Previous Episode: Ep. 24 - Behavioral Stink

We start of this episode with an article from REAL RAW NEWS about the HRC Military Tribunal, spend a substantial amount of time breaking down the future of media, and of course have to dive into some more UFO stuff.

Topics in this ep: YouTube PPV boxing is a fever dream, the potential future of internet marketing where we talk to our TVs, pop feminism punk band eating shit in front of the whole world, and analyzing the 2019 Navy UFO incident and very weird Navy owned San Clemente Island.


BIO: An anti-capitalist cultural commentary broadcast emanating from the vocal fried ruins of a bygone era. Each week Holland and Erik navigate the digital cesspool, diving head first into the abyss, hoping they will one day reach true enlightenment.

Topics: conspiratorial thought, media criticism, culture war analysis, impotent rage at the powers that be, esoteric hymns from grimoires of old.

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