Maybe you’ve wanted to use Pinterest in your business, or you’re on it already and you want to know how to really maximize its results, but you’re not even sure where to start?

You may have heard that Pinterest takes a lot of time or that it may not be a fit for you, but today’s guest is here to dispel the common Pinterest myths and share her expertise on how you can absolutely crush it using this platform!

Rachel Ngom is a former Big Ten volleyball player turned entrepreneur and a Pinterest strategist for female entrepreneurs who are sick of struggling on Facebook & Instagram and want to automate their traffic and get more leads on autopilot. In fact, she used Pinterest to increase my blog traffic by 34,000/month…for free!

Rachel shares her strategy for using Pinterest boards, and one piece of advice that is so valuable it’s worth listening to this episode along (you watch for that nugget at about 15:07 of the interview)!

She reveals why she teaches about keywords above everything else, and which analytics and metrics to follow, why a call to action is key and what makes a compelling one. You’re also going to hear the biggest mistakes that Pinterest users are making, and a whole lot more.

This episode is packed with so much value and expertise on Pinterest that it can literally change your business!

Some of the tools and resources Rachel mentions in this episode are:

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