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Vanessa and Malinda wanted to add some Amazon Links recommendations: Please note: We are not professional trainers, occupational therapists, physical therapists or doctors. These are products we used with our children that made life fun with a bit of fitness. Seek advice from a professional before using anything we have tried: 

Please note again: we do make a small commission just by clicking on the amazon links. We use 100% of the funds to pay for the cost of the podcast. Podcasting is fun and we have a great time chatting. The costs are around $1000/yr. Thanks for listening :)  


Agility ladder - great for gross motor and obstacle courses. May uses


Weighted ball - Paige loved the 2lb ball to toss into buckets, hold while walking and pass back and forth with me.


Exercise ball - great for sitting at a table, sensory bouncing


Yoga mat - this one is thicker for more cushion on hard flooring


Punching bag - so fun to make a game out of this equipment


Wobble board for balance practice:


Balloons! Because they are fun! Lots of games you can play


Weighted hoops - these are just fun!


Plastic stepping stones - great for playing “the floor is lava” or an obstacle course (can you tell by now I am a fan of making an obstacle course?)


Wobble disk - one of the best toys to make fitness fun and getting sensory input


Activity dice: makes time go by fast when at dr appts.