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Rob McElhenney Crashes Kaitlin Olson's Interview on WMMR

May 06, 2021 14:34 - 22 minutes - 10.2 MB

Of course he did. The Preston & Steve Show was mid-interview with Kaitlin Olsen, who was on to promote her new show, Hacks on HBO Max, when walks Rob walked into the room. A faint "what are you doing?" could be heard, and instead of explaining, she just handed him the phone. It was gold.  Thank you Kaitlin for generously sharing a few minutes of your interview so that your non-Emmy nominated husband could share dirt about getting Jimmy Kimmel drunk yesterday. We’ll all be watching YOUR new s...

Iron Man's Thirteenth Anniversary

May 03, 2021 14:37 - 18 minutes - 8.38 MB

The Preston & Steve Show discuss the importance of this movie to the MCU (and our lives in general)  See for privacy information.

The Machine movie announcement: Bert calls us from Serbia

April 14, 2021 17:13 - 19 minutes - 8.8 MB

It finally happened. Bert has been willing it for years, but the news finally broke yesterday that the The Machine is becoming a movie. The plot takes place 20 years after the original story, Bert and his dad are kidnapped by the Russian mobsters that he did dirty years before.  The best part about this announcement is the casting of Bert's father: Mark freaking Hamill. Imagine how excited you would be to become Darth Vader's grandkid? Times that by a million and that's the joy you'll hear i...

April 7, 2006: Rob McElhenney's First Appearance on P&S

April 07, 2021 17:49 - 9 minutes - 4.51 MB

On this day in Preston & Steve History, a very young Rob McElhenney stopped by the studio to tell us about his show that was just renewed for... wait for it.. a second season. This kid's going places!  See for privacy information.

Zack Snyder on the day of the Snyder Cut Release

March 18, 2021 16:06 - 25 minutes - 11.9 MB

We always kind of considered Zack Snyder a friend of The Preston & Steve Show, but today he confirmed it by calling into the show the morning of the Snyder Cut release. Take a listen to the interview and please consider donating to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, an organization very close to the Snyder family.  See for privacy information.

Tom Garvey, Secret Apartment inside The Vet

March 15, 2021 16:57 - 25 minutes - 11.9 MB

The stories started as short Facebook posts Tom was sharing with friends during the pandemic. Almost a year later they turned into a book highlighting the three years he spent living in an empty concession stand at The Vet. Listen as Tom recounts tales of roller skating right into Dick Vermeil, the vibe when the Phillies won the world series and how pissed of Philly fans were when parking went from $1 to $2.  Pick up Tom Garvey's book, The Secret Apartment: Vet Stadium, a Surreal Memoir See...

Skippack Pharmacy's Dr. Mak

March 12, 2021 16:25 - 7 minutes - 3.53 MB

The Preston & Steve Show speak with Mayank Amin. The owner of Skippack Pharmacy is getting national attention for his efforts to get everyone vaccinated.  See for privacy information.

Bride's Dress Rescued from Normandy Farm Fire

March 05, 2021 19:37 - 6 minutes - 3.07 MB

See for privacy information.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

March 03, 2021 19:53 - 43 minutes - 20 MB

What happens when you set the coolest Astrophysicist in the world on the phone? You totally geek out with him for 20 minutes then break into an even deeper space conversation after. Enjoy this great conversation Neil DeGrasse Tyson. See for privacy information.

Listen to Kathy's Avoiding The Winter Blues Activities List: Part 3

February 26, 2021 14:41 - 14 minutes - 6.79 MB

First appearance of the Kathy Romano Ski Report! Plus wine and chocolate, cooking classes and taking time to clean up the community. Links and information about all these places here: See for privacy information.

Derek DelGaudio

February 02, 2021 16:06 - 19 minutes - 9.06 MB

Spoiler free interview with the creator, writer, and performer of Derek DelGaudio's In & Of Itself. But, if you haven't watched the film yet, do yourself a favor and stream it ASAP! It's that good. (available on Hulu)  See for privacy information.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse & What to Watch

January 28, 2021 15:10 - 29 minutes - 13.4 MB

We convince uber-Celtics fan, Christopher Mintz-Plasseon, to jump on the Sixers wagonm plus we chat about his band, obsession for recording equipment and his show 'Blark and Son' on Comedy Central. Plus an off the cuff conversation about what we're watching these days and why everyone needs to stream In & Of Itself on Hulu ASAP.  See for privacy information.

Remembering Hank Arron & Larry King

January 25, 2021 13:35 - 31 minutes - 14.4 MB

What a sad weekend with the loss of two icons. The Preston & Steve Show remember these legendary people.  See for privacy information.

FLASHBACK Tommy Lasorda, November 2007

January 11, 2021 14:09 - 11 minutes - 5.48 MB

Preston & Steve's interview with the legendary manager is forever in the history books as one of the most fiery conversations in the show's history. The spiral didn't start when Steve addressed the ongoing steroid controversy, or Preston dove deep into Tommy's personal attachment to the game, it was mostly just Nick in general. In his defense, Nick was merely doing his duty as a Phillies fan and defending the game's most beloved mascot, but Tommy was not having it. Flashback to this classic P...

Kevin Bacon on The Preston & Steve Show

December 11, 2020 17:40 - 26 minutes - 12.3 MB

Next Tuesday, Kevin Bacon host the Play On Live event with another Philly native, Eve. We chatted with the actor about the event, plus the wicked MMR shirt he wore on his Monday Blues session earlier this Fall and his Marvel movie Easter Eggs - "nice to be mentioned, but put me in the damn movie!" See for privacy information.

Tips For Teens That Are Actually Helpful

December 04, 2020 13:21 - 23 minutes - 10.9 MB

"Listen, boy, it's good information from a man who's made mistakes." Billy Joel's words finally make sense as we read over this list of advice for teens from adults who have regret a lot of the decisions they've made.  [source] See for privacy information.

Kathy's Holiday Activities

December 02, 2020 14:14 - 25 minutes - 11.6 MB

The joy in Kathy's voice is comparable to the experiment in children's' eyes this time of year! Follow along as our Activity Queen shares her COVIS safe recommendations for the holiday season: See for privacy information.

P&S talk to Darien, the guy who filmed the WAWA fight

November 30, 2020 17:13 - 15 minutes - 7.07 MB

You know the brawl that happened at the Florida Wawa last week? Turns out is started because one guy has opened the door the other. WTF? That is basic Wawa Etiquette.... but not in Florida. We spoke to Darien, the guy who captured the whole thing on his phone, who was not aware of what a big deal Wawa is in the Northeast!  See for privacy information.

Zack Snyder from Camp Out For Hunger

November 17, 2020 18:02 - 35 minutes - 16.1 MB

Hours before the new trailer dropped we spoke with the director about his menagerie of projects (Army of the Dead, AOTD: Lost Vegas, Justice League) and a few topics very important to us, suicide prevention and the Camp Out For Hunger.   See for privacy information.

Ten Really Good Things About 2020

November 02, 2020 13:48 - 31 minutes - 14.4 MB

You'll learn about the members of The Preston & Steve Show in this podcast.  See for privacy information.

Vespas & Apple Fritters

October 20, 2020 17:36 - 7 minutes - 3.55 MB

Sit back and enjoy this story about a guy and his Vespa on his way to get apple fritters.  See for privacy information.

Stupid Nerds! Chris Hardwick + Preston & Steve's Uber Geek Out Session

October 01, 2020 15:57 - 40 minutes - 18.8 MB

Every day on The Preston & Steve Show we slip into geek mode talking about a TV show here, or a superhero there, but today was 40 straight minutes of full on nerdom with a man of the highest authority, Chris Hardwick. We discuss our preferred binging methods, Marvel movies, "The Boys," "Umbrella Academy," G4 and little thing called "The Walking Dead."  See for privacy information.

Junk Drawer

September 24, 2020 15:05 - 32 minutes - 14.9 MB

97 year old scratch bowler from Pennsylvania, the healthiest state to live in, Get Your Booty to the Poll PSA created by strippers, 217 new emojis & windshield wiper stubbornness is a real thing.   See for privacy information.

Matthew Modine

September 22, 2020 15:13 - 26 minutes - 12.2 MB

The Full Metal Jacket star calls in to celebrates the movie's 4k release (available now) and dives deep into memories from filming and the impact the movie had on the world.  See for privacy information.

Paul Saltzman, Meeting the Beatles in India

September 18, 2020 13:56 - 24 minutes - 11.2 MB

New movie based on Paul's 1961 visit to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram... with The Beatles.  See for privacy information.

Kathy's Fall Activities 2020

September 17, 2020 19:17 - 32 minutes - 15 MB

Your fall bible has arrived! Listen to Kathy Romano's full description of her hand picked events and follow along here: See for privacy information.

Glenn Howerton catches up with Preston & Steve

September 10, 2020 14:26 - 22 minutes - 10.2 MB

'AP Bio' has a new home on Peacock. See for privacy information.

Rambo's Candy Factory

September 09, 2020 11:43 - 20 minutes - 9.36 MB

The original founder of Jelly Belly announced a Willy Wonka-type contest. That's cool, but what if Rambo owned the candy factory?  See for privacy information.

Announcement: The Kardashians are Cancelled

September 09, 2020 11:13 - 6 minutes - 3.19 MB

Love it or hate it, the Kardashian / Jenner tribe has made history. For the record, we hate it. But we love talking about it. ICYMI, here's our announcement that the show has been cancelled.  See for privacy information.

FLASHBACK: Chadwick Boseman w/ Preston & Steve - April 2013

August 31, 2020 11:53 - 6 minutes - 3.13 MB

"Our next guest is in the #1 movie, and actually, we don't know much about him!"  Just seven years ago Chadwick was a new actor we did not know much about, accept that he was destine for greatness. It was obvious. We're lucky to have an opportunity to chat with this fantastic actor who has left the world way too soon. Flashback to The Preston & Steve Show's interview with Chadwick Boseman promoting "42." See for privacy information.

James McAvoy on The Preston & Steve Show

August 27, 2020 16:02 - 31 minutes - 14.4 MB

Could this guy be any cooler? See for privacy information.

Casey's Bicycling Stranger Angel

August 25, 2020 14:55 - 24 minutes - 11.4 MB

In the middle of the Ben to the Shore bike ride, somewhere around Sea Isle, a stranger joined the pack and shared inspiring life lessons then disappeared forever. Was he even real? See for privacy information.

Wilford Brimley Remembered

August 12, 2020 15:38 - 4 minutes - 2.3 MB

We recall the actors long career and dig up a piece of audio labeled "Wilford's Wisdom" - it's a Preston & Steve Exclusive  See for privacy information.

75 Best Boy Band Songs Ranked

July 28, 2020 18:13 - 25 minutes - 11.7 MB

That's a headline you probably never expected from our show., but we had a damn good time singing along. Now stay and listen or... BYE, BYE, BYE!  See for privacy information.

Making a Pact... And Keeping It

July 24, 2020 16:06 - 25 minutes - 11.5 MB

Two Wisconsin friends who swore to each other in 1992 that they would share any lottery winnings just split a $22 million Powerball ticket. We hear from listeners who have kept their promises, warning: the one about the cheesesteak may make you mad!  See for privacy information.

Burning Man, Man!

July 17, 2020 15:20 - 12 minutes - 5.83 MB

We learned so many things about Burning Man like how you can trade a tarantula for drugs or play a tuba with flames.  See for privacy information.

JVR Checking in from Summer Camp

July 16, 2020 19:49 - 24 minutes - 11.3 MB

So, whatcha been up to for the past three months?  See for privacy information.

The Noticer goes off the rails

July 14, 2020 16:40 - 25 minutes - 11.6 MB

Can you pinpoint the exact moment it happens? See for privacy information.

Behind the Scenes Live Aid Stories for the 35th Anniversary

July 13, 2020 17:52 - 31 minutes - 14.5 MB

Thirty five years ago today, on a brutally hot day, 90,000 fans packed into JFK stadium to see the world's biggest rock stars make history hosting a benefit concert for famine relief in Africa. We share some of the best behind the scenes stories and hear from Philadelphians who were there before Pierre Robert's all day celebration kicking off at noon only on WMMR.  See for privacy information.

Rob McElhenney on The P&S Show for a good cause

July 02, 2020 16:56 - 23 minutes - 10.7 MB

Mac needs your help!  See for privacy information.

Airplane! Turns 40

July 01, 2020 14:01 - 25 minutes - 11.6 MB

The movie that changed our lives, surely it changed yours too? (don't call me Shirley.) See for privacy information.

25 Best Classic Rock Songs & the 20 Greatest Acoustic Opens

June 30, 2020 15:39 - 51 minutes - 23.8 MB

Seriously fun music conversation.  See for privacy information.

"Floor is Lava" creator, Megan McGrath

June 26, 2020 13:28 - 26 minutes - 12.2 MB

Of course a girl from Philly created this show!  See for privacy information.

Coin Shortage

June 26, 2020 02:00 - 29 minutes - 13.5 MB

Stop hording your your pocket change, COVID has forced a shortage in coins and banks are begginf for your help.  See for privacy information.

Brian Boucher recalls the 5 OT game

June 25, 2020 14:09 - 24 minutes - 11.1 MB

20th anniversary of the longest hockey game in modern history.  See for privacy information.

The Connoisseur: All About Cheeeeeeeeeeese

June 24, 2020 17:23 - 29 minutes - 13.3 MB

Plus the new Gushers yogurt and Kellogg's cereal mash ups.  See for privacy information.

Jim Gardner

June 18, 2020 16:28 - 23 minutes - 10.9 MB

This year Action News celebrates 50 years of delivering news to the Philadelphia region and Jim Gardner has been there for most of that journey (his first day was June 1, 1976). We talked to Jim about his favorite moments from the past, the current state of the world and the 50th Anniversary special he's hosting tonight on 6abc.  See for privacy information.

Video Game News w/ Preston & Steve

June 16, 2020 15:21 - 18 minutes - 8.62 MB

Fifteen PS5 games we're excited to play, VR Experiences & ‘Star Wars: Squadrons,’  See for privacy information.

Judd Apatow

June 13, 2020 14:00 - 8 minutes - 4.03 MB

New movie, "The King of Staten Island" available literally everywhere now.  See for privacy information.

Marilu Henner

June 12, 2020 15:45 - 17 minutes - 8.01 MB

Marilu Henner will be featured on Bucks County Playhouse’s Virtual Variety Show on Sunday, June 14 at 7 p.m.  See for privacy information.


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