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Season 2 Episode 31 - Carson Loftin

This episode we interview 3rd Generation Driver Carson Loftin after putting on a remarkable rooking year in the SMART Modified Tour

Carson is 15 years old came from Outlaw Karts at Millbridge Speedway Speedway dabbled in Bandoleros for Winter Heat at Charlotte Motor Speedway to hopping in a 602 Mod at the age of 13 clicking off a couple wins and a championship at Caraway Speedway his rookie year

He hopped into a Smart Mod for 2023 having a great year finishing 3rd in the overall standings in his rookie year while having solid finishes and his almost win and clinic at South Boston Speedway.

Carson comes from a racing family, with his grandfather Bobby Loftin and father Brian Loftin distilling racing into him the grind of racing from late nights in the shop to the long days at the track teaching him how to work on Modifieds and maintaining them how to be smooth behind the wheel and to keep working on his craft to be the best he can be on and off the track.

Carson is a 50/50 guy on racing surfaces loves sliding around on the no grip tracks but loves the repaved tracks like South Boston and such other tracks that had grip all the way around. Carson competed in the reopen of North Wilkesboro Speedway putting on a show in the 602 mods with many other competitors that night for the 2 night event

Kid grinds in and out of the shop, has a work ethic you don't see in the younger generation now of days and puts his time in and then some into the sport we love of short track racing

Thank you Carson for coming on and sharing your story !

Taco Bells and Bowman Gray 🏁