Today's show focuses on effective leadership -  looking ahead over the coming months on how coaches should consider approaching the uncertainty with their athletes. Coaches are leaders and there is plenty to draw from in this show.

Take note, coaches, and managers. It isn’t all a disaster! It is, however, time to step up and lead. You have tools at your disposal to help and it just takes a little dose of clarity, communication, planning, and leaning into your biggest assets you have: your athletes. Leaders? Same applies. It is time to plan, communicate, and lean into YOUR biggest assets - your employees. Yes, your team.

You have an important role to play, and here is a clue. It isn’t just about getting athletes ready to race. As a coach, your role expands beyond this. Your role is to help athletes navigate the uncertainty, stress, and turbulence. You should be delivering an approach that focuses on:

A great platform of health and resilience.

A release from the rigors and stressors of life.

A framework that can help focus, energy, and mood.

Help your athletes with a sense of purpose and direction.

Ensure they are connected and feel a part of something: It is tougher to navigate alone

If races do happen to emerge, then have them ready to perform.

So, yes, you have an important role. The journey of performance for your athletes doesn’t pause just because of all this happening. You still want them to IMPROVE and move forward.

This episode outlines the "How."

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