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The Pursuit Podcast offers advice and new perspectives on getting things done in tech through half hour conversations with tech's great thinkers each week. Want to learn to code? Land that great new job? Learn about how to manage your new reports? We've got you covered. This weekly podcast and carefully curated resources aims to leave you inspired and prepared to tackle that cool new thing.

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Building Class Central: Dhawal Shah

March 23, 2020 14:38 - 27 minutes - 31.9 MB

Ever wonder what it's like building remote teams of folks who have never worked in the position you're offering them on your team? Dhawal Shah joins us to talk about what it's like running a portal on online education with a creative approach to hiring and management.

Revisiting Dev.to: Jess Lee

November 26, 2019 18:20 - 21 minutes - 29.3 MB

We're taking a moment out of season 2 to return to one of our most popular episodes of season 1. We're joined by Jess Lee to look at what's been happening with the Dev.to team and community since we chatted to them last year.

Founding Your Own Thing: Kemdi Ebi

October 01, 2019 15:21 - 25 minutes - 34.6 MB

What if you're someplace that doesn't have the perfect tech job for you? Kemdi Ebi had an idea, saw a business opportunity and made his own dream job. Through Versus Africa Kemdi built a successful startup focused on supplying the world with African market intelligence. He joins us to talk startups, goals and more.

Finding Remote Work: Moyinoluwa Adeyemi

August 13, 2019 10:45 - 26 minutes - 35.8 MB

Finding a remote job can be a massive challenge. Android developer Moyinoluwa Adeyemi joins us to talk about the challenges that many looking for remote work will encounter, with a deeper look at challenges technologists in Nigeria face. She offers practical, structured advice on how to land a remote job from Lagos that should be helpful for devs around the world. She also gives us some insight into why companies should be looking to hire Nigerian technical talent and how they might get star...

GDPR and Data Privacy: Gilbert Hill

August 06, 2019 10:15 - 33 minutes - 45.5 MB

After last week's episode on data breaches, we probably scared you enough about protecting your users' data against bad actors. We're going to try and help you better understand your day to day responsibilities for user data in the context of GDPR, Europe's data privacy regulations. TapMyData's Gilbert Hill joins us to talk about what GDPR is, what you need to do to stay compliant and how to exercise your own rights as users.

Data breaches, Capital One and Security: Faster than Light

August 01, 2019 23:25 - 31 minutes - 43.7 MB

We're bringing you a bonus episode fresh from the headlines. Elissa Shevinsky and Brett Thomas from theFasterThanLight.dev security startup join us to talk about breaches from the basics to the aftermath. We talk passwords, user security, what may have happened in the Capital One breach and more. They offer targeted advice for how to approach data security, presenting us with guidance for early stage startups, well funded corps and individual developers wanting to learn more.

Software Testing: Richard Bradshaw

July 16, 2019 12:41 - 32 minutes - 37.4 MB

If you're writing code of any kind, you're probably already aware that there should be some testing involved. This week the Ministry of Test's Richard Bradshaw joins us to talk about embedding testing into your software development, the roles open to folks interested in testing and the future of how we test what we build.

Rooki Design: Edoardo Rainoldi

June 18, 2019 13:33 - 25 minutes - 35.7 MB

What would a resource for junior designers look like if it were rendered as a beautiful online magazine? Edoardo Rainoldi was unsatisfied with the resources for budding developers and created rooki.design to find out. Interviews, tutorials and more make up this beautiful weekly-ish new publication. We'll learn more about this work, the future for Rooki and his advice for junior designers and for those looking to support them.

Mental Health in Tech: Julia Nguyen

June 04, 2019 08:45 - 32 minutes - 44.8 MB

How do we talk about, treat and work with mental illness within the tech industry. Julia Nguyen joins us to talk about her personal experience, offering both valuable insights into her journey and advice for those who may be working to manage their own mental health. While this episode will be looking at mental health in technology, the advice offered here is not intended to replace medical advice. Please seek appropriate support if you think you may be facing a mental health issue.

Mindful Design: Scott Riley

April 30, 2019 10:57 - 28 minutes - 32.1 MB

Are you working with designers as part of your daily life? Or you're a designer yourself? Or perhaps you're interested in getting into working in design? Today's guest Scott Riley is joining us to talk in detail about what it means to design for the diverse needs of a global user base. Scott will be talking to us about design, his new book and his approach to life in general.

Design Communities: Namnso Ukpanah

March 05, 2019 11:19 - 28 minutes - 32.5 MB

Looking to get into working with design or looking to level up your design skills? It can be rough out there to go it along. We're joined by design advocate and organizer of Figma Africa to learn more about the value of being part of a design community.

Juniors in Tech: Keziyah Lewis

February 12, 2019 11:39 - 26 minutes - 30.7 MB

Working in tech can be hard, but for folks just starting out the challenges are often compounded. How do you build a network? What advice can you trust? Keziyah Lewis joins us to talk about the challenges of being a junior technologist and the community she built to help them out. Check out juniorsintech.com to learn more

Contributing to Open Source: VM Brasseur

October 18, 2018 16:50 - 28 minutes - 33 MB

VM Brasseur is an international keynote speaker, renowned technologist and author of the newly released 'Forge Your Future With Open Source' joins us to talk about how open source can help you grow and grow into your career.

Techtonica: Michelle Glauser

September 25, 2018 14:22 - 30 minutes - 35.1 MB

After a long holiday break, we're joined by Michelle Glauser to talk about her project to take involved, ethically responsible steps to help women and nonbinary folks in the bay area move into software engineering roles. Techtonica offers six month, full time engineering apprenticeships to low income learners with a living stipend and laptop provided. We'll hear about what they've accomplished, what's next and how you can help.

Vue: Sarah Drasner

August 27, 2018 17:59 - 34 minutes - 39.5 MB

International speaker, writer and renowned technologist Sarah Drasner joins us to talk about Vue, picking a JavaScript framework and how to balance doing everything, all at once.

Hacking 101: Ian Coldwater

August 14, 2018 16:10 - 28 minutes - 32.7 MB

What is ethical hacking? And how can you best get started with it without risking it all? Ian Coldwater joins us to talk about hacking, hacker culture, capture the flag and more.

Online Communities: Ben Halpern

August 08, 2018 08:43 - 28 minutes - 33 MB

Ben Halpern knows a lot about founding and growing online communities responsibly. He joins us to share his knowledge and experience from turning a popular Twitter handle into the Dev.to online community platform.

Celebrating Contributions: Katie McLaughlin

August 02, 2018 08:04 - 33 minutes - 38.4 MB

For most open source projects to survive and thrive it takes contributions beyond just code. SRE, emoji maven and keeper of many hats Katie McLaughlin joins us to share how you can make acknowledgement of contributions part of your workflow. We also talk party parrots, emoji politics and ghosts in your machine.

Grumpy PHP: Chris Hartjes

July 27, 2018 10:45 - 33 minutes - 38.9 MB

Mozilla's Chris Hartjes joins us to talk about testing, language snobbery, PHP and what life is like as a (lovable) tech grump.

Serverless: Anthony Stanley

July 24, 2018 08:31 - 27 minutes - 30.9 MB

Serverless can't possibly mean there are no servers, right? Anthony Stanley joins us to unpick the unmagical magic of serverless and help us discover just who the hell Jeff is.

Learning Functional Programming: Abby Sassel

July 19, 2018 09:19 - 27 minutes - 32 MB

This week Clojurian and functional programming expert Abby Sassel joins us to teach you all about the joys of functional programming and point you at resources to learn yourself.

Working with Functional Programming: John Stevenson

July 17, 2018 14:39 - 32 minutes - 37.7 MB

Wondering what functional programming is all about? Or just how to get paid for doing it? Clojurian and tech lead John Stevenson joins us to talk all about functional programming and work.

Justice Algorithms: Priscilla Guo

July 12, 2018 13:00 - 26 minutes - 30.2 MB

Algorithms are used across the American justice system as sentencing aids. As an undergraduate at Harvard Priscilla Guo examined the use of these algorithms, making stunning findings on their makeup and use. 

Go and Learning in Tech: Ashley McNamara

July 09, 2018 09:27 - 33 minutes - 38.4 MB

Microsoft's Ashley McNamara joins us to talk about Go, adorable mascots, approaches to learning in tech and children's programming books. 

Angel Investment and Pipeline Angels: Karla Fraguada

July 05, 2018 09:42 - 29 minutes - 33.3 MB

Finding angel investment can be a mission for early stage startups. But what should you do if you want to be one of the investors? Karla Fraguada joins us to give tips on getting into angel investment and how to best pitch your project to angels. She also offers a guided tour of the Pipeline Angels program, designed to help women and femme nonbinary folks enter angel investment.

Tech For Extended Spaceflight: Rochelle Velho

July 03, 2018 18:30 - 34 minutes - 39.1 MB

Humans have the will and desire for far space flight. But our fragile, fleshy bodies need technology to help us survive the journey. Rochelle Velho Academic Clinical Fellow in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine moonlights as a researcher into the medical technology we'll need to bring with us for the journey to Mars.

Remote Work: Katie Fenn

June 28, 2018 14:54 - 33 minutes - 38.2 MB

Web developer Katie Fenn joins us to look at how remote working is structured across the team bringing npm to the world. We discuss what you need to be a successful remote worker and what employers need to provide for great remote working experiences.

Operation Code: Conrad Hollomon

June 26, 2018 08:43 - 26 minutes - 30.3 MB

Operation Code is a nonprofit focused on helping veterans and military spouses transition into meaningful work in technology. Conrad Hollomon joins us to talk about the program, it's challenges and to look at ways the tech industry could better reach out to this pool of valuable talent.

Animation and Relocation: Rachel Nabors

June 21, 2018 09:02 - 31 minutes - 35.6 MB

Web animation specialist Rachel Nabors joins us to talk about the rules for getting started with animation for the web and sneaks in some valuable tips on international relocation, picked up through her recent move to Amsterdam.

Getting Paid for Open Source: Ola Gasidlo

June 19, 2018 09:22 - 30 minutes - 35.2 MB

Mozilla's Ola Gasidlo joins us to talk about her career path, offering tips and tricks for how you might be able to grow and leverage your skills to find sustainable paid work in open source.

Negotiation: Gloria Kimbwala and Amy Codes

June 14, 2018 09:20 - 36 minutes - 42 MB

Negotiations let you get more out of that new job offer, raise or the promotion you've been angling for. But they can be difficult to navigate. Join Amy and Gloria for an episode packed with practical advice you can start applying to your negotiations.

KamiLimu Mentoring: Dr Chao Mbogho

June 12, 2018 08:26 - 28 minutes - 32.8 MB

Through her work in academia Dr. Mbogho noticed vital skills being absent from computer science curricula. She founded KamiLimu, a six month structured mentorship program for students in Nairobi. Dr. Mbogho joins us to talk about the program and the skills new technologists need to best compete in the global tech industry.

Empathy in Tech: Naomi Freeman & Coraline Ada Ehmke

June 07, 2018 08:19 - 27 minutes - 31.6 MB

Some of the most persistent problems in tech are human issues. Coraline Ada Ehmke and Naomi Freeman took a break from writing their upcoming book The Compassionate Coder to speak to us about empathy in technology.

Scotland JS, CSS and Global Diversity CFP: Peter Aitken

June 05, 2018 07:44 - 26 minutes - 30.9 MB

We're joined by founder of the Scotland JS and Scotland CSS conferences to talk about what it takes to run big scale events and how to source speakers. As a part of sourcing speakers for his events, Peter started a global speaker training and outreach program designed to help underrepresented minorities from across technology get on stage and share their ideas with the world.

When Funding Doesn't Come in: Carl Martin

May 29, 2018 07:19 - 26 minutes - 30.4 MB

Carl Martin left a lucrative role and life in NYC to come back to the UK and build a beautiful, user centered alternative to LinkedIn. He built first a prototype and with help built a product that a core of users love. But the seed and VC funding needed to help PingApp never developed, leaving Carl to make tough choices on his future and the future of Ping.

CS Education Pathways: Joe Nash

May 23, 2018 00:12 - 31 minutes - 36.2 MB

-For those just starting on their computer science journey, there are more options than ever. Traditional degrees, apprenticeships, bootcamps and self teaching are all routes for beginners into meaningful work in technology. Github's Joe Nash joins us to look at these different options, as well as education for mid-career and senior technologists.

Funding and the Law: Anthony Rose

May 15, 2018 11:29 - 32 minutes - 37.3 MB

Raising funding for your startup can be stressful and confusing. Anthony Rose from SeedLegals joins us to look at what you need to know about the legal side of funding. Anthony details the terms and processes you need to know before signing anything as well as showing off how his own startup can streamline the legal processes.

Funding with Grants: Danielle Robinson

May 08, 2018 12:30 - 25 minutes - 29.7 MB

As part of our month's look at funding routes, we welcome guest Danielle Robinson to look at how grants can help fund your project of company. We look at how grants have enabled Code For Society to fun open source projects and build their own products. Best suited to help fund projects for social good, grants can offer a valuable funding stream for growing projects.

Funding Personably: Katerina Pascoulis

May 01, 2018 12:52 - 25 minutes - 34.4 MB

Working out where to get the money to get your startup built and launched can be a massive challenge. We're joined by Katerina Pascoulis, CEO of Personably to learn more about the paths they took to funding. With a journey covering almost every funding route imaginable, Personably shares valuable learnings for startups just getting started on their journey.

Returnships: Tricia Driver

April 24, 2018 08:49 - 28 minutes - 32.9 MB

Coming back into the tech industry from a career break can seem like a daunting task. Select companies like CapGemini have begun returnship programs, internship-like support programs aimed at getting talented technologists back into work. Tricia Driver joins us to teach us more about the structure of these programs and what those on a career break should look for when coming back. We also look at the value of these programs and how companies can leverage these for new talent and perspectives.

Compassionate Coding: April Wensel

April 17, 2018 09:27 - 33 minutes - 38.3 MB

What if the way we build software could be more focused on human needs? What if the way we build and run teams could be more sustainable and healthy? These are the questions April Wensel sought to answer in founding Compassionate Coding. She joins us to look at how tech could better to work to serve humans in an outside the industry.

Sextech Wearables: Janet Liberman and Dame Products

April 10, 2018 07:45 - 29 minutes - 33.6 MB

Dame Products set out to rethink how technology could enable sexual experiences in accessible, meaningful ways. The brainchild of a clinical psychologist and a mechanical engineer, Dame's offerings are wearable sextech built and tested in data driven, iterative ways. Co-founder and CTO Janet Liberman joins us to talk about their journey.

Get Started With Wearables: Rachel Konichiwakitty

April 03, 2018 08:07 - 25 minutes - 29.6 MB

Stem cell scientist Rachel "Konichiwakitty" Wong has a high tech, high fashion hobby. In this episode she'll take us through her passion for building her own fashionable wearable technology and helps walk us through how we might be able to take our first steps building our own wearable projects.

From self teaching code to work: Linh Nguyen My

March 27, 2018 07:48 - 25 minutes - 29.5 MB

We've had a lot of guests on to look at different aspects of learning to code, or learning new technical skills. But what happens when it's time to use these skills to get your first tech job? Software engineer Linh Nguyen My joins us to talk about selling your skills, the job hunt and keeping up hope.

Computer science basics & BaseCS: Vaidehi Joshi

March 20, 2018 10:15 - 27 minutes - 31.5 MB

In the rush to learn the technical skills needed to get into work, many of us skip the deeper understanding of what makes our work possible. Vaidehi Joshi is the founder of BaseCS, a collection of podcasts, writing and videos aimed to teach you what you fear you should already have known about computers and computer science.

Creativity, Learning and Glitch: Jenn Schiffer

March 13, 2018 11:29 - 33 minutes - 38.3 MB

This week's episode features Jenn Schiffer talking about the aesthetics and creative community of the Glitch platform. This online platform allows code newbies and experts to remix and share their web and node.js projects and invites meaningful community collaboration. Learn more about the value of creativity in tech education and exploration.

Makers, Guilds and Robots: Lucy Rogers

March 06, 2018 11:09 - 26 minutes - 30.6 MB

The Guild of Makers came out of an idea: what if there was a way for makers of all manner of physical objects could come together, share knowledge and professionalize their work building beautiful, useful, sometimes strange things. Lucy Rogers joins us to talk about the Guild of Makers as well as a look at some of her work as a host of Robot Wars.

Not Learning to Code: Kit Englard

February 27, 2018 10:47 - 23 minutes - 26.8 MB

For folks looking to enter the tech industry, learning to code is often presented as the one sure fire route in. But what happens when learning to code doesn't work out? We're joined by tech journalist and accessibility technology specialist Kit Englard to talk about her experiences. As a Deaflblind student Kit found materials and working practices in physics and programming poorly adapted for her needs. She went on to carve out her own space in the tech industry.

Bad Advice Crossover Special: Scott Hanselman

February 23, 2018 17:37 - 27 minutes - 31.6 MB

This episode is part of a cross over special with the Hanselminutes podcast. Scott Hanselman and Jessica Rose air some of the worst advice listeners have sent in and talk about bad advice in technology. To listen to the first half of this podcast, visit hanselminutes.com

CodeNewbies: Saron Yitbarek

February 20, 2018 12:07 - 29 minutes - 33.2 MB

For people learning to code, feeling alone on their learning journey can be one of the biggest challenges. Join Saron Yitbarek, the founder of the CodeNewbies community to learn about how emerging developers are getting together to support each other on their journey. Learn more about CodeNewbies, learning to code and creating your own supportive communities.


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