My next guest is a lifelong entrepreneur who created a financial newsletter almost 20 years ago, that helps investors earn 15% per year with ETFs. Not only that, the maximum losses with his strategy are around 6%. In this episode, we talk about his investing and trading background and the specific strategy he uses today. Please welcome Chris Vermuelen.

Key Timecodes

(00:43) - Show intro and background history
(03:03) - Deeper into his background history and family business models
(04:45) - What was his first passive income font
(07:49) - Deeper into this business strategies
(12:12) - Understanding his trading strategies
(21:04) - Deeper into his strategies and technical details on this investing model
(30:24) - The different strategies for protecting and growing wealth
(33:33) - A key takeaway from the guest
(38:58) - What is the worst advice he ever received
(41:42) - What is the best advice he ever received
(45:20) - Guest contacts

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