This week's Fast Five Podcast, sponsored by Takeoff, the A&M Consumer and Retail Group, and Attentive, was a cornucopia of headline delights, a veritable hodgepodge of topics on everything from outright lunacy to some downright shrewd moves from one of the nation's biggest mall operators.

In this week's podcast, Anne and I work ourselves into a lather discussing:

- The rationale behind the irrational claim by one Mr. Scott Ostfeld that Macy's e-commerce business is worth $14 billion . . . on its own!
- Simon Property Group's new partnership with Klarna.
- Facebook's latest move into physical retailing.
- Kroger entering the Northeast.
- And close with a look at a new drive-thru grocery startup, Opie, that could be setup to fail before it even starts. 

There's all that, plus Stranger Things between Walmart and Netflix, contactless smoothies, and what food we'd least like to have made for us by a robot.

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