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Unemployment remains near record lows, wage growth is high

August 03, 2022 00:11 - 3 minutes - 3.42 MB

Nau mai, hoki mai ki te purongo o te Poututanga. Ko Mani Dunlop tenei. After what seems like endless storms, destruction and weather warnings a long term plan to tackle climate change has today been released. We'll talk to the Minister James Shaw

Arts with Julia Waite: Barbara Tuck and William Harding

August 02, 2022 23:45 - 12 minutes - 11.3 MB

Arts commentator Julia Waite joins Susie to talk about senior painter Barbara Tuck's show Delirium Crossing and 1800s photographer William Harding's exhibition Between Skin and Shirt, which is on now at the National Library. Julia Waite is Curator, New Zealand Art at the Auckland Art Gallery.

What a load of bull!

August 02, 2022 23:27 - 13 minutes - 12.3 MB

Photographer Amanda King grew up a city girl in Brisbane but life changed dramatically when she met her kiwi farmer husband, while on her OE. They pair now farm in Hororata, about an hour west of Christchurch. Photography started off as a favourite hobby - but then she took a stunning shot of a highland cow which she made into a large wall print for her own living room. Friends started requesting similar pieces, word of mouth spread, then the Facebook page, and finally her business, By T...

Unemployment edges up to 3.3%

August 02, 2022 22:55 - 4 minutes - 4.02 MB

Stats NZ reports unemployment rose to 3.3 percent from 3.2 percent, against expectations. Wages rose at an annual rate of 3.4 percent, the highest in more than a decade.

Book review: Bootstrap by Georgina Young

August 02, 2022 22:35 - 4 minutes - 4.11 MB

Luke Finnegan reviews Bootstrap by Georgina Young, published by Text Publishing.

Shifting concepts of the disabled body: Chloé Cooper Jones

August 02, 2022 22:07 - 29 minutes - 27.2 MB

Philosophy professor and Pulitzer-nominated writer Chloé Cooper Jones's new memoir confronts a topic she's never written about before: her own experience of disability. She was born with sacral agenesis, a rare birth defect involving abnormal development of the spine. The condition causes her near-constant physical pain, affects the size and shape of her body and the way she walks. Chloé Cooper Jones says that even though it is the lens through which the world sees her, she had never wan...

Australia: Indigenous Voice referendum, gas exports

August 02, 2022 21:50 - 7 minutes - 7.23 MB

Australia correspondent Bernard Keane joins Susie to talk about Prime Minister's Anthony Albanese's support for a referendum on how to give indigenous Australians a voice in Parliament. He'll also look at moves to curb gas exports amid a domestic shortfall and skyrocketing prices, and from spy to sparkie - the mystery of the Somerton Man appears to have been solved.

Top LA architect on housing the vulnerable and curbing sprawl

August 02, 2022 21:35 - 16 minutes - 15.3 MB

Award-winning LA architect Michael Maltzen talks with Susie Ferguson about the challenges his work tackles including homelessness, city sprawl, housing affordability and building faster and better housing. He's in New Zealand later this month for the Te Kahui Whaihanga New Zealand Institute of Architects conference.

Justice delayed is justice denied

August 02, 2022 21:20 - 12 minutes - 11.6 MB

There are concerns that victims might pull the plug on their cases or stop reporting crime altogether as the wheels of justice grind ever so slowly. The Covid pandemic has intensified the strain on the court system creating lengthy delays. It's taking well over two years for some jury trials to reach court, while other hearings are being repeatedly postponed and re-scheduled. New sexual violence legislation due at the end of the year which will allow complainants to pre-record their cros...

Golden games for veteran cyclist Aaron Gate

August 02, 2022 21:11 - 9 minutes - 8.43 MB

It's been a stellar Commonwealth Games for the kiwi cycling team in Birmingham. Veteran rider Aaron Gate is one of those basking in the success. He joined the triple golden club yesterday alongside women's cyclist Elesse Andrews, taking out gold in the team pursuit and individual pursuit and then the men's 40 kilometre points race. The 31-year old has competed in several Olympic and Commonwealth Games - he speaks to Susie about how Birmingham compares.

Pole vaulter Imogen Ayris: "I have dreamed about this moment"

August 02, 2022 21:07 - 4 minutes - 4.19 MB

Imogen Ayris has won bronze in the women's pole vault in Birmingham - New Zealand's first athletics medal. The 21-year-old from Auckland produced a highest vault of 4.45m to finish third. Her team mate and training partner Olivia McTaggart just missed out, placing fourth. Imogen told Susie Ferguson she has dreamed about this moment for years.

9am RNZ Pacific news bulletin Wednesday August 3 2022

August 02, 2022 21:00 - 10 minutes - 9.26 MB

The latest news bulletin from RNZ Pacific.

Compromises coming for business, cyclists in Wellington

August 02, 2022 20:56 - 3 minutes - 2.9 MB

Wellington cyclists say they're taking their lives in their hands riding around the Botanic Gardens - but there are fears a cycleway will be terrible for business. The Wellington City Council has held a hearing to get the view of cyclists and residents about plans for a proposed cycleway connecting the gardens with the CBD But they're warning both sides, compromises will have to be made. Wellington Issues reporter Kirsty Frame has been at the hearing.

Auckland mayoral candidate wants to open abandoned tunnels

August 02, 2022 20:53 - 4 minutes - 3.9 MB

The words "abandoned underground tunnel" aren't often associated with "iconic landmark and tourist attraction". Auckland mayoral candidate Viv Beck promises to change that. She wants to turn abandoned WWII air raid shelters into something unique to Auckland, starting with a 600-metre walking and cycling connection between the central city and Parnell. She spoke to Corin Dann.

Earth records fastest rotation

August 02, 2022 20:47 - 4 minutes - 4.23 MB

Smashing a PB is always satisfying, and on July 29 the Earth recorded its own personal best time for a single rotation. It's not a record most people would have noticed - the day was just 1.59 milliseconds short of the usual 24 hours. So is the world speeding up? University of Auckland astrophysicist Dr Jan Elrdridge spoke to Guyon Espiner.

Third monkeypox case found in NZ

August 02, 2022 20:42 - 2 minutes - 2.43 MB

New Zealand has its third monkeypox case, isolating in the South Island. After two years of Covid-19 are we more prepared to manage this virus - or has pandemic fatigue got the better of us? Otago University Professor of biochemistry Dr Kurt Krause spoke to Corin Dann.

DHBs weren't consulted about fast track residencies

August 02, 2022 20:38 - 4 minutes - 4.34 MB

District Health Boards around the country were never directly consulted about whether international nurses should be left off the list for super fast residency visas. The government has repeatedly said it consulted with the health sector, including district health boards, over the decision not to include nurses in the 'green list' But in documents revealed to our immigration reporter Gill Bonnett , that appears not to be the case.  Immigration reporter Gill Bonnett has been looking into ...

Tourism industry still struggling to find enough staff

August 02, 2022 20:29 - 3 minutes - 3.34 MB

The tourism industry is scrambling to find enough staff before the expected influx of tourists this summer. It's estimated that one in four tourism jobs or 90,000 roles, were cut in the first 12 months of the pandemic. While thousands of working holiday visa holders have been approved, most have yet to touch down in Aotearoa. Tourism reporter Tess Brunton has more.

Markets Update for 3 August 2022

August 02, 2022 20:29 - 1 minute - 1.1 MB

A brief update of movements in the financial sector for 3 August 2022

Security expert on Al Qaeda leader death

August 02, 2022 20:21 - 4 minutes - 3.71 MB

The US Government says the Taliban has grossly violated the agreement reached between the two countries ahead of its withdrawal last year, by sheltering the leader of terror group Al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahri in Kabul. Al-Zawahri, who was one of the masterminds of the 2001September 11 terror attacks, was killed in an American drone strike at the weekend, while standing on a balcony. The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, says it's a violation of the agreement struck between the Taliban ...

Former celebration member calls ritual damaging

August 02, 2022 20:15 - 4 minutes - 4.04 MB

A former member of the Celebration Centre who was involved in exorcisms says the practice is extremely damaging. Former Celebration members have accused the church of manipulation and exploitation, but say deliverance - the Pentecostal equivalent of exorcism - is the most harmful. Canberra-based Russell Kirkpatrick was involved with the church for many years. He spoke to Guyon Espiner.

Thames looking at climate change moves

August 02, 2022 20:10 - 4 minutes - 4.09 MB

The Government will today reveal its National Adaptation Plan, which will feature ideas on how to move communities which are vulnerable to the full impact of climate change. Thames-Coromandel District Council asset and planning manager Amon Martin says it's possible people in Thames will have to move within the next four decades. He spoke to Guyon Espiner.

Sports News for 3 August 2022

August 02, 2022 20:06 - 2 minutes - 2.18 MB

21-year-old Imogen Ayris (air-riss) is New Zealand's latest medal winner at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, taking bronze in the women's pole vault.

8am RNZ Pacific news bulletin Wednesday August 3 2022

August 02, 2022 20:00 - 10 minutes - 9.42 MB

The latest news bulletin from RNZ Pacific.

Burnouts performed across graves in Cambridge

August 02, 2022 19:55 - 2 minutes - 2.77 MB

Police are still searching for a people involved after a 'vile' attack on a cemetary near Cambridge.  On Monday night cars drove into Hautapu Cemetery and did burnouts across recently buried graves, tearing up the grass  The Waipā District Council says it is distraught to see the damage and labled it absolutely unacceptable.  Waipā deputy mayor Liz Stolwyck spoke to Corin Dann.  

Prison riots often follow empty promise - expert

August 02, 2022 19:53 - 2 minutes - 2.66 MB

An expert on prison violence says it's often sparked when something prisoners are promised later doesn't happen. Six teenage prisoners ended their 24-hour protest on the roof of Hawke's Bay Regional Prison early yesterday afternoon. A review is underway, but the Corrections Department's chief custodial officer Neil Beales told RNZ it may have been sparked by the withdrawal of access to a sports area. Clinical psychologist Dr Armon Tamatea, who's running a project on understanding and red...

Christopher Luxon blasts Cost of Living Payments roll out

August 02, 2022 19:45 - 7 minutes - 6.71 MB

The National Party leader Christopher Luxon says the Cost of Living payment is a shambles. The first of three payments was made to people this week, including to some New Zealanders living overseas.  The Prime Minister has said it isn't worth chasing those people to get it back. But Christopher Luxon told Morning Report the payment roll-out was an 'absolute joke'. National is proposing tax cuts to increase household income.  

Unemployment expected to hit record low

August 02, 2022 19:43 - 4 minutes - 4.48 MB

An economist says low unemployment rates appear largely positive on the surface but is likely to cause financial headaches, especially for small businesses. Unemployment is expected to hit a record low when the official numbers are released this morning. ANZ economist, Finn Robinson, told Morning Report that falling unemployment can cause problems if wage growth is well ahead of productivity growth. He says often this leaves businesses with no choice but to pass the increased wage costs ...

Shoppers skipping supermarkets in favour of independents

August 02, 2022 19:43 - 3 minutes - 3.06 MB

Some shoppers are already turning their back on the big two supermarket chains - well before new moves aimed at reducing the hold they have. A Commerce Commission report revealed in May that Foodstuffs and Woolworths are earning a million dollars in excess profits a day. In response, the government's setting up an industry watchdog later this year but some shoppers have run out of patience. Tessa Guest reports.

News in Tongan for 3 August 2022

August 02, 2022 19:40 - 5 minutes - 5.18 MB

The latest news in Tongan language (Lea Faka-Tonga) - brought to you by our partner - Pacific Media Network.

12 Mihingarangi Forbes & Annabelle Lee-Mather | A Question of Trust

August 02, 2022 19:36 - 53 minutes - 74 MB

An expose into Te Kohanga Reo Trust by Mihingarangi Forbes and Annabelle Lee-Mather led to their acrimonious exit from Māori Television. The duo bounced back to form an award-winning media company bringing indigenous storytelling to mainstream audiences.

Communities set to be abandoned as climate change bites

August 02, 2022 19:30 - 3 minutes - 3.6 MB

Some communities may be abandoned as climate change results in more intense storms and flooding. The Government will today release the first national strategy for dealing with the inevitable effects of global heating. It will include plans for the next six years what's called "managed retreat" - moving communities out of harms way. Climate Reporter Hamish Cardwell has more.

Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan

August 02, 2022 19:24 - 5 minutes - 4.87 MB

The US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has landed in Taiwan, despite warnings by China. Pelosi is on a tour of Asia, and while Taiwan is not an official stop on the tour, she had been widely expected to visit during her trip to the region. It's the first such visit in 25 years China's Foreign Ministry had warned against such a visit. Washington correspondent Simon Marks has been following developments.

'Deliverance' ritual at Celebration Church under spotlight

August 02, 2022 19:18 - 4 minutes - 4.35 MB

A controversial Christchurch church accused of being "toxic" "hurtful" and "extreme" is facing further accusations. Ex-members have independently contacted RNZ saying they were traumatised by the the church's so-called deliverance rituals, similar to exorcisms. Sam Olley reports:

Ex Celebration Church members criticise 'deliverance' ritual

August 02, 2022 19:18 - 4 minutes - 4.35 MB

A controversial Christchurch church accused of being "toxic" "hurtful" and "extreme" is facing further accusations. Ex-members have independently contacted RNZ saying they were traumatised by the the church's so-called deliverance rituals, similar to exorcisms. Sam Olley reports:

Property values have highest quarterly fall since GFC

August 02, 2022 19:12 - 4 minutes - 4.34 MB

Property values dropped by 2.5 percent over the past three months, the largest quarterly fall since the Global Financial Crisis. Last month alone values dropped 0.9 percent. In Wellington, the new CoreLogic figures from their House Price Index show a year on year drop in house prices, the first drop in a decade. CoreLogic head of research Nick Goodall spoke to Corin Dann.

Property values dropping fast

August 02, 2022 19:09 - 3 minutes - 3.18 MB

New house price data out today shows property values are falling at the fastest pace since the global financial crisis 14 years ago. CoreLogic figures show house prices fell 2.5 percent in the past three months, the largest quarterly fall since October 2008. It's a big drop but nowhere near enough to fix the housing affordability crisis with the average house price at $1 million. Jean Edwards reports.

7am RNZ Pacific news bulletin Wednesday August 3 2022

August 02, 2022 19:00 - 9 minutes - 8.77 MB

The latest news bulletin from RNZ Pacific.

Business News for 3 August 2022

August 02, 2022 18:54 - 5 minutes - 5.33 MB

News from the business sector, including a market report for 3 August 2022

News in Niuean for 3 August 2022

August 02, 2022 18:52 - 4 minutes - 4.14 MB

The latest news in Niuean language (Vagahau Niue) - brought to you by our partner - Pacific Media Network.

Birmingham track and field update

August 02, 2022 18:50 - 2 minutes - 2.33 MB

New Zealand track and field athletes Olivia McTaggart and Imogen Ayris are competing in the women's Commonwealth Games pole vault. McTaggart had been tipped as a medal chance before the Games got underway. Reporter Bridget Tunnicliffe spoke to Guyon Espiner.

Gale force winds close ski fields

August 02, 2022 18:44 - 1 minute - 1.04 MB

Gale force winds closed South Island ski fields, including Cardrona and Coronet Peak, yesterday. The wild weather may have brought an unexpected windfall however - a fresh dump of snow. Cardrona Alpine Resort general manager Laura Headley spoke to Corin Dann.

Wellington, South Island hit by strong winds overnight

August 02, 2022 18:42 - 44 seconds - 719 KB

It was a blustery night for the capital with gusts up to 120 kilometres per hour. It's the same story for much of the rest of the country with strong wind watches stretching most of the South Island. Nelson Lakes and Buller are also under a heavy rain warning, as the wild weather continues. The strong gusts felled trees and closed ski fields yesterday, with more disruptions likely today. MetService's Hordur Thordarson spoke to Guyon Espiner.

News in Samoan for 3 August 2022

August 02, 2022 18:40 - 8 minutes - 7.93 MB

The latest news in Samoan language (Gagana Samoa).

Early Sports News for 3 August 2022

August 02, 2022 18:40 - 2 minutes - 2.55 MB

A brief update from the RNZ sports team for 3 August 2022

First Up - The Podcast, Wednesday 3 August

August 02, 2022 18:30 - 47 minutes - 65.2 MB

On today's First Up pod - we have the latest on our Commonwealth Games competitors; former National swimming coach Mark Bone explains why our elite athletes feel unsupported by the current funding system and we speak to journalist, poet and author Mohamed Hassan about dealing with the stigma that Muslim people still face in this country. First Up - Voice of the Nathan!

Anton Cooper out of Commonwealth Games due to Covid-19

August 02, 2022 18:28 - 2 minutes - 2.7 MB

One of New Zealand's mountain biking medal hopes, Anton Cooper, has had to withdraw after testing positive for Covid-19. Cooper has two Commonwealth medals to his name already - a Gold at the 2014 Glasgow Games, and Silver on the Gold Coast in 2018. The New Zealand chef de mission, Nigel Avery, says Cooper is gutted to have to pull out. Avery says overall though, there has been a really positive atmosphere amongst the New Zealand team in the athlete villages.

Morning Rural News for 3 August 2022

August 02, 2022 18:28 - 3 minutes - 3.66 MB

News from the rural and farming sector for 3 August 2022

Quiet day at Commonwealth Games

August 02, 2022 18:25 - 2 minutes - 2.55 MB

It's been a quieter day for the New Zealand team at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham overnight, with the women's lawn bowls fours winning the sole medal of the day so far - a bronze.

Early Business News for 3 August 2022

August 02, 2022 18:20 - 1 minute - 1.73 MB

A brief update from the business sector for 3 August 2022

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