Please join us in a warm welcome to the mother, writer, and author of the upcoming new release There's A Yeti in My Tummy, Meredith Rusu!
In There’s a Yeti in My Tummy Rusu encourages kids and parents alike to unleash their inner yetis and embrace the chaotic joy of BIG feelings! There’s a Yeti in My Tummy is a rhyming book that follows Matthew, a young boy who can’t help feeling silly in a yeti-sized way! But when Matthew’s yeti comes out to play, he stays all day… What will Matthew’s parents and teachers say? Filled with delightful rhyme and vibrant, fun illustrations, There’s a Yeti in My Tummy is perfect for reading aloud and inspires children to channel their BIG emotions in positive and loving ways. We cover topics including
what it means to find joy in the chaos of parenting, especially in the preschool years, how the bonds parents make with teachers and caretakers can make a difference in their child’s life (and their own!), and how connecting with her son’s teachers changed everything and why it inspired her to write There’s a Yeti in My Tummy.

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