Ben, Peter and Alex dive into recent transfers involving Canadians abroad and answer your questions about a number of players overseas as the January transfer window nears the end. The guys then go over recent news in MLS and the CPL and answer some interesting queries about some young Canadian CPL players from the listeners to close out the show.


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Peter Galindo: @GalindoPW

Alex Gangue-Ruzic: @AlexGangueRuzic


1:33 - Could David move to a non-English club?

7:38 - Best Championship fit for Ugbo

12:37 - Buchanan at RB again…

17:39 - Can Kone work as a 10 at Watford?

22:55 - Millar at RW for Basel?!

26:42 - How will Rivière be used at Man United?

30:35 - Where could top CanWNT prospects land?

33:58 - Crepeau over Borjan?

37:30 - Cavallini’s and Pecile’s future

42:48 - Voyageurs Cup thoughts

47:13 - Varsity FC’s rebrand

51:50 - Which ex-CPLers could impress in MLS?

54:00 - Lowell Wright update

55:50 - Kyle Hiebert‘s stock + Charles Auguste’s role in Houston

58:24 - Why are so many CPL players getting trials elsewhere?

1:02:33 - Which young Canadians in CPL can make “the jump” next?

1:08:00 - Importance of rivalries in CPL

1:11:39 - Which young Canadian would you start a CPL franchise with?

1:14:09 - What can U Sports do for growth?

1:19:31 - Explaining Thomas Nef’s departure

Produced by Peter Galindo.