No one wants to believe that they could be the victim of an attack, but statistically speaking one in three women will be at some point in their life and my guest today is on a mission to change that statistic


At 20 years old, Tiffany Armstrong fought off an attacker using the only 3 basic self-defense moves that she knew at the time. The attack lit a fire in her, and she went on to earn 2 different 2nd degree black belts and develop an online street-smart self-defense curriculum for women.


She shares so many simple tips in this interview that will not only increase your personal safety, but will also increase your confidence and leadership in a multitude of situations. This interview will be an important one to share with every woman you love.


In this episode we talk about:

The top two factors that studies have shown attackers use to choose their victims How posture affects your confidence & mood in all situations Important safety tips to incorporate into your everyday life


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