Our first show! On the first episode of this brand new show, comedians W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu start digging into the strange facets of our political system. Berkeley professor Ian Haney-López joins them to talk about dog whistling in politics. They get into some of the history of this coded language we've heard so much of in politics. Some of it seems obvious - like from former Alabama Governor George Wallace - but some of it is harder to decipher...anyone remember Bill Clinton playing sax on Arsenio? We'll get into all of it! Like how Hilary's language fits into this today. And when Trump says he wants "to build a wall" - is that dog whistling or is he just being a straight up racist dickhole? Tune in every Wednesday throughout the election for a new episode. But since it's our first week, we're giving you two! If you've got questions or a topic you want to hear about, tweet us at #politicallyreactive.

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