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THE podcast for Microsoft developers. Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer talk about the latest in developer news covering topics such as the Azure cloud, Windows, Visual Studio, and cross-platform development using the Microsoft platform.

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Ultimate Home Office

August 25, 2020 17:29 - 56 minutes - 51.5 MB

This week we talk about standing desks and office setups.  A major security concern with mailto links. Microsoft Flight Simulator with some funny quirks.

Creating Easy Stock Investor with David Crook

May 10, 2020 21:15 - 1 hour - 56.4 MB

This week we talk with David Crook about hacking the stock market with data and machine learning. How to spend nearly a billion dollars in Azure with a single click . And [email protected] performs more than twice as fast as the fastest supercomputer.

Coronatech with Lee Warrick

April 07, 2020 14:21 - 56 minutes - 51.9 MB

This week we talk with Lee Warrick about COVID-19. Trying to use the web without a user agent. Apple killing the PWA. And why is it called a log?

React Native with Harini Kannan and Paul Gusmorino

March 24, 2020 15:36 - 1 hour - 70.1 MB

This week we talk with Harini Kannan and Paul Gusmorino about React Native. CLI's vs GUI's. And how copying code from Stack Overflow made it so that Docker and Razor software wouldn't run at the same time.

PowerToys with Clint Rutkas

February 02, 2020 15:23 - 1 hour - 56 MB

Welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode #237. This week we talk with Clint Rutkas about Microsoft PowerToys. Google and Bing appear to only display ads now. Java support in VS Code. And LastPass figures out how to implement unbreakable security.

A Decade of Development

January 21, 2020 00:47 - 1 hour - 57.9 MB

Welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode #236. This week we talk about some of the changes in software development over the last decade, and it's sure to trigger some nostalgia. The year of Linux on the business card. Is Microsoft Edge worth using? And watch out quicksort, crab sort is better for a certain class of aquatic scenarios.

Ignite 2019 with Brent Stineman

November 22, 2019 16:05 - 39 minutes - 36 MB

Welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode #235. This week we talk with Brent Stineman about some of the best announcements from Ignite 2019. We also try out Visual Studio online, and it's smart than us.

CSE OneWeek 2019

November 12, 2019 02:17 - 40 minutes - 37.3 MB

Hello everybody and welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode number 234! We are live at a giant internal hack event here at Microsoft. We talk to 4 teams about the projects their working on. We have everything from GRPC to headless robots, so don't miss it.

Dapr with Mark Fussell

November 04, 2019 17:00 - 37 minutes - 34.1 MB

This week we talk with Mark Fussell about Dapr, a cool new way to build scalable applications. And a way to push through production that won't get through airport security.

Windows 10, Surface Gear, .NET 3.0, and More!

October 28, 2019 01:36 - 55 minutes - 51.1 MB

Welcome to the MS Dev Show, episode #232. This week Carl and I talk about the latest Windows 10 update, more on Remote development, .NET Core 3, Azure Data Box. We also cover all the latest Microsoft hardware announcements, and what's it like to develop with 800 other people all in one room.

VS Code Remote Dev & XPS 13 Review

October 02, 2019 13:59 - 1 hour - 32.9 MB

This week Carl and I talk about how awesome the VS Code remote features really are. I got my XPS 13 laptop and provide my first thoughts. We cover some of the rumors about the Microsoft event. And start updating your websites to support dark mode.

Load Balancing with Sharad Agrawal

September 18, 2019 16:57 - 51 minutes - 23.6 MB

We talk with Sharad Agrawal about load balancing options in Azure, and we deep dive into Azure Front Door. Dark all the things. The war over e-books. And find out if Carl and I are getting the new iPhone.

Jason is Building a PC

August 30, 2019 14:43 - 1 hour - 32.7 MB

This week Carl and Jason talk about PC building and laptop choices. Is web scraping legal? Throwing away microservices. And what happens if your license plate is NULL?   News Electron 6.0.0 Web Scraping and Crawling Are Perfectly Legal, Right? How to estimate programming time 3 Kinds of Good Tech Debt What happens when you launch Google Chrome for the first time on a Windows 10 machine? npm install funding Why our team cancelled our move to microservices Null license plate b...

Open Sourcing the Calculator with Dave Grochocki and Howard Wolosky

August 01, 2019 20:32 - 1 hour - 27.5 MB

We deep-dive into the open sourcing of the Windows calculator app. We announce the winner of the Raygun contest. Azure gets smarter about reliability. And a critical flaw in the Raspberry Pi 4, but it's still faster than other computers we discuss.

Graph Toolkit with Nikola Metulev

July 17, 2019 22:57 - 40 minutes - 18.4 MB

We talk with Nikola Metulev about Graph Toolkit. What it takes to join the boring technology club. Bitcoin mining on the Apollo guidance computer - is it a good idea? No. No it is not. … And the technology I can't think of is GaN - thank you future me for ignoring the temporal prime directive and travelling back in time to remind me.

Adaptive Cards Update with Matt Hidinger

July 08, 2019 13:00 - 59 minutes - 27.1 MB

We talk with Matt Hidinger about how flexible adaptive cards have become. The 5 laws of software estimates. A thin, repairable device from HP. And Google's robots.txt parser is now open source.

UWP + C++ with Kenny Kerr

July 01, 2019 20:13 - 53 minutes - 24.4 MB

We talk with Kenny Kerr about C++ WinRT and interop between all the things. Spray your way to GitHub success. Write your HTML in an innovative new language known as HTML. And how satellites are watching it all.

Real-World Blazor with Ed Charbeneau

June 24, 2019 13:00 - 1 hour - 46.9 MB

We talk with Ed Charbeneau about what it's really like to use Blazor. Learning how CPU's work by writing one in code. Finally, a good way to support your favorite open source projects. And writing a chat system with only CSS and no JavaScript - you monster.

Better Code with Steve Smith

June 18, 2019 00:23 - 1 hour - 42.4 MB

We talk with Steve Smith about writing better code. Love your job? Someone may be taking advantage of you. NASA is 3d printing. And your car knows when you gain weight.

.NET Core Announcements & Roadmap with Scott Hunter

June 03, 2019 14:22 - 46 minutes - 31.8 MB

This is our final special episode in our Build 2019 series. This is episode 222, and we sat down with Scott Hunter to talk about all the amazing things happening on the .NET platform including the upcoming roadmap.

Visual Studio & .NET with Olia Gavrysh and Daniel Jacobson

May 28, 2019 20:51 - 30 minutes - 20.8 MB

This is another special episode in our Build 2019 series. This is episode 221, and we sat down with Olia Gavrysh and Daniel Jacobson to talk about .NET tools for Windows developers.

WSL2 and the new Windows Terminal with Craig Loewen

May 20, 2019 00:49 - 25 minutes - 17.5 MB

This is another special episode in our Build 2019 series. This is episode 220, and we sit down with Craig Loewen to talk about WSL2 and the new terminal. Craig tells us about the Easter egg in in the new terminal video.

Azure Functions & KEDA Jeff Hollan

May 13, 2019 20:02 - 35 minutes - 24.4 MB

This is a special episode in our Build 2019 series. This is episode 219, and we sit down with Jeff Hollan to talk about Azure functions, and how Carl and I inspired KEDA.

Careers with Jeremy Likness

May 07, 2019 00:06 - 1 hour - 56.1 MB

We talk with Jeremy Likness about career tips. VS Code Remote extensions. Phishing with inception. And use this one simple trick to put iPhone 4's in your ears. News Dev environments for node, python, go, java, dotnetcore, php, rust, cpp Class 1 Bluetooth 5. H1 die size is ~12mm2. Parts: H1 Cypress SoC Maxim audio codec Bosch BMA280 accelerometer STM 3 axis accelerometer STM regulator TI data converter Goertek MEMs microphones  

SignalR with Brady Gaster

April 30, 2019 01:28 - 1 hour - 44.6 MB

We talk with Brady Gaster about SignalR and the SignalR service. How the Age of Empires AI "thinks". Accenture is sued until it Hertz. And we're completely shocked, shocked that the Galaxy Fold has reliability issues. News How the AoE2 AI Thinks (ft. Promi) Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for 'defective' cyber-revamp Here's Why We Think Galaxy Folds Are Failing These are the Features Microsoft Turned Off or Replaced in Chromium-Based ...

CNCF and App Plat with Alessandro Vozza

March 28, 2019 15:02 - 50 minutes - 34.9 MB

We talk with Alessandro Vozza about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Dtrace on Windows. We review some salary data we've been collecting. And how much are ads costing you?   News DTrace on Windows Open DTrace on GitHub Dynamic Tracing Guide DTrace on Windows Branch Ads cost you 10% of your users Pandora Learns the Cost of Ads and of Subscruptions Mozilla Research: The Effect of Ad Blocking on User Engagement with the Web My Salary Progression in Tech Form:

MXCHIP with Suz Hinton

March 19, 2019 12:04 - 56 minutes - 39 MB

We talk with Suz Hinton about MX Chip. We also chat about her live streaming and the gear she uses. Calculator goes open source. And Apple Rick-rolled us all.   News Not getting Rick Rolled enough? Check out the official Apple Watch documentation archive! Announcing the Open Sourcing of Windows Calculator. Calculator on GitHub My Twitch Live Coding Setup Suz Hinton @noopkat Twitch   -----------------------------------------------------   IoT Dev Kit MX Chip ...

Identity with Sahil Malik

March 11, 2019 21:38 - 1 hour - 41.2 MB

We talk with Sahil Malik about the identity landscape. How to recognize ML generated images. Excel gains OCR capabilities. And using WSL to watch Star Wars.   News How to recognize fake AI-generated images Microsoft Excel app 'Insert data from picture' tech goes live Use WSL Bash to telnet into the Star Wars intro in your Bash shell! Why everyone should read support emails Natural Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Sahil Malik @sahilmalik   -----------------...

IoT Deep Dive with Pamela Cortez

March 05, 2019 20:27 - 1 hour - 43.6 MB

 We talk with Pamela Cortez about her IoT Deep Dive series. The shady iPhone app underground. Fonts are in color now. And CSS is now witchcraft.   News The State of CSS Pure CSS Still Life - Lemons and Water This illicit iPhone app store has been hiding in plain sight DNS Servers That Offer Privacy and Filtering Colored Fonts! More Colored Fonts! Apple has a clever plan to fight off patent trolls PowerShell can now install Xbox One games Pamela Cortez Pamela is a Senior PM...

The Problem with Software with Adam Barr

February 17, 2019 03:46 - 48 minutes - 33.2 MB

We talk with Adam Barr about lessons he has learned throughout his career. Microsoft says stop using IE. Run Windows 95 in an Electron App… for reasons.   News Microsoft security chief: IE is not a browser, so stop using it as your default The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser Roadmap to becoming a Web Developer in 2019 Run Windows 95 as an app (and yes, it runs Doom) US iPhone users spent, on average, $79 on apps last year, up 36% from 2017 Adam Barr @ad...

JAMstack with Joe Zack

February 11, 2019 16:13 - 58 minutes - 40.4 MB

We talk with Joe Zack from the Coding Blocks podcast about JAMStack. 10 rules for a better conference name badge. How many keywords can you fit into a C# expression. And Google throws up it's arms in Louisville and cancels their fiber internet plans there.     News Ten Rules for a Better Conference Name Badge Is China’s corruption-busting AI system ‘Zero Trust’ being turned off for being too efficient? Navigation Should Be Boring I hate Numeronyms Completers in Azure PowerShel...

Hacking Your Car

February 04, 2019 01:31 - 1 hour - 43.1 MB

This week we talk about hacking your car using the OBD2 connector. We talk audio and OLED. Apple revokes Facebook and Google certificates. Google is trying to trick us. And modern forecasts are accurate - change my mind.   News Apple Bans Distribution of Facebook’s Internal Apps Localized Messaging is Important The Norwegian Consumer Council has filed a complaint against Google. Google is accused of using deceptive design and misleading information, which results in users accepting ...

CES 2019 & Travel Gear

January 24, 2019 23:11 - 1 hour - 46 MB

Carl and I talk about developer gear at CES 2019. We also talk about travel gear, including the best noise cancelling headphones. Twitter moves 300 petabytes to the cloud. And Jason analyzes the Backblaze data so that you know which drive to buy.     News Windows Command-Line: Unicode and UTF-8 Output Text Buffer Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2018 Twitter moves 300 Petabytes of data to the cloud The ‘Computer’ Mouse is a mouse that is also a fully functional computer Panos Pana...

Welcome to 2019!

January 08, 2019 22:08 - 1 hour - 43.8 MB

We talk about new years resolutions, DPI, console styling, apps stealing your data, autonomous driving, USB-C, and much much more.   News In recent builds of Windows 10, Task Manager's "Details" view includes an optional "DPI Awareness" column to help you understand and identify DPI-related issues, esp. with legacy apps. Howto See DPI Awareness of Running Apps in Task Manager in Windows 10 Last episode we talked about sites with awesome consoles. Check out this article to up your web c...

Quantum Computing & Q# with Bettina Heim

December 11, 2018 00:31 - 48 minutes - 33.5 MB

We talk with Bettina Heim about quantum computing and Q#. Fun with browser console messages. And Google patented an idea from an interview, but they've probably canceled the product already.   News I love little easter eggs hidden in console messages, so I made a website about them Company Tried to Patent My Work After a Job Interview How QR Codes Work Microsoft now lets you log into Outlook, Skype, Xbox Live without a password Microsoft Sur...

ML.NET with Chris Lauren

November 24, 2018 16:10 - 46 minutes - 31.6 MB

We talk with Chris Lauren about ML.NET. Sabotaging machine learning algorithms.  Generating a website from a wireframe. And the only way to win is to not play. News When AI Misjudgment Is Not an Accident -- Intentional bias is another way artificial intelligence could hurt us How machine learning systems sometimes suprise us How to match "A B C" where A+B=C in RegEx: The Beast Reborn Wow! This AI Creates a Website just by looking at the Wireframe Chris Lauren @clauren42   -----...

Service Fabric & Mesh with Mark Fussell

October 30, 2018 12:25 - 1 hour - 46.9 MB

We talk with Mark Fussell about Service Fabric and Service Fabric Mesh. Robots have replace lawyers and GitHub contributors. And you can finally pay someone to review your website while they're drunk.   News Human competitive patches in automatic program repair with repairnator A bot has been finding bugs and submitting patches for them, successfully masquerading as a human Researchers secretly deployed a bot that submitted bug fixing pull requests AI vs. Lawyers...

Ignite 2018 with Neeraj Joshi

October 25, 2018 21:34 - 1 hour - 54.7 MB

We finally sit down with Neeraj Joshi to talk about the Ignite 2018 announcements including Ultra SSDs, digital twins, Azure Sphere, and more. Windows Kernel internals. And GitHub actions.   News Introducing the Windows Internals Series: One Windows Kernel One Windows Kernel Introducing GitHub Actions GitHub Actions Neeraj Joshi Neeraj is a random awesome dude at Microsoft! Check out Neeraj at [email protected] -- the original social network Ignite 2018 Check out th...

Microsoft and Progressive Web Apps

October 17, 2018 21:08 - 1 hour - 44.6 MB

We talk with Josh Holmes about the latest in PWA and what Microsoft and other companies are doing. Hacking vending machines. And we salivate over the new dell 49" monitors.

The Need for APM with John-Daniel Trask

October 08, 2018 21:32 - 1 hour - 47.3 MB

We talk with John-Daniel Trask about how you can figure out if you need an APM solution. DOS goes open source. How many new Apple gadgets did Jason and Carl get? And how many watts does it take to power your brain?

That Conference 2018 Part 2

August 27, 2018 19:57 - 1 hour - 43.8 MB

This week we recorded at That Conference in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. We had some crazy awesome guests Richard Campbell, Kim Cwiak, Rob Reynolds, Michael Fazio

That Conference 2018

August 20, 2018 22:01 - 1 hour - 45.8 MB

This week we recorded from the Kalahari at That Conference in Wisconsin Dells Wisconsin. We had some crazy awesome guests including Keith Casey, Katelyn Drew, Edward Thompson, and Curtis Gibeaut.

IoT Edge with Chipalo Street

August 03, 2018 16:25 - 46 minutes - 31.8 MB

We talk with Chipalo Street about the IoT Edge. How to convert your Surface Pro into a Surface Studio. And why your next processor may contain tiny roller coasters.

Extreme Remote Work

July 19, 2018 03:58 - 52 minutes - 36 MB

Carl and I talk about remote work, guiding your career, and living in an RV. Should you go with the Surface Go? Stereoscopic Doom. And CSS that renders differently depending on which browser you use.

MSIX with John Vintzel

July 12, 2018 13:54 - 46 minutes - 32.2 MB

We talk with John Vintzel about an awesome new installer technology called MSIX. How learning to code can save millions. And everyone is reading your email, who knew it was so interesting?

Bots Experience with Michael Szul

July 05, 2018 16:48 - 57 minutes - 39.3 MB

We talk with Michael Szul about building bots. Apple finally figures out what everyone has been telling them, and the evolution of the command line.

The Latest in MS Teams with Larry Jin and Andrew Bybee

June 25, 2018 17:19 - 55 minutes - 38 MB

We talk with Larry Jin and Andrew Bybee about Microsoft Teams and the developer platform. Microsoft acquires GitHub. And Carl has some breaking 5 year old news.

The Latest in Visual Studio for Mac with Jordan Matthiesen

June 14, 2018 00:20 - 23 minutes - 16.2 MB

We talk with Jordan Matthiesen about the latest announcements in Visual Studio for the Mac.

Microsoft Graph with Yina Areanas

June 08, 2018 01:09 - 31 minutes - 21.7 MB

 We talk to Yina Areanas about the latest features in the Microsoft Graph.

Windows Subsystem for Linux with Tara Raj & Sarah Cooley

May 29, 2018 15:25 - 25 minutes - 17.4 MB

We sit down with Tara Raj and Sarah Cooley to talk about the latest feature updates in the Windows Subsytem for Linux, which lets you run different distros of Linux on top of Windows.


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