Welcome to another enlightening episode of "NZ Business Owners." Join your host, Ryan J Melton, as he engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Tibor Mackor, the driving force behind bbstrategies.co.nz. In this episode, they explore the strategies, insights, and experiences that have propelled businesses to new heights under Tibor's guidance.

Tibor Mackor shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise on a unique self-firing process he has developed. This innovative approach addresses performance issues in businesses with a consultative twist. Tune in to discover how Tibor helps businesses identify problems, set expectations, and build constructive agreements that empower employees to excel.

The episode delves into leadership and the essential balance between measuring employee performance and recognizing the role of leaders in achieving collective goals. Tibor's consultative perspective shines a light on effective leadership strategies that foster productivity and personal growth within an organization.

As the conversation progresses, they touch upon the challenges of the modern digital age, particularly concerning the impact of excessive screen time on children. Tibor and Ryan share their own insights into parenting in the digital era, offering valuable advice on striking a balance between screen time and character development.

Additionally, the discussion explores the potential long-term consequences of excessive screen use, including physical health issues and social skill development. Tibor Mackor's pragmatic solutions and Ryan's thought-provoking questions make this episode a must-listen for business owners, parents, and anyone seeking to unlock their potential.

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Tibor Mackor of bbstrategies.co.nz as he shares his expertise on business strategy, leadership, and the evolving dynamics of screen time in today's world. Get ready to elevate your business and personal life with insights from "NZ Business Owners."