We have another hard-hitting episode from our ESG series where we dive deep into a subject that's become a part of our daily lives: Amazon. Marie Thomasson, our certified financial planner, and I explore the challenges of breaking the Amazon habit and opting for more socially responsible spending. We candidly discuss the conditioning that's led us to click that 'Buy Now' button and how Amazon's convenience can sometimes come at a cost to small businesses, labor practices, and even our personal values. Join us as we navigate this paradigm shift in shopping, from rethinking consumption to embracing conscious consumerism.

About Our Guest:
Marie Thomasson, CFP® is a financial advisor for progressive women. Marie started her journey with a prestigious internship in asset management after studying Applied Mathematics at UCLA. It turned into 13 long years, overseeing over six billion dollars in bonds for pension funds, institutions, and banks. The experience left her with a deep skillset, and a deeper longing to be free of an industry saturated in privilege, misogyny, and self-interest.

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