"Men who wear the Air Force blue bring you A Serenade in Blue. To encourage civilians to join the Air Force. The US Air Force created this well-done musical program. Each Serenade in Blue program was written, produced, performed by men in blue. It featured three top-notch Air Force bands: The Air Force Strings, Symphony in Blue, and the big band sound of Airmen of Note (which was originally started by Glenn Miller during WWII). Earlier 1950s - 1960s programs include The Air Force Symphony Orchestra and The Singing Sergeants, Col George S. Howard commander. (Photo). This program was recorded around 1963 at the USAF Band radio recording unit at Bolling Air Force Base where wild tracks were recorded featuring components of the USAF Band. Wild tracks of music, production themes and announcer voice track were loaded on individual AMPEX 350 tape decks and mixed down to create a fifteen minute audio recording which was sent to USAF recruiting in New York City for duplication on 12 inch vinyl record transcriptions which were mailed to practically every radio station in the country. --- Notes by R A Campbell, this podcast/blog editor and former USAF Band radio unit producer/announcer.