most fun or exciting conversations, but they’re conversations we have to have with ourselves and our team. So gear up, let’s dive in.

Thanks for listening everybody!

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