Today we talk with former Army Ranger and the owner of Ready Gunner, Neal Currey, about firearms. We'll cover some of the myths surrounding the sale of firearms, the responsibilities gun owners carry, the fundamentals of shooting, open versus concealed carry, and why men should learn how to shoot.

Neal Currey

Neal Currey is a former Army Ranger with 2nd battalion 75 Ranger Regiment and the owner of Ready Gunner.

After two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan with his unit, Neal left the Military and moved into the private sector and conducted an additional two tours in Iraq as a Personal Security Specialist.

Between that time, Neal worked for a company called SRATS (Specialized Reconnaissance Assault Transport Systems) in Special Projects. He helped in the production of the SRATS A1, a vehicle designed for Special Operation units in Afghanistan.

Since then, Neal has founded Ready Gunner, where he offers firearms, ammunition, tactical gear, and training to help those who serve this country, and other patriots to receive the training and equipment needed to achieve their goals, and, above all, stay safe.

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