How can embodiment serve as a way to deeper intimacy, pleasure and intuition? 

In this weeks episode I connect with the relationship and intimacy therapist and expert Michaela Boehm who is also the author of the powerful book ”The Wild Womans Way”. You might recognize Michaela from the famous and popular Netflix Series with Gwyneth Paltrow ”Sex, love & Goop” where she serves as one of the experts in the field of intimacy and sexuality. Michaela has also coached and advised names such as Will and Jada Smith to name a few. 

In this episode you will hear us dive into questions like: 

Why does a lot of trauma tend to end up in the lower parts of the body how does it stop us from experiencing pleasure?
How is moving from our head to our body essential in order to deepen our ability to experience pleasure and intimacy? 
What are some of the practices and tools that we can use in order to live a more embodied and sensual life in general? 

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