On the forefront series podcast today, Next|Health welcomes Khalil Rafati. Khalil is an author, bio hacker, entrepreneur and the founder of the health food, juice and smoothie store, Sunlife Organics. He also founded Riviera Recovery, a transitional living facility for drug addicts and alcoholics.

Growing up life wasn’t easy for Khalil. As a child he suffered abuse that became one of the underlying factors that led him into a life of addiction. In this episode you’ll hear Khalil’s emotional and inspiring story of how he went from being a homeless drug addict, to healing his past and taking a deep dive into health.

Key Takeaway: No matter how hard things get, it’s possible to change the direction of your life.


The life of a Crack and Heroin addict Believing in a living loving God Overcoming Physical and Sexual Abuse Manifesting your life – Inspired by The Secret Being hired by celebrities and Malibu’s elite Introduction to health food and supplements The self realization fellowship Moving from a drug addiction to a health addiction Opening Sunlife Organics Smoothie/Bowl creation – The Hurricane, The Bali Bowl and The Billion Dollar Bowl Bio hacking your home


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