"Casual Sermons" is a new series wherein Pastor Don dusts off some older sermons from the archives (all from the pre-YouTube days), and fixes them up for our Community, today. 

Our first sermon of the series comes from John 11:1-44, and digs into the death and resurrection of Lazarus. The global church is in decline, Christianity becoming a shell of its former power and glory, fewer people in pews and nary a program to reverse the great swelling tide of death that surrounds us. But is this a bad thing, or is it exactly what is supposed to be happening to the church?

Scripture links are below, so give it a listen to find out!

(Manuscript available at the Unfinished Community website, linked below!)



This sermon is also available on YouTube, if you actually want to see Pastor Don pound the pulpit.

Scripture Reading: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John%2011%3A1-44&version=NRSVUE

Unfinished Community: pastorkuma.wixsite.com/unfinished