How does music promote the health and development of our brains?  Learn how music can engage  the protective factors associated with  MINDRAMP's eight Behavioral Roots of Brain Health .  

MINDRAMP favors a "risk management" approach to brain health, which involves minimizing behaviors and conditions that put your brain at greater risk and adopting behaviors that make your brain stronger and more resilient. We organize the scientific research around eight behavioral areas we call the Behavioral Roots of Brain Health. In this episode we review the risk and protective factors associated with each of the Behavioral Roots of Brain Health and explore how music can play a positive role in amplifying the protective aspects of nearly all of the areas.

The Behavioral Roots of Brain Health: 

Physical exercise & movementMental StimulationSocial EngagementStress ManagementDiet & NutritionSleep Medical CareEnvironmental FactorsSupport the show

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