Season 2, Episode 30:

Hey Everyone, today I talk about the American history of Thanksgiving and how its myth perpetrates racism. Remember that land treaties are not being protected. Remember that indigenous woman are still going missing and being murdered. Remember the history of US settler colonialism and eugenics.

Please note, I laugh when I feel frustrated, awkward or I struggle to articulate myself.
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Racist apartheid architect: P.W Botha
South African literature genre: Plaasroman
To clarify: the end of apartheid benefits white South Africans as they are no longer economically and socially excluded from the world, while still being able to maintain their wealth and not be tried for any apartheid crimes they or their relatives may have committed. Equality will always feel like oppression to people who are accustomed to privilege (paraphasing Franklin Leonard). Another article talking about the myth of Thanksgiving:
Also this is not clear in the episode but Native Americans also experience disproportionate police killings and brutality and experience the highest rate of police killings. Something I wanted to add quickly but should be addressed more fully in a separate episode is gun culture and mass shootings could be another sign of and aspect of USA's sociopathic culture. America has the highest amount of serial killers in the world and in my brief search, I could not determine if this included colonizers as well, though I doubt it.

For further reading:

"Carceal Capitalism" by Jackie Wang

I also shared what I feel grateful for to not boast or contradict my message. Rather to share as a good practice of gratitude and to suggest that we shouldn't have to wait for this one holiday to express gratitude or eat good and if we must, we should at least spend some of the day recognizing Indigenous people.

Thank you to Jas for introducing me to the American Indian Community House. If you are looking for somewhere to donate, here it is!

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