When you hear the name Max Lucado, what comes to mind for you?

Max Lucado is best known as a pastor, speaker, best-selling inspirational author, and, in many Christian families, he’s a household name.

His books are written for everyone—especially those who are hurting, lonely, and discouraged. In his writing, he constantly points his readers back to the truth: that God loves you and you should let Him love you. 

Max is also an author of children’s books, several of which are favorites around here. 😊

Sarah invited him to Read-Aloud Revival to discuss his newest picture book, Just in Case You Ever Feel Alone, illustrated by Eve Tharlet. It’s a cozy, gentle book, perfect for snuggling up and sharing with your kiddos.

How are stories uniquely positioned to help readers feel seen and understood? Which books did Max Lucado love as a child? And what does he hope his books will do in the lives of his readers, young and old? We dig into all of it.

Listen in to hear: 

The power of stories to meet people where they are and touch their heartsWhy Max Lucado wanted to write a book about lonelinessHow reading with your kids builds their sense of comfort and safety

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