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Join Nazreen on her thesis writing journey. 

This barely reflects the voices in her head, but it is a start.


1 in 7 Singaporeans has experienced a mood or anxiety disorder in their lives (Institute of Mental Health, 2018) 

Arts and Culture Strategic Review (National Arts Council, 2012)

51% of all Singaporeans aged 16+ own a subscription to Netflix, an entertainment steaming service with films and TV series in its catalogue. Other streaming sites such as Singtel Go and Starhub Go are tied at 13% each (Sinema,sg, 2021).

In economic terms, mental disorders cost Singaporean society approximately S$1.7 billion dollars a year. (Abdin et al, 2021) 

Abdin, E., Chong, S. A., Ragu, V., Vaingankar, J. A., Shafie, S., Verma, S., Ganesan, G., Tan, K. B., Heng, D., & Subramaniam, M. (2021). The economic burden of mental disorders among adults in Singapore: Evidence from the 2016 Singapore Mental Health Study. Journal of Mental Health, 1–8.