Welcome to Part LVIII of our Brain Drain trilogy's finale about how to undo the damage of harmful influences and brainwashing.

Brandi had to be made aware of what she had been desensitized to in order to then see and receive what was created and meant for her. Identity can be really shaken when you place it in relationships and other false places. Brandi shares some ways in which her captor desensitized her to being objectified and derailed her role as a woman. Don't hang out with people who try to belittle you for who you are and what you like. Be around who will build you up in who you're purposed to be.

Shawn discusses the role as a man in a relationship with a woman and how he should act in a group of other men. Brandi discusses having a relationship with God and also debunks filling someone else's mold instead of God's. She shares how she has claimed her freedom in this area through God.

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