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Mom Rage is a podcast dedicated to expanding the conversation about motherhood.

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Mini Season-3 Finale

April 27, 2020 19:55 - 12 minutes - 12.8 MB

In this wee little finale, Edan and Amelia celebrate the end of season 3 with individual voice memos. They each talk about their favorite moments from the season and then read a poem, too.

Siri, How Do You Get Divorced?

April 20, 2020 19:17 - 56 minutes - 50.3 MB

Edan and Amelia share what they cooked and what gave them joy, and discuss being married under quarantine. Then, at around 37:00, they hear from three women who are essential workers: Keeley McNamara is a nurse-midwife in Queens; in Boston, Isha Agarwal is an emergency medical resident and Maggie Harrington is her family's nanny. LINKS to what else we mention

Mothers Before

April 13, 2020 19:17 - 1 hour - 54.3 MB

Edan and Amelia check in with one another midway through week 4 of social distancing: what they ate, what they watched, and two interesting articles they read. At about 39:00, they celebrate the publication of Mothers Before: Stories and Portraits of Our Mothers As Never Saw Them by playing calls from four contributors about their mothers before they became mothers. LINKS to what we mention $60 more a month and we hit our goal!

Circles of Okayness

April 06, 2020 19:58 - 1 hour - 67.4 MB

Edan and Amelia share their cooking joys, homeschooling rage, thoughts on celebrity culture and our own valuable skills, and even one pretty poem. At about 40:00, they interview pediatric therapist Hanna Novak about how to help our kids (and ourselves!) during this challenging time.   LINKS to what we mention Your support keeps us afloat Rate and review us!

Alone Together, Cont.

March 30, 2020 19:59 - 58 minutes - 50.1 MB

Edan and Amelia talk about the anxiety some parents have been feeling about their kids' education during this self-isolating time, and they discuss how the coronavirus is revealing just how much work parenting is. On Thursday, before this executive order by NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, they listen to two Labia Hotline calls and, at about 29:00, talk to midwife Kat Potthoff about how pregnant people can prepare for childbirth during this trying time.  LINKS to what we mention We're $90/month ...

You Never Had Control

March 23, 2020 16:01 - 47 minutes - 42.3 MB

Edan and Amelia check in with one another about their week (and counting) of social distancing. What made them cry, and what made them feel joy? They read an email from a listener and patron about paying for the podcast, and then they discuss a rap song.  LINKS to what we mention We would love your support

Think Starlight

March 17, 2020 21:42 - 47 minutes - 42.2 MB

Amelia and Edan speak remotely so as to maintain social distancing. They talk about their self-quarantines and Covid-19 responses. They try to counteract the heaviness with some badly needed frivolity and beauty: fashion, vintage gymnastic meets, and poetry. LINKS to what we mention Without your support, we would have quit by now

Women Tell All

March 10, 2020 00:15 - 1 hour - 77.2 MB

Amelia and Edan share what's inspiring them these days, from books to random stuff they glimpse on the street. Then, instead of a guest, they get into some recent conflicts, both podcast- and friendship-related, and don't hold back! This is what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.  LINKS to what we mention Support the show?

Saving Yourself

March 02, 2020 23:23 - 1 hour - 78.4 MB

This week, Amelia has some more Bachelor rage and Edan's baby is sick. Then we discuss homework: how it's going for our oldest kids, the benefits of homework, what we wish they were assigned...and what it's like in reality. At about 28:00, they interview writer Neelanjana Banerjee about her ideal first birth, her gestational diabetes with baby number two, and the unexpected way he came into this world.  LINKS to what else we mention We don't have any ads!

Taking Care

February 25, 2020 01:28 - 1 hour - 66 MB

Amelia and Edan discuss the theories about babies and raising kids of philosopher and scientist Alison Gopnik. Then, Amelia talks about Isaac's latest tantrums, and Edan shares the latest sex and bodies talk she had with Bean. At about 30:00, they interview author and journalist Peggy Orenstein about her new book Boys and Sex. LINKS to what we mention We love patrons!

What is Most Alive of All

February 18, 2020 02:41 - 49 minutes - 54.4 MB

Amelia rages against The Oscars and The Bachelor, and Edan talks about how she's not working and how exercising has influenced her feelings about aging. Instead of a guest they share poetry and literature they've recently read and loved, and play one of the best songs about mothering. LINKS to what we mention Motherhood doesn't pay!

Softness Now!

February 11, 2020 02:37 - 1 hour - 71.4 MB

Amelia cooked something delicious and Edan shares updates on Bean's school drama. At about 31:00, they talk to Diana Winston, author, director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA, and creator of the UCLA Mindful app, about what mindfulness is and how to cultivate it to bring joy and contentment to parenting. LINKS to what we mention We don't have any ads. Isn't that great?

The Exuberant Matrix

February 04, 2020 02:12 - 1 hour - 65.1 MB

Amelia and Edan play a call from a listener explaining further why she wants to have surgery, and they use that to discuss body acceptance/shame, and aging in general. Is getting Botox anti-feminist? And where are all the old people? At about 35:00, they interview photographer Elinor Carucci about her new book Midlife and how she explores aging, motherhood, and her family through her art.  LINKS to what we mention Your support means a LOT

Little Ambitious Women

January 28, 2020 01:57 - 1 hour - 73.4 MB

Amelia and Edan pretend they're critics and review Little Women and Cheer. Then Edan talks about how day care for Mickey is going, and Amelia recounts how Teddy and Isaac's birthdays went. At about 30:00, they interview author and lawyer Natashia Deon about her career path, raising a special needs son, and her experience homeschooling her daughter. LINKS to what we mention. Become a patron and get access to more episodes, giveaways, etc.

Labia Island

January 21, 2020 01:35 - 57 minutes - 51.7 MB

This week, you're the guest! We listen and respond to many Labia Hotline calls as well as emails on topics ranging from the post-postpartum body, hotel delights, Amazon Prime, Mom Brain, and much more.  LINKS to what we mention We would like your support!

Death, Baking, and Getting Fooled by Instagram

January 13, 2020 23:27 - 1 hour - 61.5 MB

Amelia and Edan start 2020 by remembering former guest and activist Courtney Everts Mykytyn, who started Integrated Schools. They then discuss daycare anxieties, sleep training, Amelia's new year's resolution, and Edan's return to social media. At about 29:30, they interview cookbook author Samantha Seneviratne about the joys of baking and the pain and lessons of separating from your husband while pregnant. LINKS to what else we mention Your support means a LOT

Cultivating Irrelevance

December 22, 2019 20:31 - 45 minutes - 49.7 MB

For our last episode of the year, we talk about what this podcast is worth and how mothers can make that cash money. We discuss 2019 resolutions as well as 2020 goals, parenting-related and otherwise. Topics covered: make-up, homework rage, writing, sleeping, and how parenthood makes one feel irrelevant. Happy holidays! LINKS to what we mention We'd love your support

Manic Pixie Dream Mom

December 17, 2019 03:04 - 1 hour - 67.3 MB

Edan and Amelia discuss the film Marriage Story. Edan shares her husband's vasectomy plans, and Amelia talks about her pregnancy scare. They also get into holiday wish lists and the lack of Hanukkah representation at Teddy's school. At about 36:00, they interview Erica Cerulo, co-founder of Of a Kind and co-author of Work Wife, about how she doesn't have kids--and doesn't want them.  LINKS to what we mention We would love your support!

Ask a Woman

December 10, 2019 02:38 - 1 hour - 75.5 MB

Edan and Amelia talk about sassy mom merch, getting off our phones, and other random, fascinating topics. At about 30:00, they interview life and parenting coach Abby Sommerfeld about the common struggles she sees among parents and how to deal with self-criticism and judgment around our parenting. LINKS to what we mention We would love your support!

Do You Want to Die Thin?

December 03, 2019 03:13 - 1 hour - 76.1 MB

We talk about how we felt about food and eating growing up, and how our feelings have evolved. We get into what we're trying to teach our kids about food and then we get into the nitty-gritty about what we pack in those school lunches. At about 38:00, we interview journalist Virginia Sole-Smith about her book The Eating Instinct: Food Culture, Body Image, and Guilt in America. LINKS to what we mention Become a patron!

Have You Tried Surrendering?

November 25, 2019 18:10 - 1 hour - 72.9 MB

Amelia and Edan talk about their experiences with student-teacher conferences and then discuss a recent New York Times op-ed about declining fertility around the world. At about 37:00, they interview speaker, author, and mother of three Reesheda Graham-Washington about Sweet Rest, an organization that prioritizes rest for black women.   LINKS to what else we mention We'd love your support.

Always Be Biggering

November 19, 2019 02:34 - 1 hour - 85.1 MB

This week, Edan and Amelia discuss a recent This American Life segment about parents of short-ish kids asking doctors for human growth hormone to assist their children in growing more. Then, Edan gets into all her recent parenting drama and Amelia talks about a recent meltdown--her own. At about 35:00, they interview Cyndi Otteson, a mother of two who is running for Los Angeles City Council. LINKS to what we mention Help support the show!

Art as Refuge

November 12, 2019 02:43 - 1 hour - 66.4 MB

This week, Amelia and Edan talk about the art (from paintings to documentaries) that provides refuge from parenthood, or that makes us feel alive during the muck of raising little kids. At about 29:30, they interview visual artist Carolyn Castaño about her work, how parenthood has changed her process, and her relationship with her own mother. LINKS to things we mention Mom Rage merch

Post Postpartum

November 04, 2019 23:17 - 1 hour - 69.2 MB

Amelia is going back to her therapist and Edan feels bad about how critical she is as a mom. They then address a listener question about the post postpartum body and how to come to terms with change and aging. At 35:00, they interview author Darcey Steinke about her book Flash Count Diary: Menopause and the Vindication of Natural Life. more LINKS to what we mention We'd love your support. Mom Rage merch!

We Are All Dangerous

October 29, 2019 01:34 - 1 hour - 81.8 MB

This week we discuss our second Mom Rage book club pick, On Immunity: An Inoculation by Eula Biss. At 47:00, medical anthropologist Samantha Gottlieb tells us about how the HPV vaccine was initially marketed and discusses the vaccine-hesitant communities she's worked with.  Links to what we mention We would so appreciate your support!

It Will Never Go Back

October 22, 2019 02:12 - 1 hour - 67.2 MB

Edan went to pelvic floor physical therapy and Amelia's kids made her feel angsty. At about 30:45, they talk to poet Rachel Moritz about the anthology she co-edited, My Casearean: 21 Writers on the C-Section Experience and After. LINKS to what we mention We would like your support!

Woman Pillar

October 15, 2019 02:17 - 53 minutes - 54.8 MB

Amelia and Edan catch each other up on their lives and compare notes on what they do on the weekends with their families. They then rage over a new report about worldwide mistreatment of laboring women in childbirth, and discuss the documentary One Child Nation. At 32:30, Amelia interviews the film's director, Nanfu Wang. Links to what we mention We'd love your support!

Mom Hacks and Mommy Juice

October 08, 2019 03:19 - 55 minutes - 47.2 MB

Mailbag episode! But first, Edan shares some more news about her pelvic floor, and Amelia discusses a phone call with Patagonia about their on-site childcare. This week, instead of a guest, we play Labia Hotline calls and read your emails, covering subjects ranging from childbirth to grocery shopping to school choice. LINKS to things we mention

Your Ego is Not Your Amigo

October 01, 2019 01:55 - 1 hour - 69.7 MB

Edan shares how life is going as a mother of three, why her oldest got in trouble at school, and what his "sensory diet" is all about. Amelia celebrated a birthday, returned to a former workplace, and is realizing how motherhood has changed her perspective on things even further. At about 38:00, they interview writer and dad Alon Ziv about how mothers and fathers might better and more efficiently approach equal parenting duties. LINKS support us!

Virtue Never Tested...

September 24, 2019 01:16 - 1 hour - 66.9 MB

Edan and Amelia return to the complicated topic of school choice. At 35:00, they interview novelist Eleanor Henderson about the function and power of birth stories, what it's like raising a tween boy, and writing about illness. LINKS to what we mention Thanks for your support!

She Manly

September 17, 2019 02:01 - 1 hour - 69.2 MB

Amelia and Edan respond to more listener feedback; this time, about pelvic floor issues. Then they read poetry that inspires, transgresses, and enlightens. At about 34:30, they talk to body worker and somatic healer Pamela Samuelson about the power that comes with understanding our bodies, and what her "Take Back the Speculum" workshop is all about.  Links to what we mention!

Everyone's Mean

September 10, 2019 02:08 - 1 hour - 63.9 MB

Amelia and Edan discuss some listener responses about grocery shopping and childbirth, and then they share updates on their lives. Edan's had some family health crises and Amelia's dealing with meltdowns. At about 30:20, they talk to blogger Natalie Lovin, aka Hey Natalie Jean, aka Nat the Fat Rat, about what brought her to blogging and just how toxic online hatred can get. Links to what we mention support the show!

The Birth Special

September 02, 2019 21:17 - 54 minutes - 51.3 MB

We're ba-ack! To kick off season 3, Amelia tells us about her latest harrowing trip to Children's Hospital, and Edan tells the birth story of her third child, Mickey Ocean Brown. Then they discuss Amelia's son Teddy's first week of kindergarten and all the emotions that brings.   our website

Season 2 Finale

July 16, 2019 01:21 - 1 hour - 66.9 MB

For their last episode of season 2, Amelia and Edan talk about family narratives: the roles they've taken on since childhood, and what stories they might be telling about their own kids. At 31:30, they interview Darcy Lockman about her book, All the Rage: Mothers, Fathers, and the Myth of Equal Partnership. Links to what we mention To support us

Apocalypse Now

July 09, 2019 01:11 - 1 hour - 67.6 MB

Amelia and Edan discuss their upcoming hiatus and why they need a break. Amelia talks about her writing retreat and how freeing it felt to not be tied to the routines and demands of family; Edan is starting to nest and really think about how she's about to have a third child. Then they grapple with recent upsetting news stories. At about 26:30, they interview pediatric occupational therapist Alexis Provost about her work, as well as about her younger daughter's heart surgeries.

Keeping it Together/Falling Apart

July 02, 2019 00:20 - 1 hour - 75.9 MB

Amelia is trying to keep it together... and Edan wants to name her hemorrhoid. Then they play some Labia Hotline calls. At 33:45, they talk to writer Kate Suddes about her son's stillbirth and what life and parenthood has looked like since. 

Living in Both Places

June 25, 2019 01:05 - 1 hour - 55.1 MB

Amelia and Edan review their Father's Day experiences. Plus, Amelia isn't getting any of the superhero drawings she never knew she wanted, and Edan has some big news related to Bean's school. At about 21:30, they interview writer Mira Jacob about her graphic memoir Good Talk, raising a mixed race son, and what happened in her family leading up to the 2016 election. Links! If you'd like to support us!

Befriended and Unbefriended

June 18, 2019 02:02 - 1 hour - 64.1 MB

Amelia and Edan share their friendship origin story and talk about the pleasures and pitfalls of making "mom friends." At 22:30, they interview doctor and illustrator Grace Farris about the ways motherhood has impacted her career or at least the way she looks at her career, and what led her to draw about her life as a mother. She also shares the one intense childbirth experience that medical school did *not* prepare her for.   Links to what we mention Support us!

Dad Rage

June 11, 2019 01:58 - 1 hour - 80.7 MB

To celebrate Father's Day, Amelia and Edan's husbands (Matt and Patrick, respectively) turn Mom Rage into Dad Rage. They get vulnerable about how they're represented on the podcast, how their lives have changed since becoming dads, and how they feel about their kids watching TV, going to public schools, and so much more. After the conversation, Amelia and Edan weigh in on what they said (or didn't say). Links to things mentioned Support the show

Clarissa Explains it All

June 04, 2019 01:56 - 1 hour - 60.3 MB

Amelia is feeling vulnerable and Edan has named her yeast infection. They then discuss their perceptions of women who don't have children, and what they thought of mothers before they themselves became mothers. At about 27:00, they welcome back anonymous guest Anonymom, who talks about what the last year's been like for her and her special-needs son. Books and things we mention

Let's Rage

May 28, 2019 02:13 - 1 hour - 65.3 MB

Amelia and Edan share some moments of mom rage toward their poor little kids. Then they grapple with the abortion bans, and, later, get into a discussion of "natural" childbirth. At 27:40, they interview journalist Dani McClain about her book, We Live for the We: The Political Power of Black Motherhood. Links to books/articles we mention Please consider supporting the show!

The Writing Life

May 21, 2019 01:48 - 1 hour - 59.9 MB

Amelia and Edan talk about writing: what's going on with their careers, what their work schedules look like now that they're parents, and what they love about writing. At about 28:30, they interview novelist Kristen Iskandrian about her book Motherest, raising her family in Alabama, and why she's drawn to Catholicism.  For books we mention, go here. Support the show!

Pits and Peaks

May 14, 2019 01:56 - 1 hour - 59.5 MB

Amelia and Edan celebrate the podcast's one year anniversary by talking about what they've loved and didn't love about this show. They also cover going to the doctor, yeast infections, and parents who don't vaccinate their kids. At about 33:00, they talk to short story writer Polly Rosenwaike about her book Look How Happy I'm Making You, writing as a mother, and why she and her kids' dad aren't married.

See You at Brunch

May 07, 2019 02:05 - 1 hour - 63 MB

To celebrate Mother's Day, we listen to Labia Hotline calls answering this question: how did your mom help or fail you in the postpartum period--and beyond? At about 31:00, we talk to novelist and noted dad Rumaan Alam about writing female characters, adopting across race, and why he loves to cook meals days ahead of time.

Sitting with It

April 30, 2019 01:41 - 59 minutes - 55 MB

Amelia enrolled Teddy in kindergarten, and Edan attended a meeting with Bean's teacher and principal. They also recount various spring break madness. At 22:00, they talk to therapist Dr. Jessica Zucker about her #IhadaMiscarriage campaign, her work with parents who have experienced pregnancy loss, and how her own personal experience with miscarriage has informed both her therapy practice and her parenting. Things we mention How to support the show

The Darker Sooner

April 23, 2019 03:09 - 1 hour - 62.5 MB

Amelia and Edan read some fiction and poetry that inspire them, and then they share some listener feedback on two favorite Mom Rage topics: climate change and gender. At about 26:30, they talk to Jae Trevits, the mama behind Made by Mama lactation cookies. Jae talks about the postpartum depression and anxiety that led her to create her business, the solace, community and direction that Buddhism provides her, and the unexpected(!) place she gave birth to her daughter. Support the show! L...

Mother, Lover, Witch

April 16, 2019 02:14 - 1 hour - 68.5 MB

Amelia and her mom had a nice chat about politics and Fox News (whaa?!). Edan is having a rough go of it, from pregnancy-related anxiety to trouble with Bean's school. At 25:10, they talk to author Molly Wizenberg and therapist Ash Choi. Molly and Ash discuss their "modern" queer family, parenting after divorce and/or as new lovers, navigating differing sex drives, and so much more. Go here for links to books and articles we discuss. Support the show!

The Intelligence of Earthworms

April 09, 2019 02:01 - 1 hour - 64.2 MB

Amelia and Edan listen to a Labia Hotline call about how to think about climate change, and what does--and doesn't--help save the planet. This leads them into a spirited discussion about what counts as activism, and how we might frame the narrative about climate change. At 26:45, they talk to therapist Elyse Springer, MA MFT, about perinatal healthcare, postpartum depression, anxiety and OCD, and what help and resources are out there for those in need.   PSI Helpline number: 1-800-944-4...

Genderqueer Glory

April 02, 2019 01:28 - 1 hour - 70.6 MB

Amelia doesn't want her mom's needlepointed Santa, and Edan delights in her own pregnant breasts. Then they discuss some recent criticism received about what is appropriate--or not--to share about their kids on the podcast. As an introduction to their interview with gender and sexuality professor Jane Ward (28:00), they talk about how they and their kids are thinking about gender identity these days. Books/etc. that we mention Support the show!

Crossing the Threshold

March 26, 2019 01:43 - 1 hour - 75.3 MB

Edan talks about her choice to go with midwifery care for her third pregnancy. She shares what she's learned from other mothers--who birthed in all kinds of ways--about how much they paid for prenatal care and childbirth. Then, Amelia talks about a death memoir she liked, and about how she handled Isaac's (understandable) airport tantrum. At 33:00, they talk to actress and theatre teacher Meagan Prahl about her experiences being mixed race, from growing up in Cleveland to starting a family i...


The Writing Life
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