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It’s a lighthearted nightmare in here, weirdos! Morbid is a true crime, creepy history and all things spooky podcast hosted by an autopsy technician and a hairstylist. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor.

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Episode 190: Martha Haney

November 29, 2020 02:07 - 1 hour

It's another old timey murder from Alaina! But trust us, this one will have your jaw hitting the floor. Way back in 1897 Michigan, Martha Haney's struggle with her own illness reached the point of no return when she lashed out against an easy target, her 85 year old mother in law Mariah Haney. Let's just say that this one is rough. Good luck and good night, friends. Alaina found this crazy tale while stumbling upon the writings of Rod Sadler, a retired police officer and true crime writer wh...

Episode 189: The Murder of Sydney Loofe AKA The Tinder Murder

November 26, 2020 21:40 - 1 hour

Sydney Loofe was an animal lover, a generous friend and loved by everyone who knew her. Unfortunately, Sydney Loofe was murdered on November 15th, 2017 after going on a Tinder date with someone she thought she knew. Bailey Boswell and AubreyTrail lured Sydney into their home, killed her, dismembered her body and then went on the run between three states. The case got even more wild when it went to trial and Aubrey explained his “Sex Witch Cult” and then tried to slit his throat on trial… As ...

Listener Tales 21

November 22, 2020 02:54 - 1 hour

Today's November Listener Tales is full of it. We have an appearance by Pennywise, a Pinterest curse, a very near miss with a convicted murderer, a mean-ass religion teacher and a cycle home with a wife murderer. Message for this one? Don't ride a bike. Don't do it. Links provided from the first tale in the episode! l​ ​er-evaded-charges-for-39-years-1.2857584

Episode 188: Angela Diaz

November 19, 2020 04:20 - 1 hour

For the Ash-centric episode this week, we’ve got a doozy. Angela Diaz and Michelle Hadley were two women who had no idea of each other’s mere existence until they met a man named Ian Diaz. Ian had been engaged to Michelle and things got messy quickly. When he moved on to Angela, everything seemed perfect, for a little while at least. Then the expecting young newlywed couple were rocked by a series of threatening emails and sinister craigslist solicitors, but who could be behind it? As always...

Episode 187: The Farmville Murders

November 14, 2020 20:19 - 1 hour

We’re stepping into an unknown world for us this week: the world of horrorcore. In 2009 twenty year old Richard Sam Mccroskey travelled across the country to go to a horrorcore music festival with two girls he had become friends with via Myspace, sixteen year old Emma Niederbrock and eighteen year old Melanie Wells. Richard, Emma and Emma’s best friend Melanie would all be staying at Emma's house after the concert. Richard, aka Syko Sam, had it in his mind that Emma was his girlfriend, but af...

Episode 186: The Mysterious Unsolved Death of Elisa Lam

November 13, 2020 18:52 - 1 hour

In February 2013 the guests at The Cecil hotel started making multiple complaints to the front desk about the water in their room. Some said the tap water had a funny taste to it, others said the water pressure was basically non-existent. A maintenance worker was sent to check on the status of one of the main water tanks and made the horrifying discovery of a young woman who had been missing for three weeks: Elisa Lam. There are about four hundred thousand theories as to how Elisa ended up in...

Episode 185: The Unbelievable Life & Crimes of Carl Panzram Part 2

November 08, 2020 22:40 - 1 hour

Part two of the conundrum that is Carl Panzram. Part two consists of Carl escaping to Africa, living more like a pirate, murdering almost everyone in his path and eventually confessing to murder. Dive in for the gory details and some seriously interesting psychology!! Books/websites used for episode Carls handwritten letters ( Kill Em All By Ryan Green (

Episode 184: The Unbelievable Life & Crimes of Carl Panzram

November 06, 2020 02:38 - 1 hour

Tonight Alaina is taking us deep into the tragic and twisted life of Carl Panzram. In Part 1, we talk about his abusive upbringing, his multiple incarcerations and his first forays into murder. Carl's story is one that needs to be heard to be believed. Strap in friends. It's going to be a rough one today. Books mentioned: Butchering Humanity By Carl Panzram (

Episode 183: The Frankston Serial Killer

November 01, 2020 22:52 - 1 hour

This week Ash dives into the details surrounding the case of The Frankston Serial killer from Australia. P Denyer is responsible for the murders of three young women in the Frankston area: Elizabeth Stevens, Debbie Fream and Natalie Russel. Each murder is insanely brutal and schoked the community, especially the women who were afraid to leave their homes after dark. When apprehended the murderer gave a reason for their crimes that will leave you astonished. If you’re interested the book I us...

Listener Tales 20

November 01, 2020 19:41 - 1 hour

It's a scary truly Listener Tales edition this week, kids. Tonight we have a terrifying reminder to always walk with a buddy, a horrific hometown murder, a seriously close call with a killer, a plague doctor with a cursed foot, a brush with the Manson family and one seriously ghoulish old lady. Spooky season may be winding down for the rest of the world but in here, its all year 'round. Join us, ghouls. Thanks to our sponsors! Pretty Litter Get the world’s smartest litter without leaving ho...

Crime Countdown Presents: Halloween Special

October 27, 2020 14:08 - 37 minutes

Guys!! It’s a special Halloween 🎃 episode of Crime Countdown! If you haven’t checked out our other podcast with Parcast, give this one a listen. We think your will love it, especially when digging out that extra nightlight tonight. Enjoy! -Alaina & Ash

Episode 182: The Dybbuk Box

October 26, 2020 00:25 - 43 minutes

This week we’re talking about one of the most haunted objects in the world. The Dybbuk box stepped on the ebay scene in September 2001 and nothing has ever been the same. The word, “Dybbuk” comes from Jewish folklore and literally means, “to cling.” An otherworldly spirit was captured in the box during the holocaust and when Kevin Mannis bought it at an estate sale, brought it home and opened it, his life changed forever. So did the lives of the next two owners, and anyone who has seen the mo...

Episode 181: Myrtles Plantation

October 22, 2020 22:26 - 57 minutes

It’s a haunted Morbid up in here! Alaina tells us the history and all the terrifying hauntings going on at Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, one of the most haunted homes in America. Myrtles has been around since 1796 and some of the hauntings going on include: shaking beds, floating children, and who knows maybe the ghost of a small child will crawl into bed with you at night!? Alaina is taking applications for a pal to go with her when Rona is gone, because Ash is all set. As always, thank ...

Listener Tales: Jon Allen Edition AD FREE

October 20, 2020 21:15 - 32 minutes

You asked, Jon Allen delivered. What better way to spend your Tuesday afternoon than to listen to the poetic beat of a Jon Allen listener tale? Jon wrote to us about his experience as an 8 year old who spent the night in a haunted farm house and was, honestly, graced by the presence of a ghost named Rachel!

Episode 180: The Bizarre Murder of Marlene Warren

October 18, 2020 20:39 - 1 hour

Sometimes justice is a plate best served cold. 20 years ago a clown knocked on Marlene Warren’s door holding balloons, flowers and something else incredibly sinister. While the clown walked calmly away to their white Chrysler Le Baron, Marlene was left lying in a pool of blood. They looked at the husband straight away, his alibi was air tight…. Or was it? Maybe his mistress Sheila Keen could offer up some information? As always thank you to our sponsors! Curology: Go to

Episode 179: The Whaley House

October 14, 2020 17:13 - 48 minutes

We’ve got a haunted hot spot for you this week! Heading over to San Diego, California and diving into all the hauntedness that is the Whaley House. We hope your main takeaways from this episode are: never buy land that was once used for hangings, always set the house alarm as fast as humanly possible, and remember that it’s rude to blow tobacco dust in someone’s face! Thank you and goodnight.  WHALEY HOUSE INFO/ TOURS Donate to the Whaley house here! Halloween Virtual Events As always, th...

Episode 178: The Chicago Ripper Crew

October 11, 2020 14:04 - 1 hour

Alaina takes us to a real dark place this morning, telling the horrific case of The Chicago Ripper Crew. From 1981 to 1982 four men drove a red van through the streets of Chicago picking up women of all races and ages and committing the most heinous acts. You’re going to want to scream at the end of this one once you’ve heard all the brutal details from said acts to the ridiculous sentencing involved in this case. Hold onto your butts, weirdos. Books read for this case Deadly Thrills: The T...

Episode 177: The Haunting of the Borley Rectory

October 09, 2020 15:56 - 56 minutes

Since it’s spooky season and all, we decided why not talk about a couple of haunts for the next few weeks? This week we’re taking you to the Borley Rectory in England! The Borley rectory has been home to three families, one paranormal investigator and many ghosts. It is said to be the most haunted home in England, and we’re willing to put money on that!  Books/ Reports used for this Episode: Borley Rectory Companion: The Complete Guide to 'The Most Haunted House in England' BORLEY RECTORY....

Episode 176: *AD FREE* The Origins of Halloween/Samhain Traditions

October 07, 2020 20:13 - 41 minutes

A little bonus episode for you weirdos! Alaina tells us all about the traditions of Samhain, or as we know it today: Halloween. The druids were out here wildin’ with their traditions, and we both want in on some of them. Get your potatoes, yams and turnIps ready, it’s Samhain time baby!

Listener Tales 19

October 04, 2020 02:23 - 1 hour

Happy muh-fuckin Spooky season weirdos!! We wanted to do a Halloween listener tales for you to start the season off right. Get your pumpkin butts ready everyone, these are going to have you dying and cackling from the afterlife. You’re welcome in advance.  As always, thank you to our sponsors THUMA: Upgrade your space with The Bed, by Thuma. Right now for a limited time, you can get FREE shipping on your order.  Go to CALIPER: Get 20% off your first order when you us...

Episode 175: The Brutal Murder of Elyse Pahler

October 02, 2020 19:55 - 1 hour

If you’ve ever watched the movie Jennifer’s Body, you’ve probably heard that it was inspired by a true crime case, and promptly rolled your eyes at whoever told you so. Well the truth is, it actually was. In July of 1995 Elyse Pahler snuck out of her house to meet with three boys she was beginning to consider friends. They lured her to a Eucalyptus field where they strangled, stabbed and raped her dead body all in the name of Satan. They made claims that they thought sacrificing a virgin to t...

Check Out Scream!

October 01, 2020 12:48 - 1 hour

Hey you beautiful weirdos! We wanted to release the first episode of Scream! for you special ghouls to chew on. Alaina and Caleb will be diving into every kind of horror movie your twisted little minds can think of and we hope your join us for some nightmares and nostalgia! 

Episode 174: Bible John

September 27, 2020 21:00 - 54 minutes

This week we are diving into a horrific fellow and the three murders attributed to him. Alaina gives us the gory details of all three murders, which some people think may not have all been committed by the same person. We’ll talk through the possible suspects, motives and idiosyncrasies of the man coined Bible John. As always, thank you to our sponsors: Better Help: Better Help is professional counseling done securely online. Special offer for Morbid listeners get 10% off your first month a...

Episode 173: The Twisted Deeds & Many Names of Peter Tobin

September 24, 2020 17:11 - 59 minutes

This week Alaina is diving into the Peter Tobin case! Peter Tobin, who was also known as Patrick McLaughlin, James Kelley and many other names, may have killed as many as 48. He was sentenced to life in prison and when he told investigators how many he’d killed he followed it up with “figure it out” and grinned. Lots to unpack here, and it will lead us into our next episode about Bible John, who may have actually been Peter Tobin.  As always, thank you to our sponsors  Upstart: See why Upst...

Episode 172: The Papin Sisters

September 20, 2020 21:27 - 59 minutes

In 1933 The Papin sisters brutally murdered two members of the family that they worked for, for seven years. After Christine and Lea’s troubled childhood, they went to work for the Lancelin family and grew very close with each other, we all know how that “us against the world” thing goes. One February evening, things went very wrong, and would eventually lead to a debate of Folie a deux vs pure evil. As always, thank you to our sponsors: Stamps: Right now, our listeners get a special offer ...

Listener Tales 18: The Loosey Goosey Edition

September 19, 2020 23:23 - 51 minutes

It’s listener tales 18 and we are absolutely stoked about it. This week you might be wondering if the two of us stumbled into a surplus of laughing gas, but we’re just genuinely giddy for the tales! Say it with us: “slap happy!” This installment includes a creepy roller derby stalker, a potential Manson family run-in and someone who gets an unexpected visitor from another realm… while rolling on E! We guarantee laugh induced hiccups at least half way into this one, join us! As always thanks ...

Episode 171: Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

September 13, 2020 19:35 - 58 minutes

This week we are getting spooky with it. You might be an amusement park junkie, but we’re warning you, hold on to your butts if you’re headed to the Lake Shawnee Amusement park. Alaina gives us the intense history surrounding the land before it became a park, the horrible events that happened while it was a functioning park and the aftermath of the defunct park today. We’re serious, you’re going to want to be holding on tight to that butt! Books used for research: Kentucky Clay by Katherine...

Episode 170: The Mysterious Death of Brittany Murphy

September 11, 2020 13:31 - 50 minutes

This week's mini morbid is Ash-centric and way harsh, Ty. We’re looking into the death of actress, Brittany Murphy. Did she simply die of natural causes or did the husband do it? Brittany collapsed in her home on Dec 20, 2009 and the details surrounding the case have always struck us as strange, secretive and quite frankly, dark. Something leaves us with a bad taste in our mouths here. As always, thank you to our sponsors: Best Fiends: With over 100 million downloads and tons of five-star r...

Listener Tales 17

September 05, 2020 16:50 - 57 minutes

Listener Tales!!!! Get ya listener tales! We needed to lighten things up this week after the wild ride that was the Moors Murderers. This episode features a horrific hike almost gone wrong, a UFO sighting to the song Untouched by the Veronicas, and a ghost car chase among some other great gems! If you have a listener tale you’d like us to read send it on over to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) with “Listener Tale” somewhere in the subject line! Thank you to our spons...

Episode 169: Ian Brady & Myra Hindley AKA The Moors Murderers Part 4

September 02, 2020 22:21 - 1 hour

This week wraps up Alaina’s four part series on the monster/garbage people, Ian Brady and Mryra Hindley. Don’t worry, this part isn’t nearly as rough as the past few weeks. We go over Ian and Myra’s secret coded messages, take digs at the demise of their relationship and get to hear all about the end of their stupid rude lives!  Books used in this episode: Ian Brady:The Untold Story of the Moors Murders By Dr. Alan Kneightly (

Episode 168: Ian Brady & Myra Hindley AKA The Moors Murderers Part 3

August 29, 2020 20:31 - 1 hour - 100 MB

Oh man guys. Part 3 of the Moors Murderers is going to take years off your life or at least rob a small part of your soul. This week we cover the last two murders of Lesley Ann Downey and Edward Evans. Luckily this week we get the satisfaction of hearing how these two horrific beasts, Myra and Ian were brought to justice. Hold tight to those butts! Books Alaina read for the case: Ian Brady:The Untold Story of the Moors Murders By Dr. Alan Kneightly (

Episode 167: Ian Brady & Myra Hindley AKA The Moors Murderers Part 2

August 26, 2020 23:21 - 1 hour - 95.3 MB

Tonight is a tough one, guys and ghouls. Tonight we continue our Moors Murders series as we cover the brutal assaults and murders of 16 year old Pauline Reade, 12 year old John Kilbride and 12 year old Keith Bennett by true demons Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. These abductions and murders will sound like something out a horror movie but unfortunately, they are all too real for the victims' families. Brady and Hindley left a trail of chaos and shattered hearts in their paths. Listener discretion...

Episode 166: Ian Brady & Myra Hindley AKA The Moors Murderers Part 1

August 24, 2020 02:28 - 1 hour - 96.9 MB

It's here. Alaina has been both anticipating and dreading this day since Morbid's conception. We all have those cases that have haunted us since we first read them, and this is one of those rare nightmares that will stay with you long after you hear it. Today Alaina covers Part 1 of The Moors Murders. Tonight, we talk about Ian Brady and Myra Hindley's lives before they met each other, we look into their fateful meeting and their toxic relationship and we hate on them, hard. Part 2 and Part 3...

Episode 165: The Gruesome Murder of Brenda Sue Schaefer Part 3

August 20, 2020 03:14 - 1 hour - 65.5 MB

The conclusion to our three part series on Brenda Schaefer’s murder is here. What goes down during the ice cream sting? Is Mary Ann Shore able to get Mel Ignatow to confess what really happened? There’s a lot to unpack here and that’s where we’ll start. This is going to be a wild, karma-filled ride with a twist and a half for an ending.  Check out the book Double Jeopardy by Bob Hill: As always thank you to our sponsor...

Episode 164: The Twilight Murders

August 15, 2020 19:57 - 1 hour - 77.2 MB

You’re gonna want to securely hold onto your butt for this one. Alainas breaking down the twilight murders, yes you read that right. Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham planned out the murder of Kim’s own Mother and sister and carried out the plan on the evening of April 13, 2016. The details of this case are brutal, gut wrenching and plain awful. Again, hold onto those bootys.  As always thanks to our sponsors Purple: Go to, and use promo code morbid10 For a limited ti...

Episode 163: The Gruesome Murder of Brenda Sue Schaefer Part 2

August 13, 2020 21:38 - 1 hour - 69.7 MB

Episode 162: The Gruesome Murder of Brenda Sue Schaefer Part 1

August 08, 2020 20:24 - 1 hour - 62.7 MB

The first of two parts in the Brenda Sue Schaefer murder case. Brenda was a modest, hard working woman just looking for the right man to fall in love and enjoy life with. Unfortunately she met Mel Ignato instead. This installment we’re getting Ashcentric with it and talking about who Brenda was, what her first relationships were like and what the events were leading up to her disappearance. Of course we gotta leave you on a cliffhanger, but feel free to head to a chilli restaurant while you w...

Episode 161: The Scream Murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart

August 08, 2020 18:41 - 1 hour - 94.6 MB

For the MEGA-Morbid this week Alaina dives into the real life, “Scream” murder of Cassie Jo Stoddart. Cassie was murdered by two friends and classmates, Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper, while she was house sitting in a big house in the middle of nowhere: everyone’s worst fear. These two jerks terrorized Cassie in her final hours all because they wanted to make a movie and know what it felt like to kill someone. Alaina roasts these Billy and Stu wanna-bes almost as hard as BTK as we cover what ...

Episode 160: The Jenny Jones Secret Crush Murder Case

August 01, 2020 17:20 - 1 hour - 62.7 MB

In May of 1995 Scott Amedure revealed his secret crush on The Jenny Jones Show to Jonathan Schmitz. The show was never aired, because the outcome was anything but expected. Jonathan snapped and shot Scott Amedure in his home just three days after the show. Throughout the episode we will discuss the negligence throughout the case on the part of the Jenny Jones Show, the gay panic defense and the the negative aspects of ambush television. If you want more on this case check out: Bailey Sarian...

Listener Tales 16

July 29, 2020 22:00 - 51 minutes - 50.4 MB

On Today’s episode of Listener Tales, Alaina gets teary eyed hearing the beautiful tale of a Momma turned owl, we hear all about your uninvited guests including a family nose picker and Ash finally breaks… no seriously! Reading is hard you guys.  Listener tales are the best, if you have a listener tale you think we need to hear, please send to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) Be sure to put “Listener Tales” in the subject line along with your fun title! As always tha...

Episode 159: Virtual Live Show! Texarkana Moonlight Murders & The New Orleans Trunk Murders

July 25, 2020 23:52 - 1 hour - 86.9 MB

Looks at this! This is our very first virtual live show from July 23, 2020 held at AS220 in Providence RI. Alaina covers the Texarkana Moonlight Murders and goes over all the fine details with her 1940’s magnifying glass! Ash takes us to New Orleans and covers the Trunk Murders of the 1920s! Get ready for a wild ride back in time. We apologize for the somewhat subpar audio but we were at the mercy of someone else's microphones!  Make sure you check out our new Parcast original show, Crime Co...

Episode 158: The Ireland Vanishing Triangle Part 2

July 23, 2020 18:53 - 1 hour - 69.6 MB

We finish up this spooky and mysterious case of at least 6 (definitely more) young women disappearing in an 80 mile radius in Ireland, with the disappearance of Ciara Breen, Fiona Sinnott and Deirdre Jacob. Two of these cases may have obvious answers and in this episode, we bring in a shady character who may have a lot to do with the other missing women. Larry Murphy is one of the most notorious rapists in Ireland and now, in 2020, authorities are about to close the net on him. Check out Cri...

Episode 157: The Senseless Murder of Vanessa Guillen

July 18, 2020 20:29 - 53 minutes - 52.4 MB

Specialist Vanessa Guillen went missing from Fort Hood Military Base on April 22, 2020. She was last seen at the armory and the last person she was seen working alongside was fellow soldier and specialist Aaron Robinson. Weeks before her disappearance, she told those closest to her that she had been dealing with a fellow soldier, a sergeant, that was sexually harassing her and she was ready to report it. June 30, her dismembered, burned and mutilated remains were found crudely buried in quic...

Episode 156: The Irish Vanishing Triangle Part 1

July 16, 2020 02:15 - 57 minutes - 56.2 MB

Hi Ireland! You have some spooky stuff happening over there and we are ready to dive in. Today we take a look at the Irish Vanishing Triangle, where at least 6 (but definitely more) young women have vanished seemingly into thin air within an 80 mile radius near Dublin. Is there a serial killer at work picking off young, attractive women without leaving even a stray hair behind? In Part 1 we will talk about the disappearances of Annie McCarrick, Jojo Dollard and Fiona Pender. We touch upon the...


July 13, 2020 15:05 - 15 minutes - 13.1 MB

WEIRDOS! Check out our new podcast in addition to Morbid, Crime Countdown! Crime Countdown (

Episode 155: The Galveston 11 Part 2

July 12, 2020 16:26 - 52 minutes - 50.1 MB

The conclusion of our look into the Galveston 11 (part of the Texas Killing Fields) begs the question, did Edward Bell rape and murder these girls? Are there more out there? Bell seemed to be at the wrong places at the wrong times about 98% of his miserable life if he isn't the killer here, but Ash takes us further into his other known crimes and the last 5 murders that many attribute to his name. The Galveston 11 A&E Documentary ( Thanks to our sponsor...

Episode 154: The Galveston 11 Part 1

July 10, 2020 15:25 - 58 minutes - 58.5 MB

In the first installment of our series about The Texas Killing Fields, we focus on the 11 raped and murdered young girls referred to as the Galveston 11. In Part 1 of this case, Ash goes through Ed Bell's tumultuous life, his confessions and the first murders. Did Ed Bell do it, or is he an Ottis Toole type who likes to involve himself in nightmares that he wasn't present for? Embark Right now, Embark has an exclusive offer just for our listeners! Go to Embark vet dot com now! and use Promo ...

Listener Tales 15

July 05, 2020 20:09 - 56 minutes - 53.5 MB

Tonight we have a brief relationship with a killer, a grandma levitating things to the other side, a demon sighting shared by strangers, a mafia betrayal gone right, a toilet that can transport you to another dimension and a witty response to getting mugged. Guys, you never disappoint! Send your listener tales to [email protected] and use subject "Listener Tales" with a fun title! Thanks to our sponsors! Simplisafe Head to and get FREE SHIPPING and A 60 DAY MONE...

Episode 153: The Hex House Murder

July 05, 2020 02:40 - 52 minutes - 48 MB

It's a weird, 1920's murder involving magic, hexes and a straight up river witch. On Thanksgiving Eve in 1928, John Blymire had reached the end of his rope. He was down on his luck for the past year and he was convinced someone had hexed him. After multiple visits to witches and healers, he was told his fears were valid and that his neighbor was the one responsible for his bad luck. So he plotted to remove the hex placed on him, and he was willing to do anything to achieve peace. Thanks to o...

Wondery presents GURU: The Dark Side of Enlightenment

July 04, 2020 22:30 - 7 minutes - 5.54 MB

When we face challenges in life, we seek answers from people we believe can help us. When tragedy strikes an exclusive retreat with a self-help superstar, many people are left to wonder: how far is too far? James Arthur Ray was an Oprah-endorsed self-help teacher who achieved fame, fortune, and influence. But friends and family members of his followers questioned his unorthodox methods, and tried to stop him. From Wondery, the makers of “Dirty John,” “Dr. Death,” and “The Shrink Next Door,” c...


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