In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have an epic interview with Ross Buhrdorf, who shares all the actions and beliefs they’ve applied to flip up a startup company into a multi-billion dollar travel industry.

Get ready as we dive in on today’s conversation!

Ross Buhrdorf is a serial entrepreneur, CEO at ZenBusiness, which democratizes entrepreneurship by making it easy to create, maintain and manage an LLC or other corporate entity. He is responsible for building both the team and the technology platform that ultimately created and defined the concept of the “short-term rental” and “vacation rental by owner” market.

In his more than 30 years as a technology leader, entrepreneur and corporate executive, Ross helps transform the way consumers interact with technology. Also, CTO of the year in 2011 and founding chief technical officer for HomeAway (NASDAQ: AWAY) which he helped grow the company from a startup to its current position as a $3B global leader in the travel industry.

Also, a member of the Board of Directors for American National Bank (where he is helping them through a digital transformation and security upgrade).

He is passionate about the consumer Internet, security, mobile technology and how to apply innovation to build better products and a better world.

At an early age, Ross was exposed on entrepreneurship. He is a risk taker, who believes that the best way to startup is to get out from your own comfort zone. It’s just how managing the risks and being not afraid to fail and to continue the journey. However, Ross had failed startups but preferred to learn more from the failures in many cases. He knows that everything isn’t going to be what he expected. But handling the situations wisely, setting a standard culture, finding the best actions, tools, and resources will help give more to the world. It is everyone’s responsibility whatever selections they’ve made but making sure that you’re getting the right perspective.

Moreover, he believes that everything starts with the team and neighborhood. It doesn’t need the right information but the right people. Ross trusted everyone’s talent and capabilities. The team must have a common set of goals and culture, passion, and believed that you can do it. It empowers to come up something that is legendary and beyond to what expected. Action and consistency lead to the rewards if it’s good or bad it depends on whatever actions you’re taking. But don’t forget to take extreme ownership and accountability in whatever actions or situations you’re in.

Lastly, Ross emphasized that at the end of the day it’s not about the money or wealth but it’s all about the freedom that money can give, and the control you have with your destiny! 

Some Questions I Ask:

Where did it all start for you? (08:49) What are some of the things looking back that contributes to how wise you’re right now being a successful entrepreneur? (18:20) What’s your thought in the overall landscape of today’s marketplace? (21:13) What was HomeAway? (26:11) How did you guys get into the level of success, & was that designed or some luck along the way? (27:44) Tell me more about the great culture in HomeAway? (29:11) What is it about a culture that makes you so passionate and strongly needs to be present in many areas of life and successful business? (39:37) What are some of the things you guys found that attracting more amazing talent into your world without you doing anything? (43:32) What are some of the biggest challenge or needs that you consistently see new business owners are lacking? (48:16) In This Episode, You Will Learn: What’s one of the things he learned early on his career. (10:48) What are the things he learned on his early failures. (18:57) What’s Ross greatest superpower. (29:02) How to find out if you’re in the right neighborhood. (29:38) Tips for startup culture. (30:54) The number 1 culture a company or team must have. (34:03) The advantage of startup. (41:01) The advantage of solopreneur. (41:44) Quotes: “Why would not go out on the risk if it’s the same amount of risk?” “It’s better to go out on the risk curve especially in this world economy.” “You got to begin in the right neighborhood.” “You got to work with the right people.” “It starts with the team and it starts with the neighborhood.” “You’re responsible at your own career and your own voyage.” “If it’s damn luck, we’ve been like pretty damn lucky.” “Culture is fundamental.” “No one is going to get fired for making a mistake, guaranteed you get fired for not making the decision.” “I think we all need a purpose in life.” “There’s nothing wrong with money or wealth it’s not bad, what you do with it is important.” “The money in the pocket allows you to have more freedom.” Connect with Ross Buhrdorf:





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