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151 - Sales Shift: Navigating the Evolving Playbook with Mark Bedard

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English - February 13, 2024 06:00 - 41 minutes - 28.7 MB - ★★★★★ - 21 ratings
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In this episode, Jared and Isaac interview Mark Bedard, the founder and CEO of They discuss the importance of accurate contact information, the shift away from automated cadences, and the value of building relationships and having real conversations. They also explore the challenges of working with partners and the power of cold calls and research in sales. The episode concludes with a discussion on changing the research approach and the playbook for sales and partnerships.


Accurate contact information is crucial for effective sales and partnerships.Automated cadences are becoming less effective, and there is a shift towards personalized and meaningful outreach.Building relationships and having real conversations are key to successful sales and partnerships.Curiosity and research are essential for understanding customer challenges and objectives.Cold calls and gathering intel can lead to valuable insights and opportunities.The playbook for sales and partnerships is evolving, and a focus on relationships and personalized outreach is becoming more important.


00:00 Introduction and Congratulations to Mark Bedard
02:02 Founding and the Gap in the Market
05:36 The Importance of Accurate Contact Information
08:09 The Shift Away from Automated Cadences
11:28 The Value of Partner Relationships
14:49 The Intersection of Sales Development and Partnerships
18:08 The Role of Curiosity in Sales and Partnerships
21:09 The Importance of Building Relationships and Having Real Conversations
25:01 The Rise of Phone Communication and the Skills Gap
27:17 The Challenges of Working with Partners
29:27 The Power of Cold Calls and Building Trust
32:40 The Evolution of Sales and the Importance of Research
36:18 The Value of Intel Gathering and Building Relationships
40:28 Changing the Research Approach and the Playbook