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Taxing ‘Junk Food’, Visiting Loved Ones, Work Flexibility Improves Cardiovascular Health

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English - November 21, 2023 05:00 - 19 minutes - 13.4 MB
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How effective is taxing junk food, why you should visit loved ones more, and how work flexibility can prevent cardiovascular disease. These are all questions that we explore in this episode of the Public Health Insight Podcast. Join us as we unravel these layers of public health, exploring the nuances that shape our well-being in unexpected ways.

Articles Covered

◼️ Why taxing ‘junk food’ to tackle obesity isn’t as simple as it seems (The Conversation)
◼️ People never visited by loved ones more likely to die earlier, study finds (The Guardian)
◼️ Increasing workplace flexibility associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease (Science Daily)

Podcast Hosts

◼️ Leshawn Benedict, MPH, MSc, PMP®
◼️ Gordon Thane, BMSc, MPH, PMP®

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