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Ep 12: The Road to Self-Care with Kaitlyn Brown

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English - January 14, 2021 08:00 - 20 minutes - 14.3 MB
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Kaitlyn Brown runs her very own successful Instagram account where she shares bundles of wellness content, focusing on mind, body, and soul. She is currently studying a business commerce degree at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and hopes to join the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Kaitlyn’s journey has been an easy one, but now that she is on a healthier path in life, she hopes to inspire and help younger teenage girls to lead their own healthy lives. After catching up with Kaitlyn, we talk to her about her background and hear about how she was extremely active during her high school days, yet neglected her mental health. The results were dire, and Kaitlyn was visiting specialists like cardiologists due to her low blood pressure and regular episodes of fainting. Stay tuned and listeners will enjoy details about her road to recovery. Kaitlyn shares valuable tips about self-care and how she began to take better care of herself, through managing stress and anxiety, as well as setting boundaries for herself. We punctuate the episode by hearing Kaitlyn’s hopes for the future and the career she’s like to pursue. Be sure to join us for this enriching and hopeful episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

Introducing today’s guest, Kaitlyn Brown.Kaitlyn breaks down her experience as a student during the COVID-19 pandemic.Hear about how Kaitlyn wants to use her business degree in the health and wellness space.Kaitlyn explains how people on her campus have been communicating during the pandemic.We talk about Kaitlyn’s background and interest in health and wellness.How Kaitlyn turned around her rapid decline in health.Rehabilitative methods that Kaitlyn used to regain her cycle.What Kaitlyn learned from her experiences with poor health.Kaitlyn’s typical morning routine.Hear about Kaitlyn’s love of books.Kaitlyn tells us about her hopes for the future.

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