Over 9000 golfers responded to our Golfer's Choice Survey to tell us what new clubs you've bought this past year and from which manufacturers.

0:19 - Would you buy Tag Heuer's Golf Timepiece?
9:41 - Results from our 2021 Golfer's Choice Survey
11:43 - Drivers
13:31 - Fairway Woods & Hybrids
21:44 - Irons
27:13 - Wedges
31:07 - Putters
37:23 - How closely do our results reflect the average golfer?

Tag Heuer's Connected Golf Watch: https://mygolfspy.com/we-tried-it-tag-heuer-connected-golf-edition-watch/
The 2021 Golfer's Choice Survey: https://mygolfspy.com/golfers-choice-survey-results/


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