In this Modern Web Podcast Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) & Ben Lesh (@benlesh) ask questions regarding “What’s going on in VR?” with guests Aysegul Yonet (@AysSomething) and Martin Splitt (@g33konaut).



Tracy (@ladyleet) - RxJS core team, Google Developer Expert, co-founder This Dot Labs

Ben (@benlesh) - RxJS core team, engineer at Google, RxWorkshop



Aysegul Yonet (@AysSomething) - Senior Angular Engineer at Narwhal Technologies Inc, GDE

Martin Splitt (@g33konaut) - Senior software engineer @ Archilogic3D



- How to get started in VR.
- Equipment you need to get started.
- Practical applications of VR.
- Where is VR used now?
- Difference between Unity and VR
- VR standards

Places you can get started:

Where to find 3D content -

Art installation in Zurich - Birdly -

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